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Sisters is an indie horror title in pre-alpha from Pedro Rocha.

Although still in early development Sisters has lots of good features already. For example the exploration is very good: every time I went around a corner I had no idea what to expect. It is a mixture of all the good things in horror games that I have played before. Even though it hasn’t been implemented yet the story seems to have quite a bit of depth to it and is actually relatively interesting.

Purchase Tramadol No Visa - Tramadol Prescription Online

The playable character is only known as “The Father” and he learned in depth how to do exorcisms a long time ago because he felt compelled to. He has devoted his life to cleansing the area as he feels he cannot rest until it is done.


Isolated, with nothing but a field and a flashlight

When you first start the game you are in a field with only a flashlight. You have to explore the map and see what you can find. The first time I played through nothing happened and then I had another go. As I opened a door it slowly opened and creaked and then out of nowhere a scream and a body. The game definitely has the jump factor but as far as I could see it does still lack an ending, probably to be expected in pre-alpha but as I was enjoying the game so much it would have been nice to find a definite end to it.

The story continues

It is lacking an ending as far as I can see. However, it still leaves you on a cliffhanger wondering what more could happen. As far as I understand the ending is supposed to be an exorcism and you as the player need to explore the map and find all the necessary items to complete the exorcism. The game will also end if one of the girls catches up with you.


I think that the general direction that the game is heading in is a good one. It has many features that will make up a great game. Obviously being in pre-alpha the game is missing a lot of its future features but I am sure that with time they will be added. Playing through the game I noticed that a lot of the textures are very good despite some lacking in immersion but most of them are very good.

This game is currently free in pre-alpha. Order Tramadol Overnight Cod now and tell us what you think!