Top 10 best Minecraft Maps

Finding the best Minecraft maps to play is not as hard as you may think.

By far one of the greatest things Minecraft has brought to the table is the ability to fully customise the player’s gaming experience in more ways than anyone could of ever imagined.

Naturally custom maps add a whole new mechanic to the game with the addition of resource packs and redstone.


There’s just one problem…

Everyday 100’s of brand new maps are created.

So here we are now. The age old problem of what darn map to play. That’s why I’ve gone out there and put together a list based on your personal recommendations.

In this article we look at:

  • The top 10 best Minecraft maps out there
  • How and why they made it onto our list
  • Reasons to give each one a try
  • Some of the cool and unique features they hold
  • 10. Quartz Geometry:

    Quartz Geometry (1) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ll feel angelic while running around in this pristine white tower.

    While offering a distinctly church-like feeling, there’s a lot more treasure than you’ll find in a church. (Unless yours has a mausoleum).

    This map also brings back strong memories of the N64 version of Goldeneye 007; you can wiz through the hallways at breakneck speed, only to get lost just as quickly.

    Quartz Geometry (2) - best Minecraft maps

    The only rule for this map is that there are no rules, no geometric rules to speak of. It really must be experienced to understand the full effect, which is quite unique.

    What a gem, pun intended.

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    9.Five nights at Freddy’s

    FNAF - best Minecraft maps

    Interesting title for this vs. map as it is tough to last five nights here. I guess it would be possible however since this map always takes place during the nighttime. And no one’s sleeping! Mwahahahaha.

    For real though, watch out for the zombies who are pretty relentless in taking your blood, guts and everything in between for themselves.

    Apparently, red colored pixels never tasted so good.

    Five nights at freddys - best Minecraft maps

    Why did this get added to our best Minecraft maps?:

    It’s terrifying and everything is limited so you will have to balance resources, time and your sanity. So get a big scale.

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    Bingo (2) - best Minecraft maps

    This is bingo for the big boys. Unlike real life bingo, which is played casually (usually) sitting down with grandmas and grandpas, this is one heated competition.

    You’ll get plenty of exercise wandering around the map as you trek onward in your scavenger hunt. You’ll be moving quicker than a soccer mom on black Friday as you race to complete your bingo card.

    This Bingo map is pretty intelligent too, it tracks everything automatically, progress, winning, losing, crying….well it would be funny if that last was true.

    You’ve got the option to do single player if you like, so you can practice before another player embarrasses you.

    Bingo (1) - best Minecraft maps

    I recommend this, as you make get owned by the aforementioned grandma’s and grandpas that are tech savvy. Watch out kid.

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    7. Exodus Season 1

    EXODUS SEASON 1 (1) - best Minecraft maps

    Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t really get old. That explains the plethora of zombie movies, and yes, this Minecraft map.

    But how do you get into Exodus you may ask?

    Why, you get selected by the TV show. Yup for real. It’s a cool wrinkle. And that’s how you find your way into season 1.

    Here you get to hack and slash your way through hordes of the cubes crazies. Rinse and repeat. I promise it’ll be fun.

    EXODUS SEASON 1 (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You will spend some time outside and in a Wolfenstein-like underground tunnel system.

    ‘Nuff said.

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    6. Diversity 2

    Diversity 2 Minecraft map (1) - best Minecraft maps

    I’ll give you a hint on this one…it’s in the name. Diversity is a mix, a mutt with a lot of custom stuff in it. There’s ten genres packed in for God’s sakes, ten different ones mind you.

    You’ll earn monument blocks as you complete the genre specific levels. You can do this in single or multiplayer but I recommend the latter.

    It is complex and challenging. Which is good, thus placing this map firmly as one of our best Minecraft maps.

    Diversity 2 Minecraft map (2) - best Minecraft maps

    Just don’t type commands or alter the map. You’ll likely mess it up and be mad.

    That’s not fun.

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    5. Last of Us

    The Last of us (2) - best Minecraft maps

    Based on the critically acclaimed PS4 game, this one takes a much shorter (30 mins) trek through a post-apocalyptic city. You’re tasked with blowing off zombies heads with a shotgun.

    If you can manage to find some ammo for it that is.

    They can be tough to locate, but there’s also knives and even painkillers. For when you get frustrated and just want get your character high.

    Well not really, but maybe with the next update.

    The Last of us (1) - best Minecraft maps

    The mobs here are usually fast and weak, or slow and strong, all custom jobs too. The environments are spot on also.

    Well played, that’s why it’s in the top 10.

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    4. Cubic Blocks

    Cubic Blocks (1) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ve gotta get crafty with squares at some point to keep it interesting, but then again, that’s the whole premise of Minecraft.

    I was reminded of Portal, but instead of the gun, you use TNT. To each his own I suppose. Blowing stuff up never disappoints.

    There’s no blasé story here, just try to follow the signs (if you can) and solve the puzzles to make it to the end.

    Cubic Blocks (2) - best Minecraft maps

    I mentioned the TNT but you’ll also go a little prince of Persia with the wall running and double jumps.

    Still, fun is fun, and you’ll find it here.

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    3. Mizzle 2:

    Mizzle (1) - best Minecraft maps

    This one is jam-packed with just about every new feature in 1.8 (A quality frequent in the best Minecraft maps on this list).

    You’ll get a chance to use the majority of them also, if you’re good.

    You’ll probably last a couple of hours in this one, even up to 3 depending on how much bonus content you unlock at the end.

    Mizzle (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You can get the bonus goodies when you find Nether Stars, so keep a sharp eye out.

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    2. Captain Minecraft: Rise of Atlantis

    Captive minecraft - rise of atlantis (1) - best Minecraft maps

    This one is pure awesome, and reflects a weird level of dedication to Atlantis. I get the whole mythology and history blah blah blah, but this guy must have had ancient relatives that lived in Atlantis for how much effort he put into it.

    It’s 4 times higher than average; it’s massive with custom ores, custom enemies and a really cool objective.

    You’ll need to work your way through this huge world to restore power to ancient Atlantis and bring it back from the edge of….well erosion I guess. Since it is underwater and everything.

    Captive minecraft - rise of atlantis (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ll use cool weapons to find those crystals to bring it back. Can’t think of another good game where you bring back Atlantis….mmmm nope, definitely not.

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    1. Simburbia

    Simburbia (1) - best Minecraft maps

    This one is a doozy. If you guessed this is a suburban town under fire from a zombie apocalypse…you’re wrong. It’s not at all.

    It’s SimCity for Minecraft people! And it is really, really awesome.

    It’s all here, the zoning, the quests from citizens, building the scene yourself with your cute little tabulated clipboard.

    Just, fantastic.

    The best part? No DRM of course! The developers learned from EA.

    Simburbia (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ll be whatever kind of mayor you want to be, and there will be plenty of fires to put out (or not put out).

    Good luck Simcraftburbia-man.

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    What now?!

    You may be wondering what to do next with all these great Minecraft map choices.

    Before you go ahead and download them, why not leave a comment below with which one of these top 10 Minecraft maps is your favorite?

    Do you think these are the best minecraft maps made?

    Well if you don’t then you can always check out our custom and amazing Minecraft map:

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