17 of the Weirdest Video Game Stock Images


The world has been blessed with a number of internet memes all thanks to Stock Images.

For those that don’t know, a stock image is a professional photograph of certain people, things and locations available for people to purchase to use for their website, advertisements and more.

They’re brilliant for those that can’t afford/ don’t know how to do the photography themselves.

However, many of these stock photos are the most ridiculous photos; why anyone would pay money for them I don’t know.

And fortunately, us gaming fanatics have also been gifted with a number of hilariously stupid Video Game Stock Images. They don’t make any sense and it’s impossible to see what scenarios these images relate to.

Today we explore:

The Weirdest Video Game Stock Images

We have made a collection of our favourite ones, enjoy!



Credit 123RF

Today we kick things off with one of my absolute favourites.

This man has been made into many memes in the past – just google Old Man Stock Image Meme and you will find hundreds of examples.

No matter what he’s doing, he looks broken inside; he’s just in it for the money.

Even an Xbox 360 can’t cheer him up! If he’s reading this now, I hope you’re okay and thank you for the memes <3


Credit 123RF

This is the only situation where sticking your child to wall is justifiable.

I can understand how children can ruin the experience of losing yourself in a Video Game and you need to get rid of the by any means possible.

I will have to try this next time…


Cresit Dreamstime

These boys demonstrate the classic embracing technique. Two Players hold each other in their arms to double up their strength.

However, we know this image is not an accurate representation of two brothers playing video games. Nine times out of ten, it usually goes the opposite way.



Credit Getty Images

This image would have been absolutely perfect if the cat had managed to hold the controller but I know these models don’t get paid enough.

I can’t imagine in what scenario this image would be useful to someone.


Credit 123RF

I truly love this image.

The face he is making while playing his racing game is astounding; I have never seen anything like it.

And we know this is an inaccurate representation of gamers like him as he wouldn’t have a naked girl behind him in the first place!


Credit 123RF

I haven’t seen a pair of these glasses in years!

From research, I did discover that some PS3 games do support Anaglyph 3D (the red and blue version of 3D) but I’d hate to only have those 2 colours the whole time!


Credit Dreamstime

Here we have our true, stereotypical gamer: she has adopted the feet-on-table, tongue-sticking-out and computer monitor turned off tactic: an unsuccessful and ridiculous method of playing games.

Let’s not get started on the Harry Potter Glasses without lenses.



Credit Dreamstime

So it’s very clear what’s going on here.

This mum is distressed by the fact that her daughter has become a PC Gamer rather than a console lover like herself.

Surrounded by the latest and greatest consoles, her daughter still gravitated towards the laptop.


Credit Shutterstock

So I don’t truly understand what’s going on here.

The image is captioned “Addiction. Stressed depressed young man playing gaming on pad.” so all we can learn from this is kids, don’t do drugs or you’ll have to keep having to buy controllers as you’ll forever be chewing the leads.


Credit Shutterstock

Using one finger to use the controller is a prime example of how not to play video games.


Credit stockfresh

This old couple’s reaction to playing on the N64 is priceless.

Who knew Super Mario 64 could be so thrilling!


Credit Shutterstock

I’ve never had this reaction while playing games personally nor have I seen anyone else make this face. What games are these models playing that we aren’t??



Credit Dreamstime

Next on our list of Video Game Stock Images is this fella.

The picture captures the pain of never having a friend to play multiplayer with. The cunning move of using his mouth to act as second player will certainly fill the gaping hole in his heart.



Credit Dreamstime

Boy am I jealous of this kid.

With his greased hair, 2000s Keyboard and steering wheel, all the ladies will be falling at his feet. Not to mention the shark tooth necklace.


Credit Shutterstock

Now, it doesn’t take an expert to see what is wrong here. If you’re not quite sure what’s wrong, just ask yourself: If you’ve just got your hands on the latest, one of the most immersive pieces of technology to date, would you be sitting on the couch with a console controller in hand? Probably not.

They’re also using a Mobile Phone Headset so not sure how this setup is working out for them.


Credit Shutterstock

I also heard that playing Video Games while wearing an Oculus Rift on your head can improve concentration by 50%.


Credit Shutterstock

Entering the world of hipsters, this picture captures the joy of playing two different consoles at the same time and pretending you’re playing together.

The dude on the left is too cool for modern consoles so is equipped with a PS3 while his counterpart plays the PS4.

That’s it for our favourite Video Game Stock Images!

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