Undertale: Murder or Peace


Undertale: What is it?

This game is unknown by many people in the gaming community, but by the end of this article you will be scrolling through steam wanting to have your own download of Undertale.

In this article, I have:

  • Researched the background of Undertale
  • Studied the game play within Undertale
  • Analysed the messages hidden inside the game

Background on Undertale

Undertale - the Sans boss fight

Undertale is growing in vast popularity in the gaming community, with such Youtubers like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier – amongst others – playing the game. However, many people probably ask, what is it?

Undertale is an Indie role-playing game (or RPG for short) that was developed and published by Tobyfox. It was created by the two artists behind Tobyfox, Toby Fox and Temmie Chang and was released on Steam on the 15th of September 2015.


It was only released on the Microsoft Windows and on the OS X.

The creators of Undertale, would like to adapt the game to the other platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox due to its amazing popularity.

Gameplay of undertale

Undertale itself is an Indie game, with 2D graphics and witty humour amongst the characters (like Papyrus and Sans – you learn about them later on)
Undertale gameplay

Undertale has a dark but enjoyable story, filled with puzzles and dramatic, dialogue from the characters.

Undertale also features the traditional mechanics of a role-playing game, including experience points, equipment (e.g. armour and food and health), and also contains references to older role-playing games like Earthbound.

The attacking style of Undertale is bullet-hell, where a character is attacked by overwhelming numbers of enemy projectiles; the player has to control a heart, and must avoid vicious attacks from enemies.

undertale attacking style

The game also consists of similarities to Pokemon: with the battles happening randomly whilst walking around, the attacking style with the opposing character at the top of the screen, and the 2d graphics used, similar to Pokemon: Black & white.

Undertale uses pixelated, sketchy designs, which links it to original Role-playing games that used similar styles in designing.

The story of Undertale

In the game, you control a human (who’s name you’ll find out later in the game), who had fallen from the Overworld into the Underground, where your character comes into contact with ‘the monsters’ and has to reach the king’s castle.

‘The monsters’ are the inhabitants of the Underground; an intelligent and diverse group that once lived in the Overworld with the humans before the war started.

The humans, who won the war, drove ‘the monsters’ into the Underground and sealed them within using a magic barrier. The only unsealed access point was Mount Ebott, where the human falls down and into the Underworld.

As you continue throughout the game, you have to choose whether you will be a hero or a villain. This decision will effect the outcome of the game.


Undertale- snowdin

One other super cool concept that the developers of Undertale have added into the game is that the saves you do affect new games created by you.

For example, if you create a passive route and complete the game in that, and then do the genocide route, some characters you had befriended in the passive route will still remember you, like Flowey. This will also affect the way that they are taken down, or killed.

There are two different routes in Undertale, the passive route or the genocide route, but the gameplay is different for the genocide route. You will have to kill everything, literally everything in the genocide route, whereas in the passive route, you are kind and spare your enemies within combat.

There are many different areas of the Underworld, in Undertale, including the Ruins, Hotlands,and Snowdin. These areas each have their own boss, which becomes more important in the genocide route.

At the beginning of Undertale, you play as either two characters (depending on the route you have taken), a human whose name isn’t learnt until later in the game, who falls down a hole in mount Ebbott, where the only unsealed access point between humans and ‘the monsters’, and awakes in the ruins.

The first monster that you encounter, after you have fallen down the unsealed hole, is a flower, named Flowey, which tricks you into believing that he is giving love but then attempts to kill you.


You are saved by a motherly monster, who teaches the human how to solve puzzles and survive conflict in the Underground. After a boss fight, not saying with who, you are let out of the ruins.

The route above is for the passive route, but it is different for the genocide route. this is mainly because you have to travel around the ruins or other areas to kill every creature there before tackling the boss.

Throughout the story, you come across various other characters. You can befriend some of the characters you encounter that try to kill you on your quest.

For example: you meet Sans –  a wisecracking and slothful skeleton; Papyrus – Sans’ enthusiastic yet incompetent brother; Undyne – the boisterous head of the royal guard; Alphys – the kingdom’s reclusive royal scientist; Mettaton – a robot with dreams of super-stardom.

Undertale - Sans and Papyrus

The various characters in the game add important segments into the story, such as the character of Alphys. She is suffering with depression and social anxiety which brings alight the problems and behaviours of the mental illnesses to the player.

Another character that portrayed an important role along side Alphys is Undyne. They were important because they were two lesbians in a relationship which to the story line as they were a homosexual couple yet they where easily accepted into society; unlike a vast number of scenarios today.

The creators of Undertale probably added this in because it shows what society should be and how homosexual people should be accepted. Also how social anxiety and depression is a serious problem  and that it shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

I’m not going to say anymore about the story so I’m going to skip to the main body.

You travel to the king’s castle, where you try and destroy the magical barrier. (I hope I haven’t spoiled anything  – I hope)

Links to Undertale

Felt inspired by my wonderful article? Lucky for you, this very game is available here on steam for only £9.99.

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