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It’s time to don the tights and climb into the ‘squared circle’ and grapple with the annual wrestle-em-up.


Before we begin the article, probably the first thing you notice with this years Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk, is the “K” in WWE 2K14 – As this is the first game of the 2K game era since acquiring the rights after THQ shut down. Once you’re into the game, however, anyone who is familiar with the earlier versions of the WWE games will feel right at home as 2K has taken everything that THQ had made great and they have polished it up, bigger roster, more matches, the biggest creation mode to date to name a few. Over 80 superstars / divas make up the main roster, including the familiar faces of Randy Orton, CM Punk, Undertaker, and some of the newer up and coming stars like Fandango. That’s not including the downloadable superstars like the greats of the Ultimate Warrior, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and the N.W.O. Crew. All of them faithfully recreated with official entrance themes and music.


Tramadol Prescription Online

What’s in the game?

There’s plenty of match types for you to play, from simple One on One or Tag Matches, to the awesome Hell in a Cell and extreme rules matches. Along with  the endless WWE Universe mode, which lives out year upon year weekly shows and PPV events, as well as the option to add your own shows to the calendar, and with the simulated rivalries it’s a great addition and gives potentially endless replay value.

The main mode this year is 30 years of WrestleMania, which like last years Attitude era mode, takes the biggest, best match moments and  have you recreate that little piece of history all the way from the iconic Hulk Hogan Vs Andre the Giant match at WrestleMania 3, complete with 1980’s style TV look – Right up to The Rock vs John Cena part 2 at WM 29. As well as this mode, the added mode which focuses on undertaker’s winning streaks is a great challenge, as it gives you two thrilling options. Defeat or defend the streak. Defeat the streak is exactly what it says, you have to take on the undertaker and beat him at WM, easier said than done as he is near invincible, reversing and countering pretty much everything you throw at him. The other mode sees you playing as the Undertaker,  just like the ‘Slobber-Knocker’ matches, you take on countless opponents one by one until you are beaten.

Bringing new life to the Creation Mode this year seems to be the biggest yet also with lots of added features to all aspects, including new ways to punish your opponents with the new moves in the finisher creator.(However one thing missing is last years “Create an Entrance” video which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Should I get it?

The simple control system for WWE 2K14  from previous games means if you’re a WWE veteran, you can jump straight in and get to grappling. The Online mode is once again the game’s major downfall as it features connection issues from time to time, making it impossible to get to the brilliant community creations, where gamers have uploaded their custom wrestlers, from newer WWE stars and other wrestling stars, to the power rangers and superheroes.

In their first game in taking over this series, 2K has done a great job in keeping the basics of a great game and built upon it.


Advantages: Lots of matches and game modes, Huge roster and biggest creation options to date and Simple controls

Disadvantages: The Online mode lets it down.