Top 10 best Minecraft youtubers

This year we decide to take a look at the Top Ten Minecraft Youtubers of both 2014 & 2015 in one ultimate rundown.

Minecraft Youtubers have been around for a while…


The real question is who is the BEST . Luckily for you we have searched around the interwebs and have done the research for you!

In this article you’ll find out:

  • The Ultimate, all time best Minecraft Youtuber
  • Why they made it onto our list
  • What kind of videos they make and why you should watch them

10. AntVenom

It may come as no surprise to find AntVenom as one of the best youtubers.

He made it onto our top ten list due to his amazing and unique style of videos. Ranging from Minecraft Parkour, Survival games and redstone you’ll always be kept upto date with the latest in Minecraft.

But that’s not the best part:

Viewers consistently praise him on his high quality videos. They’re uploaded every single day and will be packed full of fun and entertaining content.

Antvenom Youtube

If you thought that was it then you’ll be surprised to find:

AntVenom makes sure to constantly stay involved in the community. You know that he genuinely cares for his viewers with every video upload and interaction.

9. JeromeASF

Like Minigames? Adventure Maps too?

If you’re a fan then JeromeASF offers the full package!

Here’s the deal:

Every episode is a fun filled and energetic offering you maximum entertainment multiple times a day. Most and if not all of his videos offer great humor and it’s bound to give you a good laugh at the end of a tough day.

JeromeASF Youtube


It’s important to remember that not every youtuber is to everyones taste.


JeromeASF hasn’t made it as one of our Top Ten Minecraft youtuber for nothing. You’ll almost never get bored with his videos because they are overflowing with TONS of energy that makes it so exciting to watch.

8. SSundee

A One stop shop for Hilarious videos is SSundee. This may be a bold statement, but its true.

You want to know why?:

He made it onto our top ten list purely because every video is extremely funny! No. Screw that.

Hysterically funny.

When watching through his videos we found that we couldn’t contain ourselves with the everything that was going on. Its safe to say that SSundee is a great bet if you’re looking for some funny videos to watch with Minecraft.

SSundee Youtube

On his channel you’ll find modded minecraft, mod reviews and even competitions along with the occasional random games from time to time.

7. Bajan Canadian

The Bajan Canadian (also known as Mitch) uploads awesome Minecraft videos daily.

This is what’s so great about him:

There is ALWAYS a wide variety of content on his channel such as:

  • Minecraft Songs
  • Minecraft toys
  • Minecraft Factions
  • Minecraft minigames
  • Minecraft Challenges (like the lucky block mod)
  • Minecraft mods
  • Volg Challenges

Bajan Canadian Youtube

What’s even better is if you like JeromeASF, you’ll always find a collaborative video of the two of them playing together.

Yep thats right: you’ll get to watch the two of them together!

This leads to a Youtuber that you can watch everyday and still expect something new from. He’ll never get old and his community of loyal followers will welcome you in with open arms.

6. Stampylonghead

StampyLongHead is the most child friendly Youtuber to make as one of the best Minecraft Youtubers.

The secret to his success?

Everyday you’re bound to find a new Minecraft xbox video that’s entertaining and with purpose.

It gets even better:

He is a very friendly and lovable guy! The moment you lay eyes on one of his videos you’ll instantly fall in love with the videos he produces.

StampyLongHead Youtube

Stampy is so popular in fact that mojang themselves dedicated an easter egg to him.

What is this easter egg you ask?

In a few of his videos you’ll find the term “Love Garden” thrown around. This is a special place that Stampy picks to put his most valuable fans.

Mojang decided to create a structure that spawns randomly and suspiciously resembles the love garden replaced with the name of Mojang developers.

5. The Diamond Minecart

DanTDM is most famous for the creative way in which each video is made. You’ll most certainly never find a dull moment in one of his videos.

This is the crazy part:

If you decide to check him out you’ll almost certainly find (on a daily basis):

  • Minecraft mod showcases
  • Minecraft Minigames
  • Minecraft Challenges
  • Dr Trayaurus & DanTDM
  • Custom Modded Survival
  • Other Online games


But here’s the real kicker:

I’ve met Dan in person. And I can tell you he’s a pretty down to earth guy.

The dedication to every video is immense and that can be shown through the highly detailed and scripted scenarios that play out in the different videos he uploads.

4. The Yogs Cast : Lewis & Simon

Also known as “BlueXephos” The Yogs cast’s most prominent family members are Lewis and Simon.

Although not all their videos are Minecraft related their content IS comedy gold.

Lewis who’s dressed up in his famous drunken dwarf skin and Simon with his Star trek uniform are always getting into new interesting Minecraft situations.

The Yogs cast Youtube

They first started off with World of warcraft videos but later found their place with one of the most known scripted Minecraft series:

Shadow of Israphel

Since the days of Israphel you’ll find yourself watching their adventures from making a jaffa cake factory to testing out brand new mods.

3. The Syndicate Project

Like the Yog’s cast, Tom ( The sydicate project) varies his videos every now and again.

However when a Minecraft video is uploaded you will be sure to enjoy it.

You might be wondering how be made it to number three?


His videos give you endless hours of procrastination.

Among his best Minecraft series is Mianite (a large series featuring many other youtubers) and is usually streamed & then uploaded to YouTube.

The sydicate project Youtube

When previously meeting with Tom in person, straight off the bat I knew his fans were his number one priority. At the insomnia gaming festival  he spent a total of three hours extra to make sure he got to meet every fans.

If you want to find out more about that then check out this article on how he was determined to meet and greet all his fans.

2. Captain Sparklez

From let’s plays, animations, music videos and other epic content Captain sparklez has it all.

People who watch him love this the most:

All of his videos are immensely easy to understand, funny and entertaining. Jordan (his real name) is certainly a role model in the Minecraft community and should be around for some time.

Captain sparklez Youtube

It’s hard to be one of the most popular youtube channels out there. But:

Captainsparklez manages to achieve this PERFECTLY.

Browsing through his channel led me to spend many hours just listening to his soothing voice. I found myself captivated with what was happening and didn’t want to miss a single moment.

Who knows, maybe you will too?


And our best Minecraft youtuber goes to…


Yes the Sky Army is one of the fastest growing fandom out there and it’s for a good reason too:

His channel is full of extremely entertaining videos with the addition of large YouTube friends and hilarious comedy. Most popular content on his channel ranges from:

  • Modded cops N robbers
  • Minecraft mini games
  • Modded “do not laugh”
  • Lucky block challenge
  • Minecraft Machinimas

SkyDoesMinecraft Youtube

The bottom line?

No matter what age you are Sky offers the best Minecraft videos possible. Not only has he got one of the largest growing Minecraft audiences out there, he also gives you what you most want:

Fun, entertaining and interesting videos.

This is what I want to know:

Do you agree with where these Popular Minecraft Youtubers are listed?

Let me know with a comment below and make sure to share this with a friend if you agree.


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