Top 10 Minecraft seeds

There’s a lot’s of stuff for the best minecraft seeds, but what about the very best?

Seeds allow us to generate certain types of worlds that are guaranteed to be the same with every generation.

They basically allow you to find the perfect world…

I’ve taken it upon myself to go out and hunt down only the very best minecraft seeds (and provide them to you in one quick rundown exploring them in immense detail).

In this article we look at:

  • The best minecraft seeds for pocket edition
  • Description and look at each seed
  • Why each seed make it on to our top 10

Minecraft has grown and developed into a world of its own.

It’s evolved from a hobby to a lifestyle for some, leading to the pursuit of the best possible world.

So where do the best worlds come from?

Just like plants in real life, they grow out of seeds, or base starter maps created by users. Each Minecraft seed has a unique ID and will set the stage for a beautiful environment.

So lets jump into our top 10 minecraft seeds list:

10. Heavenly Mountain



Like mountain climbing?

Or perhaps an island in the clouds?

Not far from your starting point you’ll encounter such a fantasy land which literally does wind its way up into the clouds.


The scenic landscape is perfect as a form of beauty but also has a forested area on the mountain range.

This is crucial as it will allow you to exploit the land for some resources.


You can also build a house on the cliff and not worry about it falling off. (That’s always nice.)

Seed:  3657966

9. Desert Gems


Desert Gems: Horses

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and apparently so for the people of Minecraft.

I mean come on, can you ever get enough?

There’s actually 15 of these shiny gems right at your spawning point and some tucked away in nearby temples to loot.

These diamonds found in the temples can also be used to make create some flashy horse armor, since it can’t really be made into an engagement ring. (You do what you can I suppose.)


Desert Gems: Loot

Anyway, this seed is loot city, so scoop up the treasure and build your city!

  • Temple one: /tp 316 78 131
  • Temple two /tp 250 74 761
  • Temple three: /tp 538 73 1112
  • Temple four: /tp 154 74 -454

Seed: 1785852800490497919

8. The Island



Clean crisp, ocean air.

That’s what we all want on our lone wolf vacation right?

Well here you will find that, and you’re lonely wolf.

That’s right, this seed is based in the middle of an ocean paradise. You’ll have to explore the ocean biome in its entirety in order to survive, but thankfully there’s multiple islands with plenty of sheep.

island 2

There’s even an ocean monument directly to the side of the island you spawn on which only adds to the decidedly cast away feeling in this seed.

Definitely fresh. Definitely different.

Spawn Seed

Seed: -6185261765285097501

7. Loot Galore


Loot Galore: Two temple view

While not outwardly exciting (it’s a desert) there’s plenty to unearth here, quite literally in some instances.

This seed has every pirate’s favorite jewels, gold and diamonds, but you’ll have to go on the hunt to fill your treasure driven inventory.

With temples abound (4 of ‘em!) you can spend a good deal of time raiding and plundering.

And who doesn’t like that?


Loot Galore: Stronghold

Well if you don’t there is an underground stronghold, making the idyllic setting of this seed just for show.

Plenty to see here.

  • Temple one: /tp 60 66 250
  • Temple two: /tp-169 66 234
  • Temple three: /tp 89 80 -292
  • Temple four: /tp -214 80 -502
  • Stonghold: /tp -688 80 -576

Seed: 5494140678785792016

6. Biome o’plenty 


Are you one to sample the different biomes of Minecraft?

If so, this seed has many different sprouts and variations within.


The different biomes create a striking amount of visual variety and splendor. It also makes it easy to use the land for your sustenance and to get plenty of resources.6 2

As I said, variety is the spice of this seed and you’ll also be able to use said resources to get primed for fighting.

Seed: -2864765711115301749

5. The Librarian

Think of this seed as a blank slate, utterly barren. A blank canvas to paint your ideal Minecraft world.

Except for one thing…

The librarian.

Yes, all you have in this rare seed is a single structure with a single npc, who just happens to be of the bookworm variety.



However friendly he seems, it’s certainly a bit creepy that he’s the only one left….

You’ll have to do a bit of exploring to see where this one can go, oh and some horseback riding.

I say that because there’s some animals on this one. Horses in fact.

Ride ‘em cowboy!

(Yes, that just happened).

Spawn Seed

Seed: -1480351183376464763

4. Waterworks Mountain

javaw 2015-08-19 21-20-42-853

Waterworks Mountain: Mountain view

Watch out above for the waterfall pouring down from heaven with this best minecraft seed.

As it appears the rock formation literally extends all the way to the heavens. I guess that waterfall must be full of holy water then…

Can you really beat that?

javaw 2015-08-19 21-25-23-245

Waterworks Mountain: Don’t jump

It will be easy to craft a keep up top (you can actually build up there) that overlooks your entire kingdom.

The overlooking area takes in resource laden lands, making it quite easy to develop a thriving city.

/tp -40 198 105

Seed: 69160882195

3. Bunny Village

javaw 2015-08-19 21-51-33-548

Bunny Village: Bunnies everywhere!

Bunnies are everywhere in this best Minecraft seed, but it’s missing the all-important Easter variety.

Well, it is Minecraft after all.

With this seed you’ll find a newly spawned village full of ton’s of furry pets to keep you company.

javaw 2015-08-19 21-51-00-198

Bunny Village: Overhead view

You want to know the best part?

You’ll be placed right down right in the middle of it all.

So laugh, play and chase your heart’s true desire. It offers a nice change of pace from getting your hands dirty.

/tp -183 75 278

Seed: 1926444278

2. The Grand Canyon

javaw 2015-08-19 21-54-07-975

The Grand Canyon: deep dark

This one will be a quick trip, and possibly one down memory lane if you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon.

That’s exactly what this one resembles.

The only difference is the shiny stuff at the bottom of this minecraft seed is gold. (Unless there is actually some at the bottom of the Grand Canyon).

javaw 2015-08-19 21-54-45-232

The Grand Canyon: Lots to mine

Anyway, you can head to the bottom of the ravine and grab it in a jiffy.

How ‘bout them apples?

/tp 252 85 176

Seed: 1111

1. Desert Loot

javaw 2015-08-22 20-33-35-462

There’s plenty of stuff in this seed to get you going in a jiffy:

There’s a village that hugs the edge of the desert and savannah biomes with plenty of loot to mine out.

You’ll be able to get your hands on:

  • diamonds (2)
  • gold ingots ( 26, yes really)
  • iron ingots (6)
  • iron leggings
  • a saddle for your trusty steed.

javaw 2015-08-22 20-35-11-444

Just be sure to check the chests in the blacksmiths shop / all the houses and you’ll find all of the above

It won’t be till your’re on your way to building the perfect paradise.

Seed: 516687594611420526

Before you go…

I want to know what your best minecraft seeds are

Yes you heard me, I want to see any seeds you’ve used before and why it’s your best seed!

Make sure to  let me know with it is in the comments section below.

The best one’s will be shown in our next video uploaded onto our Youtube channel.

So there you have it:

This will keep you busy for several long afternoons, nights, weekends and possibly more…

If you’re a Minecraft fan and want some good starter seeds or if you want some fresh starts, give these top 10 Minecraft seeds a whirl.


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