Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins 2018


One of the reasons we adore Minecraft is the amazing level of personalisation!

And what better way to throw yourself into the game by finding the perfect skin.

We decided to update our Best Minecraft Girl Skins list but releasing a fresh article for 2018. We also have some more wacky skins here too!

To make this list even better, we decided to focus on the skins perfect for those wanting to let out their inner heroine. From Zombies to Panda’s, we have found some of the best Minecraft Girl Skins.

Today we discuss:

  • The Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins
  • Why they made our list
  • Where you can download them

9. Galaxy Hipster


This skin is the ultimate combination of girly girl and tomboy – definitely letting out your feminine side but certainly not covered in pink.

And the backwards hat shows you are a true gamer.

This skin definitely reveals your personality in Minecraft.

8. Zombie Girl


Scare all the guys away with this super realistic Zombie Skin.

Complete with long, green hair and decomposing flesh, you can really blend in with the other mobs.

This skin is ideal for those wanting to keep everyone away from your creation that you need to keep safe.

7. Flower-Crown Girl


This is definitely a more girly entry for our Top Minecraft Girl Skins.

The flower crown and sweet outfit shows you are one with nature and definitely a summer girl.

This is the best outfit for those who love the sun and the long summer days.

6. Medieval Warrior


The Fighters and warriors deserve a minecraft skin like this!

No longer is it the men defeating the mobs and keeping the tribe alive as this medieval warrior is ready to take the lead.

The Skin is perfect for those wanting to show how strong they are. This skin is for the leaders who could direct an army to success.

5. Panda Girl


This Minecraft Girl Skin is adorable!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Panda, now’s your chance. With this light blue and white outfit and matching blue hair, you’ll break many hearts with this skin.

This outfit has truly proved popular among fans.

4. Watermelon Girl


Have you ever wanted to be a watermelon? Yeah, me too!

This skin equips you with the tastiest pink hoodie showing off all your pips and watermelon rind. and lushess, neon-green hair.

This skin was designed for those wanting to show off their quirky and funny personality.

3. Dragon Warrior


Another killer, butt-kicking warrior has made it onto our list.

Rather than a leader, this bad-ass heroine is crazy. No one could get past this girl in a battle and she’s any army’s secret weapon.

This Minecraft Girl Skin made our list as there isn’t a skin that shows off your fighting side quite like this one.

If you need to let out your inner, nutty but deadly fighter, this skin is a must!

2. Fox Girl


In my opinion, this is the cutest outfit on the list.

If you need to show off your love for animals then I definitely recommend the fox skin. She comes with a fluffy tail, charming little paws and dinky ears.

This skin will definitely let you fit in with all the animals around the Minecraft world.

1. Link

minecraft girl skins 2018

This skin is perfect for any gaming fanatic.

You can dress as the hero, or now the heroine, Link and really embrace your inner Legend of Zelda fan. This outfit is equipped with the typical green, hooded top as well as a shield on the back for safety.

Long, blonde hair also features to make her powerful but beautiful.

If you’re a hardcore, Nintendo fan, then you deserve this Minecraft skin.

That’s it for our Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins of 2018!

Are there any you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments.

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