Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods of 2017

We’ve had a year of exploring all the mods that we’ve had in our reach so I think it’s about time we found some newer, more incredible ones; it’s time to update our 10 top minecraft mods.

Last year saw a number of mods become available but this year has seen that number rapidly increase.

With this vast growing selection of mods to try, it’s going to make it seriously difficult to find the ones perfect for us so, I have composed a list of the outstanding mods of 2017.

If you’re new to the minecraft world and haven’t had the pleasure of trying out some mods, do not fear as 2015’s list is immediately after this article so you have the chance to try out the greatest modifications over the past few years.

10. Pam’s HarvestCraft

You’re a budding chef ready to take on the challenges of the culinary world. The only thing holding you back are your ingredients available: raw meat and potatoes.

But don’t let this bring you down. A new mod is available to spice up your kitchen.

HarvestCraft is here to bring you all the food items you’d ever need.

You can make a whole range of cooked meals including Chicken Casserole, Sushi, Boiled Egg and so much more.

The mod allows you to create a variety of gardens where you can mass produce your base ingredients.

It also supplies all the kitchen equipment that you would ever need to make your delicious meals.


Download Pam’s HarvestCraft

9. Blood Magic

Sometimes, you may feel that minecraft is being dominated by little kids making the game incredibly PC but you shouldn’t have to think that.

Especially with this particular mod to make the game a bit darker.

You you can use your own or a mob’s blood to craft different tools. However, it isn’t as straightforward as that.

First of all, you must make a sacrifice as at a Blood Altar to obtain Life Essence. This is then your main ingredient for creating what you desire or for fueling things such as sigils. The Blood Altar is used as your crafting table.

So, in turn what you can do with this is create potions to hurt your enemies, obtain items to prevent you losing health after falling a great distance, or even have the ability to summon ores.

To summarise this mod, you kill stuff to get stuff. Dark but pretty cool.

Remember Children, this stuff is ONLY acceptable in games!


Download Blood Magic

8. Carpenter’s Blocks

So you’re creating your perfect house. But, something’s not right. You’re just not building the house that’s in your head.

Here is an idea for you: use the Carpenter’s Block mod.

It allows you to use your favourite blocks but completely change the shape. You can finally build that proper sloped roof you wanted. You can live on a more realistic hillside. You can have an explosion-resistant set of stairs!

All you have to do is lay a carpenter block of your desired shape and then right click with the material you wish for it to be made out of.

If that isn’t good enough for you, you might want to consider having a variety of materials to cover the one block.

This means that you can have iron on one side of the stairs and wood on the other! The perfect tool for customising any creation.


Download Carpenter’s Blocks

7. Not Enough Items

The ultimate mod for having all the items you want and knowing how to build them; it allows you the option to search for different items, spawn the amount you want and then tell you how to build other items.

As well as this, it also includes functions to control other aspects of the game including changing the time of day, changing weather, changing game mode, healing your player, and also magnet mode: a way to bring all items towards you within a certain radius.

Not Enough Items includes three different types of mode:

  • Cheat Mode
  • Recipe Mode
  • Utility Mode

Cheat Mode allows you to see all items to hand, spawn as many items as you desire, and you can access recipes as well as access all functions.

Recipe Mode allows you to view all recipes available.

The final mode is Utility mode. In this mode, you can view all the recipes as well as have the functions.

Definitely useful for adding well-needed functions to minecraft, I truly recommend this mod.


Download Not Enough Items

6. Extra Utilities

This mod is purely designed to make the game just a bit more easier.

It comes with a variety of different tools, building blocks, and other useful items so that what once seemed like a chore can become a fun activity.

For example:

One block that comes with this mod is a chandelier. Not only do you get a nice decorative to hang from the ceiling of your house, it also prevents the re spawn of mobs in your area.

Another example:

Always wanted to build your dream zoo? Now with the Golden Lasso (only available with this mod), you capture passive mobs and relocate them at your will!

If you have goal and aspirations to really excel in Minecraft but the process of getting there is way too long, this mod is perfect to help you along the way.


Download Extra Utilities

5. ComputerCraft

One thing I’ve always thought about when playing this game as how much easier it would be to have my own mini squad of helpers to destroy bricks with me, place down other ones and essentially, speed up the whole process.

Well this mod helps you do exactly that.


The only catch is you need to know how to program them.

This mod uses a simple code called Lua to create a number of controls inside the game so not only can you control Turtles (your slaves to build what you desire and more) but you can also create passwords for your front door and well, anything you think you can code!

You need to start by making your computer out of stone, glass, and redstone and once that’s done, you’re off and away!

The veteran coders will have a number of ideas as to how they’re going to use this mod while are newcomers can find help online as to what they should make first.

If you’ve ever considered learning how to code, this can be an awesome mod for you as it introduces a simple, safe way to learn.


Download Computer Craft

4. JurassiCraft 

This mod will speak to those who just absolutely love dinosaurs, I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

You can create and spawn a wide variety of realistic dinosaurs into your world as well as other prehistoric vegetation and wildlife including the dodo.

Set in the style of the popular jurassic park franchise, you must harvest dinosaur DNA and use this to recreate the well-loved creatures. Just don’t make the mistakes that they did in the movies.

Each mob has an incredibly lifelike way of moving and also makes individual sounds. They are even available in different colours and sizes, could it get any better?!

Yes, it can.

The mod includes three famous dinosaurs from the movie Jurassic World each with their own personalised design. They are programmed to move, interact, and hunt together. How awesome!

Why it tempts me to set the challenge of making my own prehistoric world with villagers living in caves and massive wild plants populating the land with dinosaurs roaming towards the sunset.


Download JurassiCraft

3. JourneyMap

Here’s a mod that could save many lives.

If you’re a particular gamer like me, you like to know where you have been and how to get back to there.

Well, luckily for us, this mod tracks where you have been and creates a bird’s eye map for you so you can view every place you have visited and how far you have travelled.

Found a perfect spot for your desired castle? You can pin locations in places you have seen in case you want to revisit; never be lost again.

Scared of being attacked by an unsuspecting mob? This map is ideal for you as it can warn you of creatures suspiciously sneaking behind.

You can view this map in fullscreen or as a minimap in the corner.

A very simple mod but also a very useful one.


Download JourneyMap

2. Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod

If you’re finding that the current minecraft world doesn’t quite have the variety of items you require then this mod could spice up your life.

It adds a bunch of new recipes so you can craft so much more than before.

You will gain the ability to completely customise everything, and I mean it. If you want a shower, you can have a shower. If you want a master bed, here you go! If you oh so desired a swing set in your back garden then look no further.

Not only can you have them in your world but they are also fully functioning.

To create all of these wonderful items, I’m sure you can find a variety of recipes online.


Download Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod

1. Optifine

Okay Okay, so the observant ones who have read our top 10 minecraft mods of 2015 will have noticed that Optifine was also number 1.

That’s simply because there isn’t a mod that can quite beat this one!

This mod is all for improving  gameplay. So we’re talking about faster frame rates, longer rendering distances and much more.

It also allows the use of HD texture packs to make everything look so much more awesome. You can customise the textures of blocks and of terrain, you can change the animation of terrain; A whole bunch of new settings are waiting for you to rediscover your minecraft map.

You can redefine what minecraft is to you with this mod thanks to the number of customisation options available.


Download Optifine

Wild Card: Fancy Fish Mod

This mod didn’t quite make my top 10 but is still a worthy mod so I thought I’d give it a mention.

Fancy Fish Mod is quirky way to adapt your world to make it your own.

There is a number of ways you can use this mod:

  • Add fish to your world as wild animals
  • Create tools to capture and feed your new mobs
  • Use their scales to produce new items

Add a variety of tropical fish mobs to produce a more colourful world. You can have your fish in ponds, lakes, or even in fish bowls or tanks in your own home! You can catch these fish with nets created by you and create fish food to help them breed.

As well as fish, you can also discover clams containing pearls.

Not only do these fish make perfect pets but they can also be used for a number of different items.

Using their scales, you can design a whole new range of nice ‘n’ sparkly weapons. Using different coloured scales, you’ll find yourself creating a variety of weaponry and armour including fish scale swords, enchanted fish scale axes and more.

While this mod isn’t particularly necessary, it still looks pretty cool.


Download Fancy Fish Mod

As we read this list, we must always remember, there are tons of mods to be tested. While these may be my highly recommended mods, I say you should go out there and experiment with them.

Of course, if it looks dodgy, maybe it would be best if you left that one alone.

Did your favorite mod not make it onto our top 10 Minecraft mod list?

 Let us know via the comments section below what you would have done differently.

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Let’s take a look back at what the best minecraft mods of 2015 were.

10. Minecraft Hats

This top 10 Minecraft mod adds the aesthetic feature of hats to players.

This is the best part:

The mod comes with 78 hats and growing! It’s designed to be used on both servers and single player worlds meaning any server without the mod installed could still function.

The awesome mod is extremely easy to use as you simply kill a mob wearing the hat and then select select it from the hats menu. If you want, you can also change the colour of the hats with a simple slider system.

Download Hats

9. Twilight Forest

“Imagine stepping through a portal into a twilight realm, filled with trees as far as they eye can see.

Twilight forest adds a whole new dimension into Minecraft. You can find your way to the forest by building a flowered diamond filled portal.

When you get to this new dimension, you’ll find exotic animals, plants and dungeons to explore.

Download Twilight Forest

8. Modular PowerSuits

Modular Powersuits is a mod that allows you to tinker with high-tech electronics to build yourself a suit of mechanical armour.

When you first build the suit it’s completely useless and has no effect whatsoever.

After you’ve tinkered around with it on the “tinker table” you’ll have the ability to change the effects it gives you.

You can then add things such as force fields and night vision by building a number of add ons for the suit. This Minecraft mod adds a large amount of cool features to the game and adds a futuristic way to enchanting.

Download Modular PowerSuits

7. Tinkers’ Construct

Tinkers construct is a mod all about putting tools together in a variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else.

This mod adds a variety of new tools and new weapons allowing you to make custom weapons and more. Say you wanted an iron pickaxe with a flint handle, with this mod it’s made entirely possible.

It adds a multiblock smeltery for more efficient smelting. The “liquid ore” can be poured directly into moulds for different parts of tools/weapons.

Tinkers construct is even compatible with other mods such as buildcraft due to the fact that liquid metals can be piped out of the smeltery to other places.


Download Tinkers construct

6. Not Enough Items

Not enough items is a mod that, at a base level, adds an interface for spawning in items.

It’ll allow you to look at recipes for items, change the time, heal yourself and even delete things from your inventory. Dont worry though. If you’re the vanilla kind of player then you’ll be given the option to turn of the “cheat” methods in the settings tab.

This may seem basic without much use but it’s great combined with other complicated mods.

You can look for crafting recipes using the simple search bar at the bottom of the screen and then check the recipes to see how to build them. Together this saves an immense amount of time and becomes a necessity when multiple mods are installed.

Download Not Enough Items

5. Buildcraft 3

Making its way to number 5 on our Best Minecraft Mods of 2015 is Buildcraft 3

Buildcraft is a Minecraft mod that aims to provide advanced building capabilities to the game.

It adds many features to the game:

  • Transport blocks, items and liquids
  • Build large scale quarries
  • Mine oud massive oil wells
  • build engines that run off coal, oil or petrol
  • And much more!

With this mod you can reach a point where everything becomes automated. For example: if you wanted to you could build a system where all items in a chest are sorted into correct compartments.

Download Buildcraft 3

 4. Industrial Craft 2

IndustrialCraft introduces numerous features across a variety of areas in Minecraft.

This works brilliantly if combined with BuildCraft.

You’ll find it adds new, efficient ways of processing ores and has its own in built power system. Over the course of playing you’ll be relying on power from coal generators, solar panels and even nuclear reactors.

As with any power source each of these has its own limitations and risks.

Using Industrial Craft with Buildcraft pipes and machinery allows you to create a fully automated mining and refining system. Obviously this will make Minecraft a lot more fun as there’s no limit to the technical systems that could be build.


3. MystCraft

Put simply it allows you to create and travel to new dimensions.

To make a dimension all you need to do is create a link book. Using the correct equipment and sticking to pages you’ve chosen you’ll be able to create a unique dimension that’s characteristics are determined by said pages.

These pages can be found in places like:

  • Abandoned mineshafts,
  • Villages
  • Dungeons

The dimensions you make can be rich in resources however they may not always be safe or stable so there’s always a risk when traveling to them.

   Download MystCraft

2. Galacticraft

This mod will allow you to travel all over the solar system to places such as the moon and Mars. You can go on to terraform these places or you could just explore.

Ever wanted to build a space station? Well now you can. The possibilities in space are simple endless!  What’s even better is this mod has a massive development team behind it and includes music from Jackson Cordes.

With Galactic graft you’ll also get the addition of new ores on earth and loads of new items to build before you can go to space.

Be warned: getting there is by no means an easy task. Before launch off its required that you have a full spacesuit, a rocket and even machinery to either refine fuel for the rocket or produce oxygen.

    Download Galacticraft

1. Optifine

It may not bring dinosaurs or new dimensions however it does give you the ability to potentially double your in game framerate.

Optifine also allows you to install and use HD Minecraft texturepacks. This means instead of the default 16×16 packs you could get something up to 512×512. This brings brand new details into the world of Minecraft that previously never existed.

There is a crazy amount of customisation that can be done to your game from performance enhancing settings to full blown shadders.

If you want to easily gain FPS within Minecraft and use a mod that is widely compatible with other mods then optifine is for you.

    Download Optifine

Did your favorite mod not make it onto our top 10 Minecraft mod list?

 Let us know via the comments section below what you would have done differently.

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