The #FridayNightLivestream – Battlefield 3 #6


This Livestream was like none other, the team notched it up a gear for battlefield 3 – There is blood sweat and tears in this all round epic stream.

To start the night off we introduced the “stream team” (which varies every time), DoubleUpDaniel, DoubleUpJonny, GlassesNinja, multi man17 and professor hawks. Just when we thought nothing could go wrong the game froze followed by the xbox deciding to update twice, but not to worry Daniel and his cat had it under control and it was back up in next to no time.

“Thanks doubleupgaming for giving me good time,

I hope I see soon. Oh yeah and doubleup keep up doing the good work :)” ,mini man

The majority of the stream consisted of Daniel eating chocolate and playing really really badly… but hey it was entertaining to see him fail, we even had a few moments when Daniel got  a kill! Altogether we played like a proper team helping one an other when a team mate was down and killing the bad guys like a boss

“I’m the guy which is just the guy, Brilliant. Amazing already XD”, firefullzedrox

Feel free to check out the stream and leave a lie because every subscriber counts, if you didn’t get to take part in this stream the next one will be on the 23rd of August 2013 (every other Friday) and we will be more than happy to see you there!


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