The Most Addictive Mobile Games Of All Time


We live in a world that’s has a great connection to our electronics. Whether it’s for work or talking to people across the globe, technology is a big part of our everyday lives.

It can also be a great way to entertain yourself. These addictive games for your mobile phone prove just how easy it is. If there’s any game on this list that you haven’t played, you’re missing out!

In this article we look at:

  • The Most addictive mobile games (Of all time!)
  • What makes each of these mobile games so addictive
  • Why they’re better than the rest

So, let’s kick it off with one that was on everyone’s lips:

Flappy Bird


Everyone has at least heard of this game.

It’s annoying, but addictive.

The entire point of the game is to tap repeatedly to make your bird go up and down. You fly the bird through random obstacles, likes walls or clouds. There’s not much else to it, yet everyone loves it.

Angry Birds

angry birds

Another bird-based game, this one is both adorable and a lot of fun to play.

You shoot little birds at obstacles to knock them over. This includes the enemy pigs, which obviously block your birds from making it to the end of each level.

You are limited in how many shots you can take with each bird, so it requires some careful planning.

Candy Crush

maxresdefault (1)

This is a fan favorite by both young and old.

One the most addictive games, many people have spent hard earned cash to buy those extra lives because they just couldn’t stop playing. It’s a fun swapping game that really frees your mind of anything else going on.



This was a favorite long before it became available on mobile devices.

It seems only natural that the people who loved playing elsewhere also took to playing on their phone.

This is a game that essentially allows you to build a world, similar to Minecraft. You can also fight slim, which is pretty cool.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

This is basically the new age Frogger game.

Your character is a very pixelated chicken that looks a little like he’s made out of lego. The object of the game is, you guessed it, to cross the road. Obviously, you have obstacles in order to do that. Oh, but you can unlock other characters.

You’re not limited to play as the chicken forever. Although it’s designed to look pixelated, the graphics on this game are great. Besides, Frogger was always a blast.

Pac Man 256

Pac Man 256

Speaking of the classic games that never go out of style, this new pac man game is quite the hit on Android devices!

It features new and slick graphics, while maintaining the classic pac man look that we all know and love. There’s a good chance that pac man will never go out of style. Ever.

Plants vs Zombies


It doesn’t even matter which one you choose, although 2 seems the more popular choice.

It’s just more action packed than the original. This game originated on the PC and it was addictive even then. It’s made a long way, gracing other gaming systems and now coming to the mobile devices. You plant a garden with different plants.

You unlock plants the more you play. You use these plants and this garden to build a defense. Against what? Well it’s called plants vs zombies for a reason.

Clash Of Clan

clash of clan

This is another defense based game.

It’s about building a tower, defending it, and buying upgrades to your weapons and defending army. You can actually play this with other friends who have the app downloaded. That’s a major bonus right there.

This is basically your run of the mill strategy game.

Piano Tiles 2


This one has been highly rated on almost every website.

It’s pretty much what it sounds like. You tap piano tiles, avoiding the white tiles, as they’ve falling down. The object is to properly replicate the song so it sounds good. The tiles fall faster and faster the more you play.

This one is all about perfect timing. But it’s a great app for teaching quick thinking.

This is what we thought, but what about you?

There are literally thousands of mobile games out there for you to try.

And yes, not all of them are that great.

Which begs the question? Which mobile game is your all time additive one? You know that one game you just can’t put down?

Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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