Wait, your now doubleupgaming.com?


Recently you may have noticed that we have changed from doubleupgaming.co.uk to doubleupgaming.com. Although this major changed has occurred all inbound links and emails will still find there way to the correct place due to systems put in place via our engineers.

Why have we done this?

The DoubleUpGaming website is constantly expanding all over the world and the majority of our readers are from the us and uk. By changing our domain to .com we can provide you with a larger universal experience that is safer and much more reliable. During the domain move we have also migrated servers which has resulted in a much faster viewing experience for users worldwide and will ultimately increase your comfort whilst surfing doubleupgaming.com

Why didn’t you do this earlier?

You may be asking your self, why didn’t you just do this in the first place? Well, Since the beginning of our website the aim has always to be a .com url – However due to domains being openly available to buy it was
 snatched up for a gambling company where it lasted several years with only ads. But it recently came available and our team got it before the sharks did!

Has anything changed other than the domain?

No, apart from a new domain and a faster viewing experience nothing has changed!  That’s the great thing about it. Everything at DoubleUpGaming runs exactly as before and due to our 301 redirects in place any legacy links inbound to the site will still make it to the correct .com page.  We also had next to 0 downtime which meant you could access the site throughout the whole time our engines were busily at work. All in all, this process took just under 6 hours to complete over a course of 3 days but it was worth it for the benefit of you, the reader.
If you notice anything strange or have any questions, feel free to let the support team know, [email protected]

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