Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps


Summer is finally here!

That means no more school, no more work, NO MORE RESPONSIBILITIES!

Well this isn’t entirely true. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get super hyped about the longer days and warmer weather.

And what better way to get majorly excited about the summer than enjoying:

The Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps!

We have conveniently devised a list of all the seasonal maps to get you in the summer mood.

Get ready to explore:

  • The Best Summer Minecraft Maps
  • Why they are so this season
  • Where you can download them


10. Summer Cottage


Kicking us off is this stunning Summer Cottage.

Complete with sandy beaches and luscious greenery, this map allows its users to escape to a cottage like no other.

So much is there for you to explore! If you’ve had enough of the outdoors, you can lounge in front of the tele instead. You can even light fires in the fireplace to keep you warm through the nights.

It’s the perfect location to house you and some friends this summer.

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9. Operation Tropical Vacation


With over 50,000 Downloads, this map has proved to be a very popular destination.

“The point of the whole map is to relax and enjoy summer” and to forget the hectic bustle we all know Minecraft can bring.

However, if you wanna have a great run around, this map is also excellent for that too.

Players have praised the creators of this map for their cleverly designed yet challenging parkour runs.

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8. Ivory Beach Resort


Ivory Beach resort is certainly for the more mature and classier clientele boasting its stylish “Sun-hotel” as well as its fine selection of swimming pools.

And, of course, this map is located next to a beautiful, glistening sea so sun beds and parasols are available to all guests.

One of the best things about this map is how charmingly the resort lights up at night! Lights scatter the map so everything can equally be enjoyed at night.

Check in to this all inclusive for an exclusive, one of a kind, holiday.

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7. Crystal Summer Resort


Ever dreamt of visiting a city like Rio de Janeiro without, well, having to go anywhere?

Then this map is ideal. 

Complete with skyscrapers as well as scenic views, you can easily lose yourself in this bustling city.

You can visit the luscious beach, the one of kind bridge, and even the airport!

Players will have plenty of places to visit in this map.

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6. Leiko Islands


Next on our list of Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps is Leiko Islands.

This HAS to be the most tropical map on our list and is perfect for the players that want to escape everything.

The map serves as your own desert island, ideal for some well-deserved R’n’R.

Players can discover the exotic foliage while relaxing on the golden beaches; islands like these are quite hard to come by!

And the best bit is no creepy crawlies will be climbing up your top without you knowing!

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5. Olann Island


What can I say about this map? It has everything a child-at-heart desires!

Unlike Ivory Beach Resort, this map is fully equipped for the playful and energetic. Surrounded by roller coasters, water slides, and a casino, you’ll be entertained for hours!

Not to mention the gorgeous sandy beach people could only dream of visiting.

Someone has spent a lot of time building this map!

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4. Pirate Island


This one we absolutely LOVED!

Pirate Island is definitely a unique map as it’s one of the few where you can truly experience life as a pirate.

Detailed ships scatter the island as well as exotic wildlife and maybe you’ll come across some buried treasure…

If anyone can come up with the best Minecraft Skin to match this map, please let us know!

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3. Beach City


This map is fairly similar to Crystal Summer Resort except this one is MASSIVE.

It doesn’t quite supply the scenery the previous map could offer. However, Beach City is higher on my list due to the sheer extent of this city.

This map didn’t only take a lot of time to build, I bet it also took a whole lot of time to plan! It’s like City Skylines except on Minecraft!

As well as the skyscrapers, you can explore a variety of suburbs as well as a beach and a fully functioning harbour!

Beach City is so well designed that it even has a subway. A SUBWAY! What more could you ask for?

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2. Huge Cruise Ship


Cruise Ships in real life are ridiculously expensive.


Minecraft has got you covered as one clever user has created the beast of the seas.

Equipped with swimming pools, helicopter pads and entertainment halls for guests, your holidays will be well spent on this ship.

You can enjoy life as if you are one of the extravagant guests and dine with important people while taking in some breathtaking views.

Not to mention you’ll be exploring the impressives oceans in the glorious sun.

Let’s just hope there’s no icebergs…

Download Map


Now for our Number One Summer Minecraft Map.

1. Teramia


This map has EVERYTHING for all your summer-y needs.

Teramia has been created with the outdoorsy types in mind.

What isn’t there to explore on this map?!

Teramia is visually stunning with so much detail included in everything that has been placed. You’ll have fun discovering skins for your protagonist to match the surroundings.

You can discover the variety of mobs that fill the island too!

It also has Icelands for you to explore in case the sun is becoming too much. You’ll need a map to find your way around here.

And there are so many pictures to show off this map that I don’t have enough space in this article! You can check them all out here.

Download Map

That’s it for our list of the Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps!

Did we miss any fantastic maps out? Let us know in the comments below.

And if this hasn’t satisfied you enough, you can check out our Top 10 Best Minecraft Maps too!

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