We are back – And bigger than ever!


Yes as some of you may now our website was down for a while but the good news – We are back!

So what does this mean?

This means we can now offer you with the latest, best and most amazing gaming content out there once again, we are also making a comeback by including you,  the community in our most latest posts allowing for a better future of both you and us. We also have plans to connect with the younger generation by creating a new platform where we include editors from arou!nd the word and publish articles from young people aged 13-18

Why did you guys actually go down?

Well it is a long, long, story… starting with a update from wordpress. Firstly we backed up the website (just like any sane person would do before doing a wordpress update) then updated the site however something went wrong (we are unsure to what this was) after this we attempted to restore the backup but there was an error in this, luckily we had a second backup but again this would not restore. We tried over and over again and even contacted our web hosting provider but all attempts failed.

As a last resort we had to reset the site and restore our library of articles – it has taken a while to get to the point we are at now but we are finally back!

What have you done to prevent this again?

We have now bought a brand new backup software that means our site is backed up every day and allows for an easy restore, amongst these new changes we have also taken extra security and spam measures to prevent any attacks on our website.


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