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The fact that Tekkit, Hexxit and attack of the B team are all above FTB Unleashed just makes me sad and empty inside.
Also, Diamond Dimensions, Yogscast Complete, and FTB Monster should be on this list. Monster should be first, Diamond Dimensions should be above Tekkit, Hexxit and attack of the b team. The mad pack is also pretty good, but mainly due to its size.

i agree FTB Monster should be first I mean I has everything tekkit has (other than the moon) plus more. also I think tekkit classic is better that normal tekkit and I think some others will agree also. But good list

i have a problem with my mods I’m doing the crazy craft server but when i download the attack of b team mod pack on my mac book air laptop a school laptop you can bring home my laptop is slow when I’m trying to download attack of b team for my friend nathan at lurcher high school in louisiana paulina 70763 GO BULLDOGS!!!!! also ftb unleashed is like lanceypooh and sundaes feed the beast mod episode videos

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