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Yogscast: Simon and Lewis disable comments after describing them as “Trash anyway”

Is this a deliberate disregard of their viewers or have the happy pills ran out at the yogs towers? One thing’s for certain nothings has quite been the same after the “simion is dead troll”

Wait, what is going on?

Recently the Yogscast: Simon and Lewis have disabled comments on all their videos in a desperate plea to prevent another repeat of the simion is dead troll (find out more below) however the bitterness of this subject as been squeezed to the max after Rythian (a yogscast member) tweeted out:

Effective immediately, all comments on all my videos (and soon all Yogscast videos) will be disabled. With @YouTube‘s decision to combine ->

-> Google+ and YouTube’s accounts, it’s way too easy to impersonate people. (Hence the stupid Simon is Dead troll.) (He’s not.)

-> Honestly, we might miss out on maybe 5% nice and useful comments, but the vast majority of them were trash anyway. In the future, ->

-> You can talk to me here, or on tumblr, or on Facebook! Rythian out! (time for bed, at 7 AM.)

This describes the majority of their viewers as spammers and trash talkers – However it does not end there after simon tweeted out seemingly harmless tweets:

what on earth makes you think we care what people say?

because we hate freedom

So do they care about me, the viewer?

We’ve been riding along since the start, and it seems they differ in professionalism from video to video. Yet from time to time stuff like this happens and it’s amateur hour all over again. We are hopeful that this gets straightened out sooner rather than later because they really cant afford to mess around with their audience.


Simon is dead troll

After a recent comment from a user called “BlueXephos” commented on “BlueXephos’s” video (now renamed to Yogscast: Simon and Lewis) saying simon is died in a car crash – many users believed this and the impact of the comment hit hard on simon who was indeed alive. The whole Yogscast team was hugely upset by this and as Rythian mentioned it is way too easy to impersonate people with the new google plus features from google

Its not that bad after all…

Disabling the comments may filter out the trolls and get rid of the google plus flaws temporarily but in the long term it could have a detrimental effect on the channel its self as youtube using the amounts of comments along with the amount of likes on a video as a sort of ranking system for videos – the more comments , the more the video gets seen.

Let us know what you think about this and whether or not you agree with this bold move…

By Daniel Colaianni

I love gaming, plain and simple. Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information!

1 reply on “Yogscast: Simon and Lewis disable comments after describing them as “Trash anyway””

I have been with the Yogscast since the beginning of the first minecraft series when they had as little as 500-1,000 subscribers, and from the very beginning they have been comedy gold.

I see it as always having been a “family” style business, (which wasn’t even a business before if we all remember). I think everyone (The YOGSCAST) are annoyed especially because of the fact that youtube is their main audience, and so to them is their RL of IRL. Other people will just pass comments off as not IRL, however the yogscast defiantly won’t (and shouldn’t).

Basically, I believe they made a good decision for them. It also acts as a form of standing point for what they believe in. I see only two problems:-

1.The ranking system &
2.People who hate them for disabling comments.

Both of which are not really their fault (The YOGSCAST).

In the end, any real yognau(gh)t should be able to find it in their heart to understand this action.


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