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The Top 5 Minecraft Halloween Skins

With Halloween fast approaching there’s no better time to start decorating your house, buying your costumes… and giving Minecraft a whole new look!

In this article, I’ve listed the top 5 Minecraft skins for Halloween that are bound to give your friends a fright.


5. Swamp Glob-Monster

To start this list, I have picked the Swamp Glob-Monster skin by Diam0ndSpad3 purely for the fun factor – the colours are a little garish, but the concept is just so fun! This is a great skin for people who prefer a less serious approach to Halloween but also want to get into the festivities.

Download Swamp Glob-Monster Skin 

4-014. The Swamp Lurker


Next in my list is the Swamp Lurker, by ianbaker.The shading style gives a beautiful draping effect and the comical-looking face balances out the darker tones of the main body.

Download Swamp Lurker Skin

 3. The Brownie – WC Cleaner

Taking 3rd place on my list is The Brownie – WC Cleaner by lantosyt. This skin is bizarrely sweet yet terrifying at the same time – perhaps it’s the combination of the cheery colour palette and the unnerving concept of a rather cannibalistic appearing WC cleaner?

Download The Brownie – WC Cleaner Skin


2. Shredded Teddy

In 2nd place is…. this. Shredded Teddy by SuperAdamGalaxy. I have few words that can describe this skin – it’s… unusual. But somehow, I love it. It takes a relatable figure and demolishes any positive connotations you may have with it. And it works.

Download Shredded Teddy Skin


1. Bone Wraith

In first place, and the winning skin from my search, is the Bone Wraith by Levaunt. This skin is suitably disturbing, stylish, and perfectly fitting for your Halloween appearance. Download it now from the link below!

Download Bone Wraith Skin

So here is my top 5 Halloween Minecraft skins – If you would like to check out some more horror themed articles, take a look at DoubleUpGaming’s week of horror. Throughout the week we will be publishing a ton of great articles surrounding horror in gaming and are also launching a livestream so feel free to come take a look!

Let us know what is your most favourite skin in the bunch and / or if you have a suggestion to make it better in the comments section below!


By Jess Crago

I'm Jess. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember - starting with games like Finding Nemo on the PlayStation 2, and Nintendogs on the original Nintendo DS. This evolved into playing Runescape and Club Penguin after a few years, and when I was about 11, my brother got me into more "hardcore" gaming, with World of Warcraft. Ever since my interests in gaming have grown and grown until I finally joined DoubleUpGaming to get even deeper into the community. I play a pretty huge variety of games on many different platforms (mainly PC but also Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Gamecube and Wii) and my favourite game pretty much changes every few days! I'll always love Portal (1&2) and Skyrim, and WoW will always hold a special place in my heart, but I'm eager to find a new game to take over the gaming community by storm.

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