What happened to GTA V? Hiests, Next Gen, Maps…


Jam packed with epic gun battles and thrill seekers enjoyment, the initial release of GTA V Seemed like a success. But did it really go down as most people thought?

Despite the rocky launch of GTA V’s Servers, Rockstar cemented the game in history by breaking 7 world records and an amazing 11.21 million units sold in its first 24 hours of release. Many people have commented on the next gen graphics, surround sound audio and open world multiplayer; saying how this has “truly revolutionised gaming for the good”. However it is a question, did these comments get caught up in the initial hype of the major run up to the games release or do these comments reflect on the true nature of the game.

I for one believe that the console generation has been conned

GTA V Heists

We were promised unbelievable content which so far has failed to turn up. We were promised a large open world when in fact only a handful of the building are a actually accessible. But most of all we were promised to receive an on going enjoyment that would last on years on end… how is this going to work when they cant even be bothered to bring the game over to next gen consoles or pc for that matter?

Over coming the obvious floors in what actually is a very well made game the game does deserve recognition where granted and Rockstar Games should celebrate the achievements they have achieved. However where are our hiest we have been waiting for since, what now? 7 Months! In a recent up date from Rockstar games we have been told that we can expect these to being coming to all users as soon as this spring but this is too late for most and a real let down. 

GTA V Garage

Overall the game gets a decent fps on all consoles alike which adds to the great video quality and the audio is fantastic (featuring some of my most favourite songs from the 80’s to modern rap). In spite of this the game play / seamless experience has been heavily let down in the long run  due to the repeated un-delivered
DLC content and vast amounts of useless space within the map in a bid to make it larger.

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