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Minecraft skins are the pinnacle of respect. If you don’t have a good one then everyone else will just see you as just another minecrafter, so this is why it makes it more important than ever to choose a great looking skins like some of our top choices as featured below.

10. Yeti (With moving eyes and mouth)

Cheap Tramadol From India This is a great skin! This features moving eyes and acts as a great furry little friend. This skin comes in at number 10 due to its pure creativity and use of gif images to meet the funny but slightly scary moving eyes.

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9. Minecraft Troll

Cheap Tramadol Fast ShippingThis reminds us of the good old days back when we were filled with mischief and mayhem, whilst tormenting the minecraft community with our trolling antics. Be aware once you turn troll… you will never be able to come back.

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8. Deadpool

Can You Still Get Tramadol OnlineDeadpool always lightens up the mood! Whether it is his devilish looks or charismatic humour you are bound to have a good time wearing his around the minecraft neighbourhood.

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7. Enderman in creeper hoddie

Tramadol Mastercard OvernightIf you are looking for something more modern but want to keep your minecraft vibe then this is the one for you. Have you ever seen an enderman in a creeper hoodie? No? You better download it then!

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6. Legend Of zelda

Tramadol Online MexicoLINK! A fan favorite for most old school gamers, this skin will up your retro street cred for sure. The best thing about this skin is the fact it so closely resembles the original link character from the games.

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5. Slederman

Tramadol Uk OrderJust looking at this skin makes me want to check my back and cower behind the sofa. Although it may bring back nightmares it is worth a download for the fun and laughs you may receive.

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4. The Skin of notch

Purchasing TramadolEveryone loves Notch. Well he did create minecraft! However you could look just like him in the game just with no pants on… Yes you heard it right – He will be in his underwear and covered with a suit but no worries, it is Notch

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3. Diamond Assassin

Buying Tramadol Online CheapDiamonds and assassins go together like a house on fire. If you want the complete kit of an assassin and look extremely cool in front of your friends then this is the skin for you.

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2. Dwarf Red Beard (Honeydew)

Purchase Tramadol Cod FedexMany of you may know this skin from the very famous Minecraft youtubers: The yogscast. Honeydew has always been that appealing red dwarf that sings his little song while digging and mining his way through everyday minecraft life.

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1. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Best minecraft SkinComing in at number one for our “Top free minecraft skins of 2014” is: The Cookie Monster. Being the only one to bring us true happiness, the Cookie Monster Minecraft skin has definitely earned its place. We can not wait to see you minecrafters running around with this truly great skin.

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We would love to know what is your most favorite skin out of the bunch and / or if you feel that some key skins are missing out of the equation – Who knows your suggestions could even make it into next years list!

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Lego games never cease to amaze gamers of all ages in their bid to become the largest entertaining yet quirky franchise in the games industry.

With the new anticipated Lego movie anticipated and the large demand of Lego orientated games does it come as no surprise that the Lego game franchise has sold over 85 Million Units To Date? However, in this vast, open sea of the Lego game world there are a variety of titles to play and sometimes it can be very difficult to choose the best one… That why we are looking at the Top 5 Lego Games


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At number 5 in the all time best Lego games we have a lord of the rings spin off, which is extremely entertaining Book and movie series. Featuring a large map and a variety of characters, the game is very heavy on storytelling, so if you’re in for the night and want an all round impressive game to play this is the one for you.


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Throughout my Lego playing years I have never experienced such a funny tale of an adventurous pirate (Captain Jack) who finds himself in a range of exciting predicaments all whilst stumbling through the blocks of the Lego game universe. Such great fun and defiantly worth a play.


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 One of the darkest games in the Lego series, Harry potter, years 5-7 is an epic combat improvement of its previous successor, which is equally as good. One of its best served features is the epic duels and amazing combat style fighting with the various enemy’s you may find within the game.


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Usually when it comes to game squeals they can be pretty bad, but there is no arguing  when I say it was a much needed relief when Lucas arts and Tt-games announced this amazing title to mark the second in the star wars trilogy. Soon after it was released it boomed in the game charts with many children and adults fulfilling their dreams of becoming fully fledged Jedi’s fighting along side Yoda himself.


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When it came down to our number one Lego game, it was a tough decision due to all the great titles listed above, but I am sure it comes as no surprise, announcing, Lego Batman 2,  DC superheroes are one of the most entertaining in the Lego-verse yet.

Being the first, ever fully voice acted Lego game in the series and a plethora of characters to unlock, it has earned many more fans in what seemed to be the dying era of the Lego game franchise – However after the release of this ultimate family title sales rocketed on the whole host of platforms. It seems to give a child the power to be any worthwhile DC super hero is more than enough to super charge the franchise and plus, roaming Gotham city like a bad-ass is always a bonus.

 What is your All time best Lego game?

Some of you may not agree with our list of games, so feel free to let us know your view on the topic, and whether you believe the new “Lego Movie Game” may earn a place on the list.

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As passionate minecraft players, we always find our selves checking out many different minecraft servers, but lucky for you we have whittled this vast list down to our top 5 minecraft servers of 2014 which are listed below:

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You can also join our Tramadol Purchase Online Legally to be kept in the loop on some of the hottest minecraft servers in real time.

5.  Mineplex Server

Mineplex is a server  truly cares about the players and mixed with their original game concepts, it makes it more than just the standard minecraft hub – The amazing community that surrounds this server is what makes the game so enjoyable as the huge Mineplex community is probably the best in Minecraft history. With the huge forum, Teamspeak server, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel, it is impossible not to be heard.

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(Image from Riverton Castle – Survival Game,

IP Address:  or

Website: Order 180 Tramadol Overnight

4.  Shotbow Network

The great gamemode, Trouble in Mineville is cleverly based on the popular Gmod game, Trouble in Terrorist Town. As an Innocent it is your job to survive, however, all traitors will be out to get you, so you cannot trust anyone! If you have a feeling that they are someone being a traitor, then you have no choice to kill them. The winners of the game is dependant on whether your team is dead – but you have to be careful you can never avoid suspicion, kill innocent while you are innocent, your teammates will think you are the traitor!

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(Image from Shotbow spawn,

IP Address: or

Website: Ordering Tramadol From Petmeds

3.  TheRandomServer

The Random Server in partnership with DoubleUpGaming, is the home of PVP, Survival and Mini-Games. At the possibilities are endless; battle your friends (and enemies) in multiple arenas, challenge yourself in our array of exciting mini-games, and of course put yourself to the test, and try to survive in our ‘survival’ world where you can start your own shop, by an investment or try to get rich by slaying mobs and mining ore!

It features a range of fun minigames integrated with the survival aspect of Minecraft, an amazing community, that is bound to make you wanna stay and it gives you the ability to build your empire with the in game money system

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(Image from spawn,

IP Address: or

Website:Ordering Tramadol Online Cod


2. Hypixel Minecraft Server

Hypixels server is a great way to play some cleverly crafted games, that you know have been built with high quality. Amongst the great community you will be able to play a range of minigames and survival games including the walls, paintball warfare and TNT games. As an added bonus, you can also play some of the great Hypixel adventure maps with your friends with no need of setting up your own server.

It is a great way to make new friends and organize events with others whilst having a great deal fun!

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(Image of Hypixle Spawn, 

IP Address:

Website:Tramadol Sales Cheap


1. Hive Minecraft Server

At Number one is the Hive Minecraft server, which is truly amazing! The Hive is a single community of Minecraft players that play some awesome gametypes such as Official Survival Games, Trouble in Mineville, The Herobrine, Hide and Seek, Splegg and One in the Chamber. In all of these game types you will find yourself joining many different players from across the world having lots of fun!

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(Image from the game-type “The Herobrine”

In the fun gamemode, The Herobrine, as a survivor, it is your job to work together with the other survivors to hunt down and destroy Herobrine, however, during the begging of the game is hard to kill herobrine and he is barely visible.

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(Image from the game-type ” Trouble in Mineville”

The great gamemode, Trouble in Mineville is cleverly based on the popular Gmod game, Trouble in Terrorist Town. As an Innocent it is your job to survive, however, all traitors will be out to get you, so you cannot trust anyone! If you have a feeling that they are someone being a traitor, then you have no choice to kill them. The winners of the game is dependant on whether your team is dead – but you have to be careful you can never avoid suspicion, kill innocent while you are innocent, your teammates will think you are the traitor! This is by far our top minecraft server of 2014

IP Address: or

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Altogether there are some pretty amazing servers out there with allot of effort put into them, so it is defiantly worth checking all of them out as they are all bound to give you a thrill. Feel free to comment on what you feel is your top minecraft server, or if you have tried out any of the servers listed above we would love to hear your feedback.