Top 10 Minecraft Skins of 2014


Minecraft skins are the pinnacle of respect. If you don’t have a good one then everyone else will just see you as just another minecrafter, so this is why it makes it more important than ever to choose a great looking skins like some of our top choices as featured below.

10. Yeti (With moving eyes and mouth)

Wookie Best minecraft Skin This is a great skin! This features moving eyes and acts as a great furry little friend. This skin comes in at number 10 due to its pure creativity and use of gif images to meet the funny but slightly scary moving eyes.

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9. Minecraft Troll

Troll Best minecraft SkinThis reminds us of the good old days back when we were filled with mischief and mayhem, whilst tormenting the minecraft community with our trolling antics. Be aware once you turn troll… you will never be able to come back.

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8. Deadpool

Deadpool Best minecraft SkinDeadpool always lightens up the mood! Whether it is his devilish looks or charismatic humour you are bound to have a good time wearing his around the minecraft neighbourhood.

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7. Enderman in creeper hoddie

Enderhoodie Best minecraft SkinIf you are looking for something more modern but want to keep your minecraft vibe then this is the one for you. Have you ever seen an enderman in a creeper hoodie? No? You better download it then!

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6. Legend Of zelda

Zelda Best minecraft SkinLINK! A fan favorite for most old school gamers, this skin will up your retro street cred for sure. The best thing about this skin is the fact it so closely resembles the original link character from the games.

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5. Slederman

Slenderman Best minecraft SkinJust looking at this skin makes me want to check my back and cower behind the sofa. Although it may bring back nightmares it is worth a download for the fun and laughs you may receive.

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4. The Skin of notch

Notch Best minecraft SkinEveryone loves Notch. Well he did create minecraft! However you could look just like him in the game just with no pants on… Yes you heard it right – He will be in his underwear and covered with a suit but no worries, it is Notch

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3. Diamond Assassin

Diamond Assisn Best minecraft SkinDiamonds and assassins go together like a house on fire. If you want the complete kit of an assassin and look extremely cool in front of your friends then this is the skin for you.

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2. Dwarf Red Beard (Honeydew)

Honeydew Best minecraft SkinMany of you may know this skin from the very famous Minecraft youtubers: The yogscast. Honeydew has always been that appealing red dwarf that sings his little song while digging and mining his way through everyday minecraft life.

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1. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Best minecraft SkinComing in at number one for our “Top free minecraft skins of 2014” is: The Cookie Monster. Being the only one to bring us true happiness, the Cookie Monster Minecraft skin has definitely earned its place. We can not wait to see you minecrafters running around with this truly great skin.

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We would love to know what is your most favorite skin out of the bunch and / or if you feel that some key skins are missing out of the equation – Who knows your suggestions could even make it into next years list!

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