Top 10 Minecraft Mod Packs 2014


Minecraft is fun, but it can be so much better with a bunch of mods bundled into one.

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If you are looking for that extra fun then mod packs are the way to go and depending on whether you want to become a mad scientist or a fully fledged astronaut there are many different mod packs for you to try out. However thats the problem. There are far too many modpacks for you to simply go and try out, so that is why the DoubleUpGaming team have put together our top 10 minecraft modpacks for 2014.

If you would like to check out a video version, we have linked it below:

10. Big Dig

The Big Dig is a great modpack for those of us that can not be bothered bothered to go on big mining sprees and spend hours on end painlessly trying to find many different ores. Instead this mod pack combines alot of the best mods around and compiles this into a pack that contains great quick fun.

9. Hack / Mine

This pack is perfect if you are looking for some RPG adventures as it offers the basics of minecraft mixed with the Hack/mine mods needed for a dungeon filled slaughter and magical loot! The best thing about this mod pack is it is a completely different experience from all the other mod packs and is defiantly a “must try” if you are looking for something new.

8. Voltz

Voltz is the tech savvy mod pack for everything electricity and endless possibilities. To get a true feeling for this minecraft mod pack it is imperative that you play it with others as not only will it make you less lonely, it will also enable you to have epic battles beyond proportion with the added bonus of rockets.


7. The fellowship mod pack

Although this Minecraft Mod pack is not as widely known, it is worth checking to see if this is your type of playing style as it is surprisingly addictive due to the medieval vibe and lord of the rings essence that it brings to the game.

6. Crazy Craft

Dubed as “not modded minecraft, it is minecraft like you’ve never seen it” this mod pack is something completely crazy and is going to spice up your minecraft. It features various new mobs, weapons and structures that will never cease to keep you amused and you are sure have have a different experience each time.

5. FTB Unleashed

This pack is Feed the beast’s most popular as it is the successor the the slightly older “FTB Ultimate”. Being one of the most well rounded mod packs there is you should give this a go if you are new to the scene as it will really help to get you going.

4. Mind crack

Mind crack was released to satisfy the hunger that many of the viewers of the popular mind crack series longed for. Although it doesn’t contain nearly as many mods as some of the other packs mentioned here it is great fun to play along with your favourite minecrafters without being on the exclusive Mind crack server.


3. Hexxit

Putting adventure above everything else is Hexxit: This brings you a collection of new mods, campaigns and a whole bunch of satisfaction whilst you explore the world to unearth new wonders.

2. Attack of the B-team

This is one of our most favourite in the list as not only is it the first charity mod pack, it actually gives the player the ability to become a crazy mad scientist who rules over the world with complete domination over others.

1. Tekkit

This is number one for many different reasons but for one in particular: It has always been with us from the start and during this time has never ceased to provide us with endless enjoyment! We have always found differentiations of this amazing pack but none of them ever seem to give us the same feeling of enjoyment that has always been felt.  Build a space ship or build a factory… it is all there and is waiting for you to give it a try.

Tekkit - Top Minecraft mod pack 2014

We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 Minecraft mod packs of 2014 and really do believe that all of them will give you hours on end of fun that will add an almost brand new experience to minecraft. Feel free to let us know what your favourite one out of the bunch is and which ones you may wish to try out.

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  1. commenter

    The fact that Tekkit, Hexxit and attack of the B team are all above FTB Unleashed just makes me sad and empty inside.
    Also, Diamond Dimensions, Yogscast Complete, and FTB Monster should be on this list. Monster should be first, Diamond Dimensions should be above Tekkit, Hexxit and attack of the b team. The mad pack is also pretty good, but mainly due to its size.

    • Daniel Colaianni

      Will keep this in mind for our next one, unfortunately when checking them all out we couldn’t add all of them. We also went with what we thought and the download stats of these mod packs so it is a mix of what we believe and what users believe

    • greenpeppers100

      i agree FTB Monster should be first I mean I has everything tekkit has (other than the moon) plus more. also I think tekkit classic is better that normal tekkit and I think some others will agree also. But good list

  2. courtneyroques

    i have a problem with my mods I’m doing the crazy craft server but when i download the attack of b team mod pack on my mac book air laptop a school laptop you can bring home my laptop is slow when I’m trying to download attack of b team for my friend nathan at lurcher high school in louisiana paulina 70763 GO BULLDOGS!!!!! also ftb unleashed is like lanceypooh and sundaes feed the beast mod episode videos

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