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I have to disagree with you about Mineplex. They are slow to resolve problems when moderators abuse their powers or make errors.

I witnessed my son being banned, as he explained a mini-game to me, after having paid for him to get Ultra membership. All sorts of safeguards are in place so that my son cannot hack the game, ever since we realised how punitive the servers can be with regard to hacks. The fact that I witnessed my son doing nothing but dying as blocks fell away underneath him and he fell though a deep gorge and then the moderators screen coming up saying he was on permanent ban infuriated me. I immediately wrote his ban appeal, as his mum, to his deep shame, and have spent the last two weeks asking why it is taking so long for them to resolve this issue.

The fact is that the policing of the moderators is minimal and yet their powers can have maximum effect on the players. I understand mistakes get made, but my son is still waiting to be cleared!

Now when he plays on any server, we have insisted he record every session so that there is no argument about what has taken place. But the onus should not be on him to prove he has done nothing wrong… Particularly when we are paying for the privilege! They must be raking it in but providing a very poor service when things go wrong.

Going to look into Trading Standard guidelines about how to get our money back, or at least find out how to log a complaint against this kind of service.

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