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Voiced Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map

Recently we have created a one of a kind Christmas adventure map, making full use of the Minecraft 1.8+ mechanics.

This brand new voiced Christmas adventure map is fully narrated, has one of a kind slow motion cut scenes and classic minecraft battles with unique mobs to give you a truly magical Christmas experience. The team at DoubleUpGaming have come together to produce breathtaking scenery  and high quality voice clippings combined into one downloadable map listed on the minecraft forums.

The minecraft adventure map exports you to the the freezing cold surroundings of the North Pole within a sleepy elf village  below the ever-looming Santa’s workshop. You. an elf, have been asleep for many years unaware of events unfolding around you.

Awakening from your cryogenic sleep to the loving welcoming voice of Santa you find it is up to you to save Christmas… or is it? Ho Ho Ho!



Features of the map

Due to the use of Minecraft 1.8 and a custom-built resource pack we have managed to implement a lot of great features into the map including, but not limited to:

A Custom boss wave fighting system

Yes you heard it right, when you get to a certain part in the story you will be up against wave after wave of enemies with nothing but measly care-packages to aid you

Functioning cut-scenes

Albeit they need a bit of work to get them top-notch, these cut-scenes add a surreal feeling to the game giving the player a different experience within minecraft. You will get to witness the wide display of emotions contrasted within the game through small spinet of stories told with cut scenes

Multiplayer or single player map

That’s right, you can go this game alone or battle through with friends. When being built this we took this into careful consideration as to allow people to work together or enjoy the game in peaceful solitude.



Where can I grab my download of the map?

You can find your download right here! If you have been directed here from a forum, welcome! and we hope you enjoy: Christmas – An awakening!

IMPORTANT – FOR MULTIPLAYER: please put the resources zip found in the map inside of your resources folder, play on a vanilla 1,8 server and have a server view distance of 12+

Main Download

(Ad supported Media fire Link)

v.2.2.1 Official Version 02/12/2015 18:10 gmt

Minecraft World & Resource pack built in

Mirror 1 download

(NO AD Media Fire Link)

v.2.2.1 Official Version 02/12/2015 18:05 gmt

Minecraft World & Resource pack built in


Mirror coming soon

 I have downloaded the map, now what?

Well you are off to a good start! You can now install the map into your /saves and install the texture pack into the resource pack folder then you are ready to play.

We at DoubleupGaming wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy gaming!

Please leave comments on the forum thread or below with feed back on the game! Thanks alot for supporting us

By Daniel Colaianni

I love gaming, plain and simple. Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information!

7 replies on “Voiced Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map”

Best map EVER. Good Job dude make more maps. Bug on the “Ice Boss” fight, I killed it but it kept on shooting me and I couldn’t see it, so I kind of cheated my way into the next area, but I made sure I was the area I was supposed to go into. Epic ending, keep it up and GG!

I Would defiantly recommend this map for anyone that wants to have a thrilling and amazing adventure map, if your just chilling at home on christmas its a great thing to do… Even of its not christmas then its still A..M…A…Z…I….N…G
PLZ Make More Maps (MAybe more christmas ones :D) Im Playing this before christmas but I WOuld Love to play another one maybe next year (Cause it probs took more than 25 days :D)
Keep Up The Hard WORK!

That was the best map EVER!! It was a bit laggy at times but it might of just been my laptop Idk. But that was awesome thanks for putting time and effect into the map and please please make more i would love to play it and share it with my friends

Keep up the amazing work :D!!

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