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Whats this all about?

Lots of people moan at us for not keeping to an upload schedule and therefore forced to wait on days on end for a video (and trust me that is really hard) So we decided we should get together and actually create one. However it is not as easy as you may think because most of the team is still in their last year of school which is allot harder than the other years due to the stress of exams, coursework and girls…

Whats the schedule?

The schedule is split up into 2 different weeks (week 1, week 2) to allow us to mix around what we upload. Also please note that this is only a guideline for our uploads and may be changed depending on our circumstances. General upload/broadcast time for all videos is 8pm gmt 


Week 1

  • Monday – Farm Block (Minecraft)
  • Tuesday – No upload
  • Wednesday – Funny Indie Games (Xbox Indie Games)
  • Thursday- No Upload
  • Friday – Reserved for minecraft
  • Saturday – Vehicle Warfare (Battlefield 3)
  • Sunday – Thats our day off!


Week 2

  • Monday – Farm Block (Minecraft)
  • Tuesday – No upload
  • Wednesday – Funny Gaming Moments (Bo2) / Daniel’s Mum plays
  • Thursday- No Upload
  • Friday – Friday Night Livestream!
  • Saturday – Vehicle Warfare (Battlefield 3)
  • Sunday – Thats our day off!


Misc Videos

  • Game Updates
  • Campaign walkthroughs
  • DLC Release’s
  • Once a month top gaming video (see more  info soon)

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