VRWC17: The UK’s Leading VR Event


Following the success of VRWC16 and the South-West VR Conference, Opposable VR is holding another edition of the UK’s biggest Virtual Reality event:

VRWC 2017

Held in Bristol, VRWC (standing for VR World Congress) acts as a great meeting point for all the tech heads in the south west as well as bigger companies around the country.

3 days jam packed with:

  • An expo featuring 27 of the industry’s most up and coming companies
  • Talks from VR’s leading experts
  • Match-making sessions for delegates and VIPS


We explored over the course of 3 days all the ways that VR is advancing!

For example, AMD gave an excellent talk on all the possible ways VR will be growing and adapting in the next 3 years.

Experts predict the sales of high end headsets to increase to 23 Million by 2020. Over 20 Million households with have one of the most highly equipped virtual reality headsets in their home.

Not only that but sales of mobile headsets are expected to increase to 122 Million! VR will be the next piece of tech to take over the world.

These new pieces of equipment have already found themselves ways into ordinary people’s lives.

For instance, we’ve seen the growth of Virtual Reality Arcades and “Location Based VR” such as the one now opening in Beijing: So Real.

So Real is the first virtual reality theme park in the world! It offers the first free roaming multiplayer VR system as well as other cool experiences to enjoy. 

Another experience like So Real to open is the IMAX VR Centre in LA, USA. This is the perfect place to enjoy all the VR hardware that wouldn’t be able to fit in the average household.


During their talk at VRWC, AMD continued to state that VR is going to become so powerful, it will be able to run hardcore effects, like the ones used in blockbusters, without any affect on the latency and frame rate. Experiences will be so realistic, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

One game that will prove VR’s potential is Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 was one of the most successful games ever. And soon, it will also be available on your VR Headset.

This will be the title that changes the industry, this will be the title that changes the way we think about games and virtual reality

– Roy Taylor, AMD



VRWC has certainly got us in the mood for VR and can’t wait to see how the technology is going to advance.

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