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What truly is the best Minecraft Mini-Game? Here at DUG, we sought to find the answer to that question, by giving you our best Minecraft Mini-Game’s, reviewing the Good, and the Not-So Good.

Want to watch a video instead of reading the whole thing? We have created one below – if not just continue down the page to find out more


First on the list is one of the earliest and simplest minecraft mini-games there are, Spleef. The basics of Spleef  is that two-four players enter an arena of Sand, Snow, or a similar block (one that can be easily broken by a shovel). Each player has to destroy the ground under their opponents feet, making them fall into something such as Lava. Last man standing wins. Players are usually equipped with an iron or diamond shovel.

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Trouble in Mineville

Based on the popular game, Trouble in Terrorist town. Trouble in Mineville is pretty easy to understand, after you’ve had a few tries at it. You and everyone else in the game will be assigned one of three groups to be in, Innocents, Terrorist and Detectives. The Innocents and Detectives jobs are to eliminate the terrorists and the Terrorists have to eliminate the Innocents and Detectives.  Terrorists can see what rank everyone is, and must work together to secretly kill their enemies. Innocents must try to work out who is acting suspicious and has the hardest job in surviving. Detectives have sticks, which they can right-click on corpses to show who they were killed by. If a name appears a lot, it is most likely that the person is a terrorist. To get weapons, players scavenge the land to find crates with swords, bows, etc.

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Player versus Player

One of the most well-known games of Minecraft, and number 8 on our list, is Player versus Player (or PVP). There are MANY variations of the game, Team PVP, Solo PVP, Kited PVP, and more. The most common variation is where players choose between a variety of kits, which consist of weapons, armor, and golden apples, and battle the other team(s) in an all-right gory battle of swords, bows and blood. Players get points by killing other players and the winning team is the team who has the most points. There is also a different variation called PVE (Player Versus Entity) in which a group of players choose kits and must fight deadly swarms of blood-thirsty monsters in order to win items to help them with later rounds of mobs. PVE also feature ‘Boss-Mobs’, monsters with armory, weapons, or the special abilities, like speed boosts or being able to throw you up into the air. Although this is a very well known Mini-Game, its position comes here as its not new or unique, but is definitely worth a try.

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Ever wante3d to pla a spooky minecraft mini-game? There are many different mini-games, following the basics of this one, the main ones being GhostCraft and The Herobrine. One player is chosen to be invisible, and is given a range of weaponry and equipment to defeat the others. Players must located the invisible player and kill him. In The Herobrine, the survivors not only have to survive against the invisible demon, but collect ‘Soul Shards’ that must be taken to the spawns Alter. Three must be taken to the alter for the Herobrine to become human, loose his powers, become visible and be able to be killed in a ‘Fair Fight’ against the remaining survivors. Players choose between kits to be used in-game during the onslaught.

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Hardcore Parkour

Anyone wanna play some Hardcore Parkour!? Parkour will test your hand-eye co-ordination and your in-game skills to the limit as you take on Jump after Jump of increasing difficulty. But be warned, one fall and its back to the beginning again! Take on a range of different courses such as Ice parkour (where you can easily slip off the edge) Ladder/Fence (a very small limit of surface area on which to land, or just blocks, with different variations of Height and Length which constantly changes. Parkour is a definite Must-Try for ALL players.

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Imagine you were trapped on an island. Not just any island, but a floating one in the sky, with a depth of three blocks, one tree, and a chest with a block of Ice and a lava bucket! Well, if that what you are looking for, check out Skyblock, a survival minecraft mini-game. Travel to distant islands, make a substantial food  harvester and try to survive on the famous (and infamous) SKYBLOCK!

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The Walls

4 Arenas. 4 Walls. Number 4 on the list. Welcome, to the Walls. 15 minutes to gather your resources in your little part of an identical arena. Forge Swords, Armour, and more that will help you survive before the Great Sand Walls fall, and foreign strangers enter your land, with nothing more than Weapons, Armour, Food, and most of all, a desire of your downfall. Fight intruders, or become an intruder, enter the other sections of the Walls arena and go on a hunting spree, mining and gathering THEIR blocks, griefing and burning THEIR bases, and slaughtering THEIR people. After the walls go, so do the rules, and its out-right Teamed PVP for glory!

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Hide ‘n’ Seek

Have you ever wanted to be a block. Well you can in this minecraft Mini-Game. One person is chosen to be a seeker, and the other players must hide in user built arena’s and disguise themselves as blocks to blend into their surroundings. Yes, number 3 is Hide ‘n’ Seek. Seekers have to kill the blocks one by one, so that they get turned into seekers themselves,Make sure you are in a great hiding place so the seekers cannot find you. If you do become a seeker, you will have a full suit of Iron Armour and a diamond sword. Use the sword to kill the blocks, but be warned, the sword can only attack any block (disguised player of regular block) before it runs out of hits, and needs to be refilled. Try to work as a team to bring down the blocks and grab hold of victory.

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Cops & Robbers

One cop. A jail of convicts. The convicts must try to persuade the cop to let them leave their cells, whether it is by saying they need to shower, eat, have a toilet break, etc. Once he is free, he must let the others out of their cells and work together as a team to escape the clutches of the cop. The cop must try not to let the robbers escape, but if they do, the cop loses. Based off the popular  Halo 3 Game.

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 The Survival Games

One Capricorn, full of a bounty of chests with a bounty of Weaponry and Armory and Foodstuffs, everything required for survival, and it’s in throwing distance from you. The problem, 20 other players also want the same thing. So how do you survive, I hear you ask. Well, make a rush for the middle, get as much as you can and get out of there, fast! Because there isn’t any grace period, its as soon as the game starts, the PVP starts, which usually creates a big BloodBath, after the scavenge has finished. Roam around user built, dome surrounded arenas and hunt for chests which could also help you in your survival. Just try not to get in any fights. Try to survive to the last two tributes, and give it all you’ve got to survive and kill your opponent. Based on the popular book and film series. But beware, the arena has more dangers the meets the eye…

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Popular Servers

Some popular Mini-Games servers would be HIVEMC.EU, SKYWARS.CO, PVP.SC, UBERMINECRAFT.COM or HOPTO.ORG. Don’t forget to leave YOUR Mini-Game servers below.

Don’t forget to leave your favorite Mini-Game in the comments below. Until next time, Goodbye!