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DoubleUpGaming’s Week of Horror

This Halloween DoubleUpGaming is proud to present our Week of Horror…

Starting Monday, 27th October, (today) we’ll be publishing daily articles taking a look at the highs and lows of horror in gaming. Amongst these articles we are featuring some great indie games, a special giveaway, Fright Night livestream and much, much more.

Week of Horror Giveaway!

First things first, is our giveaway of Alien Isolation & DLC. As part of our celebrations we thought we would share some of the fun with you by hosting an exclusive giveaway of the game and dlc to fans of DoubleUpGaming. It is very easy to join in with the giveaway as all you need to do is visit our special page which details all the ways in which you can earn free entry. The great thing about the giveaway is it gives everyone the chance to win including a special bonus to viewers of our FrightNight Livestream.


Enter the giveaway today for your chance to win

Enter giveaway here

Fright Night Livestream

The Fright Night Livestream is going to be our biggest (and longest) yet. Spanning a total of 8 hours from 8pm to 4am we are set to have a whole lot of horror related fun! Throughout the night we will be playing through some great horror games, joining in on some funny community challenges and having some great talks about what is current in the horror gaming industry.

week of horror LIVE-01-01

This is definitely going to be our best livestream yet, so we would really like to see you there as we play through challenges such as the DUG Apple bob challenge, Trick or treat challenge and even a speed pumpkin carving challenge! Some of the games we will be playing range from some spooky themed Minecraft adventure maps, horror indie games and some games great to play with friends.

If you would like to jump into the madness, the stream will be on Friday the 31st October from 8pm to 4am . All details and up to date information can be found on our Facebook event page

A Whole week of horror related articles

Our week of horror would, of course, not be complete without our range of purely horror related articles. Our writers will be exploring the top 100 horror games ever made, some of the best Minecraft horror maps to play, great indie horror games due to be released or already out and even our definitive list of the best horror survival games.

Prepare for a gore infested week of spooky delights, created in the pits of hell to feed your burning need for horror this Halloween.

Feel free to let us know what you will be doing this #DUGWeekOfHorror, enter our giveaway or even watch along for our night of terrors in the Fright Night Livestream.

Downloads Featured Gaming Minecraft Minecraft Maps

8 Amazing Game of Thrones Minecraft builds

We love Minecraft but we also love Game of thrones just as much – That gives us a dilemma but luckily for everyone some clever people have made some stunning minecraft builds which evolve around one of the best ever book / tv series. Out team of minecraft and GOT fanatics have picked out some of the greatest builds and have included a download link for some of the builds.

Winter Fell

8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - winterfell

This is truly a magnificent view of winterfell from a never seen angle of above (Download minecraft map)

The Eyrie

8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - the eyrie

The Wall
8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - the wall

The Red keep8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - the red keep

Sunspear Islands
8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - Sunspear

Kings Landing
8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - Kings Landing

Kings landing is best know for its lies and deceiving inhabitants, just ask Ned stark, however here we are shown the true beauty of it. (Download minecraft map)


8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - ~Dreadfort

This again shows the Dreadfort which many viewers never really get a chance to see, however the map builders worked tirelessly to replicate it to their best ability. (Download minecraft map)

Dragon Pit

8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - Dragon pit

So here were some amazing Game of throne minecraft builds, however we can expect to see many more amazing builds from Westeroscraft and remember to check back frequently for all your gaming news, tips and reviews.

Featured Gaming New Release Videos Xbox One

Breakdown of the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer

The teasing has begun and SledgeHammer Games have released their latest trailer for Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, which was meant to be released on May the 4th 2014

Many fans have been flooding to get a first look at what we can expect from the popular franchise, however it seems a sea of mixed opinions has arisen as many viewers are unclear on what they think: Will it be better than previous cods? Can we expect next gen graphics and unbelievable gameplay? Unfortunately, it is way too early to know the answer, but if it is anything like the declining quality of the previous releases we can be sure that this release will be no where near what some are hoping for.


As far as our video game analysts can tell this COD is set to have alot of conspiracies with twists and turns at different points throughout the game. Ironically, (if you couldn’t already tell) It seems that democracy is bad!, yes Democracy is bad, and as quoted:

People don’t want freedom, they want boundaries, rules, protection, from invaders and from themselves”

Although it is unclear whether the ominous character, Kevin Spacey who is seen in Frank Underwood mode from (House of Cards) is the evil villain, Call of Duty have been hinting towards the privatization of military companies so the best bet is he is the dictator type leader of a private military force within America (yet again)

When watching the trailer over we couldn’t help but notice the canny, michael bay effects merged with  features from other popular first person shooters such as; Titan Fall, Crysis and Halo – As a result it put an all round dampener on the video due to the fact we were simply expecting something more than the old recycled content that is constantly thrown around in the COD franchise. You can expect to find a new & different story line, however don’t get your hypes up for an initiative plot we are all waiting for.


Graphics wise a lot of critics have been suggesting that this is a big step up from the previous games, in spite of this we just cannot see how the groundbreaking graphics are tearing through the screen from the trailer which was recorded on the xbox one. Surely if Sledgehammer Games really wanted to show off how the graphics have changed, they would have showcased it on the PC or even the PS4 – With this all aside, it has reluctantly stepped up the graphics from modern warfare 3 but we are yet to see the realism that games like battlefield are constantly raising the bar of on.

cod aw


This trailer is yet to include any information regarding the multiplayer, however we have been provided with subtle hints that may regard some items that could be included within the multiplayer. Things such as the wall climbing parkour and material shields could very well be included as the normal in the multiplayer, knowing call of duty this will probably mean these great ability will take up the rare slots available to your character. In addition it looks as if we are moving on to greater physics and easy movement controls in this new era of Call of Duty.


So there you have it, Call of duty is set to be released for the 4th of November 2014, and by then we can expect a lot more details including the technical and multiplayer information that most gamers really want to know.

Let us know your thoughts on what you think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare could be like and what you are hoping for in this new installment.


Featured Gaming New Release

All About Call Of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer (Whats New, Perks, Kill Streaks and Create-A-Solider)

Whats new?

New engine

This is one of the biggest overhaul’s in the game by a long shot as it includes a whole range of upgrades with Things such as Sub-D, Displacement Mapping, Real-Time Lighting, and Dual-Rendering. This new tech allows infinity ward to build the most visceral game-play experience you’ve ever seen. However the best thing about the new engine is it allows you to play at 60 frames-per-second across all platforms!

Dynamic map events

Like black ops 2, ghosts will include player triggered events but on a whole new level, allowing you new ways to play and interact with the environments in a meaningful way. One of the best examples of this is taken from the multiplayer trailer where a player shoots a gas station with an RPG, which causes the whole building to collapse therefore causing the landscape can shift and require new tactics and strategies. Although this may sound great it is no where near matching the dynamic map events that are greatly acheived in battlefield 3

Call Of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer

Tactical movements

As seen in the multiplier footage, Infinity ward have added 3 new tactical movements;

  • A contextual lean system which allows you to lean around obstacles without adding button combinations.
  • A mantling system allowing the player to fluidly move over objects, while not losing momentum.
  •  Knee slides that naturally transition from sprinting to crouch to prone.

These have been seen in games long before but never like we have seen today with smooth, self adjusting elements that the player will proberly not notice after a few plays.

Audio design

Infinity ward have completely revamped their audio design including a brand new ADSR-based reverb system, reactive emitters and location battle chatter which is bound to immerse the player even more into the game. This new system is a step up from their previous audio design in both MW3 and BO2



With the new Create-a-soldier system you don’t just “Create-a-class” you fully customize your soldier(s) From the head, body type, head-gear, equipment and even gender Infinity ward have given you over 20,000 possible combinations meaning not one soilder will be the same. What will be interesting to see is what players will come up with and will be seeing crazy loadouts with fat women with party hats on?

Call Of Duty Ghosts woman

Perks system

The New perks system is amazing compared to previous versions of call of duty. Not only have they included more perks than ever, they have given each perk a value from 1 to 5, 8 being the maximum you can equiped at once. This way the more over powered  perks will take up more slots, this will probably be  used to counteract the use of perks such as ghost meaning less people using it unless they want to sacrificial something else . Just like Black ops 2,  if you choose to get rid of your secondary weapon you could gain up to 11 perks at once.

Kill streaks (Strike Chain)

Once again we see an addition of  over 20 new Kill streaks, split up into the 3 tier system; Assault Strike Package, Support Strike Package and Specialist Strike Package.  These new streaks will range from Juggernaut Maniac to Helo-Scout.  Check out our full list of kill streaks for call of duty ghosts multiplayer


If your one of those people that love to have a guy they can always rely on in a tough situation then squads may be the next best thing for you. With Infinity wards vastly improved AI and mechanics you can have a whole squad to maintain and prestige whilst you play in their brand new game mode built especially for this purpose.


New Release

Full list of kill streaks (Strike Chain) for Call Of Duty Ghosts multiplayer

New Strike Chain

Just like Black Ops 2 killstreaks have been replaced by point streaks, however the term “Killstreaks” has been replaced by “Strike Chain”

Assault Strike Package

SAT COM (3 Points)

Deploy an ground satelite to pinpoint enemy position in the players and allies’ line of sight on the map as red dots. Two of these sweep the map to show where enemy players that are represented as red dots. Three of these sweep faster. Four of these act as an Advanced UAV.

IMS (4 Points)

Deploy an anti-personnel Intelligence Munition System. Anybody in proximity of the blast, triggered by nearby enemy movement, gets blown to bits in an instant.

Guard Dog (5 Points)

Call Riley onto the map, he will follow the player similarly to the AH-6 Overwatch . When Riley is near enemies, he will growl or bark, notifying the player. Riley will also attack enemy players.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Dog

Sentry Gun (6 Points)

Call in a crate drop containing an automated tripod turret that guns down anyone not using Blind Eye within a close proximity.

Battle Hind (6 Points)

No information has been received yet.

Vulture (7 Points)

Allows the player to control a twin rotor drone armed with a machine gun.

Gryphon (8 Points)

Allows the player to control a quadrotor drone armed with explosive rounds.

Maniac (9 Points)

Once obtained from a dropped care package, players will recieve a juggernaut like armor and a Combat Knife along with a Throwing Knife. The Maniac also runs faster than normal Juggernauts, about the same speed as a normal player including sprinting.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Maniac

Juggernaut (10 Points)

Call in a heavy duty EOD suit, equipped with a minigun.

Helo Pilot (12 Points)

Obtaining this point streak allows players to pilot a Heilcopter armed with miniguns and fly around the map, similar to the Gunship killstreak from Black Ops .

Support Strike Package

SAT COM (4 Points)

Deploy a ground satelite to pinpoint enemy position in the players and allies’ line of sight on the map as red dots. Two of these sweep the map to show where enemy players that are represented as red dots. Three of these sweep faster. Four of these act as an Advanced UAV.

Ballistic Vests (5 Points)

Deploy a load of Ballastic Vests for increased armour and damage resistance.

Box of Guns (6 Points)

No information has been received yet.

Night Owl (9 Poins)

Call in a drone which follows you, protects you from enemy projectiles and notifies the player about nearby enemies.

MAAWS Launcher (10 Points)

Equip a rocket launcher armed with two missiles that split into two more missiles.

Ground Jammer (12 Points)

No information has been received yet.

Air Superiority (12 Points)

Call in a fighter jet which destroys enemy aircraft.

Support Squadmate (13 Points)

No information has been received yet.

Heli Sniper (13 Points)

The player selects an area for a helicopter to hover on, then the player is allowed to snipe from the helicopter.

Call Of Duty Ghosts - Heli Sniper

Oracle (14 Points)

No information has been received yet.

Juggernaut Recon (14  Points)

No information has been received yet.

Support Strike Package

In the Specialist Strike Package, players choose perks to be awarded instead of point streaks. When using this strike package, the perks are given to the player at 2, 4, and 6 points. The player may place any additional perk (excluding Overkill) at any place in their Strike Chain.