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Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

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Yes we have a long-awaited new updated list of our top 10 Minecraft texture/resource Packs for 2014!


10: RuneScape Pack

Runescape Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

This Texture pack earned its place on our list for taking us back to our early RPG roots where Rune-Scape was the thing of the time. With its simple textures and reminiscence of an age-old game this texture pack is solid at number 10.



9: Zeko Craft

Zeko craft

Mixing it up a bit is the quirky Zeko Craft which is defiantly one for the people who like to change it up once in a while. We particularly  love this pack as not only does it make us feel happy inside, it strips away all that we previously knew about Minecraft – Giving us a brand new experience.



8: BlockU HD

BLOCKU-HD-Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Although this texture pack may not be fully complete yet, it offers a slick hd UI and smooth blocks for the modern Minecrafter.



7: Cotritie Craft

corrtie craft Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

In spite of this texture pack looking slightly depressing from the screen shots, it is far from that – After experiencing this first hand it again like Zeko craft, lead us into happiness, without its radicalness. If you are looking for a bright, airy texture pack with the same aspects of Minecraft, this is the one for you



6: Chroma Hills

chroma hills Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Chromahills is a step up from the  Rune scape pack at number 10.  If it wasn’t for the large choice of texture packs out there, without doubt this would be within our top 3 – A lot of thought and detail has been put into this cartoonrpg style texture pack, obtaining it high regard from the DoubleUpGaming team.



5: Faithful

faithfull - Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Who knew default minecraft could look so good in HD? If you are not willing to budge from the normal minecraft textures, but eager for an upgrade to fulfill your 1080p display, then you should unquestionably consider downloading this all round great texture pack.



4: Dukucraft

dukucraft - Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Dukucraft! This one of a kind texture packs is completely customizable for the everyday minecraft user that wishes to go for a slightly medieval look but keeps the same qualities that we respect about the current minecraft textures



3: Sphax PureBD

Sphax PureBD Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Taking us into our top 3 is, Sphax PureBD. This exception texture pack has had a tremendous amount of effort put into it and it really shows – Compatible with nearly every mod pack going, be sure to snap this up if you are willing to experience a new quality of minecraft.



2: Battered Old Stuff

Battered old stuff Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

This texture pack looks exactly like the name suggests, battered old stuff… We particularly love this texture pack  due to its ingenious concept of a rustic feel which some how doesn’t make the game feel shabby.



1: Glimmars Steam Punk Hybrid

steam punk Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Bringing us to number one is definitely Glimmars Steam Punk Hybrid minecraft texture / resource pack. From the off look this truly amazing pack pulls us in to witness the pure beauty in terms of steam punk and minecraft mixed together, it brings all that we know and love about the unique graphics of steam punk and releases it into the raw world that minecraft can sometimes be! Although this may not be your usual, bog standard, custom texture pack, it is one for the adventurous.


Let us know of your favorite Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs!

Yes, we would love to know what is your best texture pack or if it is featured in the list below. The Minecraft community is a large place and sometimes new content can be lost in among the massive sea of content that is produced, so if you would like to stay completely up-to-date with the latest Minecraft news feel free to join our mailing list  and or subscribe to our YouTube channel

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