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Making your own game but need some money?

On the 15th October, game developers, publishers and investors from all over the country gathered in Rich Mix, Shoreditch for the second Games Funding Forum.

The event is a half day conference and networking event designed to matchmake game developers in need of funding and investors looking to back the next big thing.

Ten different unsigned indie games were on show and there were seven different talks from a range of experts to advise those looking for sources of funding.

First up

Funding expert and conference chair Ella Romanos of Strike Game Labs gave an overview of the different funding sources in the UK including Altara and Tenshi Grants.

Romanos then interviewed former EA Vice President David Lau-Kee of London Venture Partners.

Lau-Kee suggests that 25% is a good amount of equity for founders to give away in return for investment and advised against giving away too much of the company, which he believes affects founder’s motivation and therefore won’t benefit anyone in the long run.


He discusses dumb money vs. smart money, emphasising that ‘dumb’ isn’t meant in a derogatory fashion but refers to funding that might be from friends and family or investors with no experience in the sector.

He explains how LVP provide smart money, looking to give more than just funding to the companies that they invest in by advising them and putting them in touch with key people.

Mike Hayes of Mercia Technologies is up next, telling the audience about Mercia’s ‘soup to nuts’ approach to games investment and how they want to join developers on their journey right from the beginning, reinforcing Lau-Kee’s views about smart money.

He states:

We want to be in your business and help you

…and stresses the importance of a good prototype when looking for investment from Mercia.

Hayes reinforces another of Lau-Key’s points by saying Making sure the founders own at least half of the company ensures a high level of motivation.

In an age of clones and copycat games it’s reassuring to hear him state they look for originality in the projects they fund, before making the refreshingly different statement that they’re not looking to invest in free to play games.

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Tanguy Dewavrin then looked at Kickstarter

Advising the audience that backers often don’t read the text on a Kickstarter page so it’s therefore beneficial to ensure all important information is conveyed in the video itself.

While he admitted that running the Kickstarter had cost their team a lot in terms of their time and attention, essentially putting the game’s, development on hold for two months, he also stated that it gained them more than just the money:

Crowd validation; media exposure; investor contacts; more Youtube, Facebook and Twitter followers; and new partners such as musicians and other developers.

Dewavrin advised against asking for too much money suggesting that it’s better to ask for what you feel you can achieve and looking elsewhere for the rest if necessary.

As the majority of backers tend to be in the US he suggested running your campaign in dollars if possible.

Jas Sohal then took to the stage to inform attendees about Creative England’s Greenshoots programme in association with Microsoft. Eligible companies can receive £25k or £50k match funding for their games, now available in every UK region bar London.

He showed this video to give an overview of the scheme and some of the teams and games that have benefitted from it.

The deadline for applications closes on the 30th October.

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Harbottle & Lewis’s Alan Moss then gave a talk on practical tips from the film industry and how game developers may be able to learn from the film industry.

Moss’s main takeaways were that tax credit loans may help with cashflow and raising further funding, completion guarantees may help to finance bigger budget games, sales forecasts may help to stimulate investment and utilising a collection arrangement could help you work with film financiers.

The ten titles on show in the Gaming Lounge were:

  • Online multiplayer hack’n’slash SKARA The Blade Remains by 8 Bit Studio
  • 2D runner Theo & Lizzy by Butcherlab
  • Mystery exploration game Mute by RG Bird Games
  • VR racer Radial-G: Racing Revolved by Tammeka
  • Turn-based, rogue-lite 2D battler Insane Robots by Playniac
  • Colour switching first person puzzler Spectrum by Dan Smith
  • Puzzle platformer Mimpi Dreams by Silicon Jelly
  • Physics based platformer Snot! by House of Fire
  • Local multiplayer co-op title BFF or Die by Honey Tribe Studios
  • Pvp turn-based combat game MMA Federation by 360 Studios

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Lastly, Paul Sulyok, founder of Green Man Gaming took to the stage to announce their exciting new finishing fund designed to provide developers with between £20k – £200k in the last 3-4 months of development in order to help developers finish off their game.

It works by providing a cash advance against future royalties and therefore developers don’t need to give up their IP or any equity.


After the talks there were a few networking drinks and attendees got another chance to play the different games on show.

In the harsh world of game development where companies are constantly springing up and going under, the Games Funding Forum was an uplifting and inspiring event that demonstrated there are a variety of different way to find that elusive funding to help you develop and release the game of your dreams.

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This is Indie Dev Diaries, a bi weekly segment dedicated to telling the stories of Indie Devs

Been keeping up with this series? We like to give up and coming / established indie devs a chance to talk about a day in their life as game developer.

This week we have indie studio, The Dangerous Kitchen, who’ve decided to focusing in on some the hardship and struggles that come with being a developer.

Let us know your feedback after a read of their entry.

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I’ve nearly lost all the sanity I’ve worked so hard to keep a hold of.

Developing a game has chipped away at me, broken me down to but a withered core.

What’s left is nothing; a paltry shade of my former existence. There is so much work to do, nevertheless I am here, writing about the horrors of the day. 

We travelled to the Premier Inn lobby we dwell in to work on our game “De Mambo” as usual. How we have managed not only to make a game in these premises, but also to continue unnoticed is remarkable.

Duties of an Indie Dev 

My main duties entail any and all writing pertaining to the game, however as we are small team, everyone has more than one duty they are enlisted for. Doing concept art, sound effects and game design also form some of my duties. 

I spend the morning writing much of the copy for our upcoming Kickstarter; I rearrange letters and construct words to convey a humoured sense of dread into the reader.

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This is my only way of venting all the pain and suffering I feel inside—but I digress.

This happens to be the best part about being what one would consider ‘indie’: there is no linearity to what you write. If one wants to deviate from the norm then one is free to do so.


There is a vast amount of writing that needs to be completed; I see now why preparing for a Kickstarter is considered tough.

To alleviate some stress, I took a break from writing and chose to construct a few sound effects for De Mambo.

My trusty iPhone with the app Animoog is used and then recorded into Audacity on my MacBook. The shuddersome despair I’m filled with is truly let out in my sound creation.

I contemplate my own meaningless existence into pure involuntary sound waves.

The team seemed to enjoy the horrific sound I birthed; they commented on how pleased they were with its tumultuous ring and decided to place it within the game. 

Wonders of working within a premier inn

We all eat at different times, to confuse the overseers of the establishment we squat in.

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If we consumed our homemade provisions at the same time, the violent chewing would surely alert them to our so-called wrongdoings.

As I was eating, I watched Lucy continue to work on a list of Youtube Let’s Play and Twitch streamers.

She places their names and emails into a spreadsheet to prepare to send them our demo. As much as the wretchedness of the world has hacked away at us, in not one of us is this more discernable than with Lucy.

Her place in the Kitchen is burdened with all organisational duties, as if she doesn’t, surely no one will, (or that’s what we tell her).

We recently found Keir (a brightly lit soul with immense programming chops), who is helping us do the boring stuff, says Amit.

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We desperately needed someone to help us fill out the gaps in our programming knowledge, so Keir has been a godsend; his enthusiasm and youth somewhat alleviates the cynical ruminations our tainted minds go through. 

Whatever immemorial forces that drew us together seem to be pleased with our progress today, as they have granted us smooth sailing on our venture.

Amit started out like the rest of us, an artist—but through much divine trickery, he was sent to the code dungeon to live out the rest of his life.

De Mambo was made as a result of him learning how to code, a valiant effort that has resulted in us moving forward so expeditiously.

To combat his shoddy yet somehow functional programming, Keir has taken it upon himself to spruce up the backend of De Mambo, so when we send out the demo, it will be far easier for people to actually play the game.

De Mambo didn’t have controller support, so we ran SNES controllers with USB adaptors through JoyToKey to actually play the game with four players.

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Keir’s first task was to implement the controller support, which he succeeded in doing. Today’s task, was far more challenging and required all of us to get it working.

Amit and Keir worked on moving the character physics from the Update() to the FixedUpdate() function meaning:

The character movement no longer varies on the machine on which it is being played, allowing player consistency.

Amit began by placing upon his brow the mighty code lenses to help reinvigorate his flailing eyesight and instil a strong sense of nerdality into his haggard body. He tackled the code with reckless abandon attempting to forget the suffering his family lash him with daily. 

In doing this task, Lucy and I were required to test the physics after every small change to get this new build to resemble the old one.

We had a lot of fun!

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One change in particular changed the speed and movement so De Mambo played incredibly fast and with a lot of air control.

It almost felt like a souped-up version of the original prototype, which brought back many memories.

We may even decide to include this version as a mode in the final game. 

Although today was a normal day of toiling away, the unutterable horrors of tomorrow and the looming dread that are our deadlines always seep their way into the back of our minds.

We accomplished a decent amount of work today, but there is much more to do, as always.

Checkout our Tramadol Online Buy to help us reach our goals or see ways of supporting us!

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Enjoy Indie Dev Diaries?

Make sure to check out some of our other Tramadol Online Mexicofrom some pretty talented indie devs.
If you like this series then let us know with a comment below or a quick tweet!
We certainly enjoy hearing these devs stories and hope to continue this series on a bi-weekly basis.
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When we first started the #IndieGameIniative we had one goal: to expose the gaming community to the growing work and amazing content that indie devs provide gamers with every single day.

Despite an immense effort from our volunteered based editorial team, we knew that achieving our end goals would be difficult, especially with the limited hours we possess. We knew that getting to a place where every dev big or small could be appreciated for their work and get the exposure they need for their games to succeed would be a challenge.

While brainstorming for ways to achieve this we have been putting many plans into motion behind the scenes and one of these ideas was #IndieDevDiaries. Until now we have not had the staffing power, or enough devs behind us to do such a thing, but the time has come to launch a brand new segment as part of DoubleUpGaming’s The #IndieGameInitiative: IndieDevDiaries.

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What all the fuss is about:

Every two weeks (set to change as interest grows) we will be releasing an un-edited article written by one of the many indie game devs part of our initiative. The aim is for these articles to be written as if it’s a first person view from the life of a developer – exploring the highs, lows and interesting things that can occur within a single day.

By giving readers an insight into their lives we hope that more people will come to appreciate what it means to be an indie dev. The great thing about it is devs will be able to write as much or as little about their games. Maybe give some readers perceptive tips of the industry, let the world know how much they enjoy a coffee before they get down to some grueling coding or simply telling a joke about how they broke their game.

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But it does not stop with just words:

On the day of publish, we will also give the chosen developer access to our newly launched snapchat account for 24 hours where they can post updates of their day, their games and just about anything to do with them. We want people to get to know them, their work and for the few obsessives a chance to see their dev in action.

Developers will also get a chance to take over DoubleUpGaming’s twitter account for one hour to post whatever they want (within reason). But don’t worry, if you can’t think about what to write, say or do we have a small fact sheet with examples and a simple outline of what to expect.

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What else to expect this year:

Over the course of 2015 we will be preparing many new features to the site oriented around indie devs. Ideas are always being built upon little by little but it’s really the support of the community that spurs us on.

The #IndieGameInitiative is still progressing towards some major movements in the industry (details not ready to be released). Right now it is small projects like these and the amazing efforts of the staff here at DoubleUpGaming that gives us hope that we’ll be able to make a big difference to the thousands of devs out there in need of a little push.

The team will be contacting a select group of indie devs part of the #IndieGameInitiative inviting them to take part, however if you feel that this is something for you or a friend then please do get in touch with the IndieDevDiaries community manager, Ollie Webb: [email protected]

In the mean time why don’t you follow us on Snapchat for an exclusive insight into what we’re up to?

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Habitat is an early access game. It is made by Independent Developer 4gency, in partnership with Versus Evil.

You are the future of the human race…

You play as a group of space engineers whose goal is to build and manage a base in orbit to sustain the human race. However, the only items at your disposal are bits of debris that you find in “space junkyards” in earth’s orbit. You must build and fly in-orbit stations in a zero gravity simulated situation to explore the unknown around you. To thrive and grow you must manage the population of your station and their environment.

Not all is at it seems

Don’t be fooled by thinking that this is just a peaceful sandbox game. You also need to build defences for your space station to protect your inhabitants from the dangers of orbit. These can only be built out of pieces of space junk you find in your journey around the Earth, such as rockets, lasers and particle accelerators.

4gency partner with Versus Evil

4gency is an indie game developer based in Seattle, Washington. The studio was founded in 2011 by Charles Cox, who has been in the game industry for a decade, bringing experience from many different studios. Versus Evil are an indie game publisher who focus on helping independent game developers be financially and creatively successful in the competitive games market. Versus Evil have signed a few partnerships recently, Tramadol Order Overnight

Version 0.4

Version 0.4 has added quite a few updates to the game, for example: a new XP / leveling and progression system now exists that allows the user to earn, upgrade and face increasingly more challenging foes. Gaining levels allows you to have higher health and you can earn XP by completing missions. As well as this, they have added a system that allows the user to order weaponry to be delivered from earth for a cost, keeping things balanced by only allowing you to order items in a small area around your base. Finally, more space junk is available in orbit: “WW2 Russian submarine – tons of connectors and torpedo launchers make for a powerful platform.”

Where to get it

The game is available now on Steam! You can find it Buying Tramadol In Australia.

Have you tried out the game or are considering trying out the game? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter!

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On the 7th of November indie developer Pencil Test Studios announced a partnership with indie games publisher Versus Evil for the release of “Armikrog”: a clay-based stop-motion adventure game to be released on PC, Mac and Linux early 2015.

The game is being developed by industry veterans Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield, the creative talent behind classics Earthworm Jim and the Neverhood. “We’re very excited to be working with the team at Versus Evil,” said Mike Dietz, “Having successfully gone through the challenges of securing Kickstarter funding for Armikrog, we focused all of our efforts on developing the game.”

There is simply nothing like Armikrog and our team couldn’t be happier to be working with such a creative developer

The title boasts a wide ranger of voice talent such as Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Michael J Nelson (Mystery Science Theatre 3000) and Rob Paulson (Pinky and the Brain). The concept seems very interesting: blending ‘claymation’ and classic adventure point-and-click gameplay as you guide the protagonist “Tommynaut” and his blind talking alien dog “Beak beak” through a fortress (Armikrog) on a planet they’ve crash landed on.

“There is simply nothing like Armikrog and our team couldn’t be happier to be working with such a creative developer” said Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil. “It is a magical experience walking into their studio to see all the handcrafted sets, puppets and props. The combination of traditional clay sculpting with stop motion animation delivers such a unique look and an in-game aesthetic so genuine, it draws you in. The team at Pencil Test have created one of the most unique and beautiful game experiences I have ever seen.”

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Pencil Test Studios was formed in 2009 by the previously mentioned Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield. It  is located in Lake Forest, CA., and the studio specializes in game development and animation production. They’ve collaborated on numerous successful video game franchises with high profile clients such as Disney, Pixar and Activision. Versus Evil, LLC is a US based independent game publisher. Led by a group of AAA games industry veterans, Versus Evil provides a complete publishing solution for indie devs including brand marketing, community, social, PR, creative, production, QA, legal, distribution and other general business support. They publish games globally and have offices in both the USA and England.

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What do you think about this cross-over of claymation and interactivity? Let us know in comments or via Twitter and Facebook!

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Sisters is an indie horror title in pre-alpha from Pedro Rocha.

Although still in early development Sisters has lots of good features already. For example the exploration is very good: every time I went around a corner I had no idea what to expect. It is a mixture of all the good things in horror games that I have played before. Even though it hasn’t been implemented yet the story seems to have quite a bit of depth to it and is actually relatively interesting.

The story begins…

The playable character is only known as “The Father” and he learned in depth how to do exorcisms a long time ago because he felt compelled to. He has devoted his life to cleansing the area as he feels he cannot rest until it is done.


Isolated, with nothing but a field and a flashlight

When you first start the game you are in a field with only a flashlight. You have to explore the map and see what you can find. The first time I played through nothing happened and then I had another go. As I opened a door it slowly opened and creaked and then out of nowhere a scream and a body. The game definitely has the jump factor but as far as I could see it does still lack an ending, probably to be expected in pre-alpha but as I was enjoying the game so much it would have been nice to find a definite end to it.

The story continues

It is lacking an ending as far as I can see. However, it still leaves you on a cliffhanger wondering what more could happen. As far as I understand the ending is supposed to be an exorcism and you as the player need to explore the map and find all the necessary items to complete the exorcism. The game will also end if one of the girls catches up with you.


I think that the general direction that the game is heading in is a good one. It has many features that will make up a great game. Obviously being in pre-alpha the game is missing a lot of its future features but I am sure that with time they will be added. Playing through the game I noticed that a lot of the textures are very good despite some lacking in immersion but most of them are very good.

This game is currently free in pre-alpha. Buying Tramadol Online Illegal now and tell us what you think!

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Penarium is an upcoming PC title made by Self Made Miracles, and published by Team17.

At the recent Insomnia52 , one of UK’s largest gaming festivals, We had the chance to speak with Bethany Aston from Team17 on  this indie title.

“Penarium  – A Sadistic Circus Extravaganza!”

In Penarium you play as Willy, a quirky anti-hero in a frantic 2D arena, fighting for his life. As fate would have it, Willy was on his way to the circus – where contestants have to run, jump and do anything and everything possible to avoid certain gruesome death –  accidentally entering the wrong queue, Willy finds himself as a contestant instead of being part of the sadistic crowd that’s currently cheering the contestants on.

Single Player Mayhem

In it’s single player game mode, it’s an arcade-stylised survival game where players have to avoid an inane variety of traps in a chaotic platformer that grows exponentially turbulent overtime. “You’re going to die in the end anyway!”, chimed Aston, whilst trying to stifle her own giggling; and of course – our character did fall prey to the crazy circus moments later – of which had us laughing.

With the thousands of hazards that can be thrown at you every single time, Penarium is easy to jump into but difficult to master. You never know what’s coming next.  A device that scrolls across the top of the screen will constantly work against you – it might start shooting bullets at you, drop a heavy demolition ball or spew torrents of water.

When your heart skips a beat as you somehow manage to survive that wave of disaster thrown into your face, before you could applaud yourself and question the possibility that you might have accidentally tapped into your hidden potential for the next eSports professional – you’re absolutely disfigured by one of Aston’s favourite hazards – the Chinese Dragon.

Multiplayer Chaos

After our quick, and oddly humorous death, Aston informed us that the game does have multiplayer modes available.  We jumped at the chance and went straight for Versus mode, challenging Aston to take on the circus against us. If anything, the single player mode was an inking of the potential anarchy when two players are allowed into the pit.

There are two modes of Multiplayer available – Local Co-Op and Versus. All the same hazards from the single player mode makes their appearance, but with the addition of another player – it charges things up a little. In Versus mode the two players will attempt to survive the onslaught of traps, while trying to sabotage and bring about the downfall of the enemy. It takes two to tango in this dance to death, and the circus is our stage.

Future plans of any changes to the multiplayer game modes are still ambiguous, “It’s two players local co-op,” Aston said. “This is just it, at the moment. Over the course of the shows we’ve watched different kinds of people playing it and it’s a hilarious game to watch.”

More Than Worms

Team17 isn’t resting on its laurels. The company known most famously for the Worms franchise enjoys a cult following on its newer releases on the Worms Universe, as well as a vibrant player base thriving in the undying classic – Armageddon.

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Founded in 1990, Team17 Digital Limited is a leading independent developer and digital publisher headquartered in West Yorkshire (UK).

In the recent times, the industry veteran is seen to be forging ahead and pushing global expansions on its third-party publishing program. Less than half a month ago, Team17 announced their collaboration with Self Made Miracles to release the fantastically sadistic circus extravaganza Penarium on PC later this year. Self Made Miracles is an independent game studio based in the Netherlands, Utrecht.

What To Expect
Penarium’s charm lies in its apparent simplicity, and its absurdly easy to pick up – either for the 10 minute tea break or to kill time on lazy Saturday mornings. While an actual release date has not been set, Penarium is expected to arrive late 2014.

In the mean time though, you can check out various other Team17 published titles that are currently only Steam’s early access. Can I Get Tramadol Online and Overruled! come to mind, and they are, like Penarium, part of Team17’s Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping.


About Bethany Aston

Bethany Aston is a Senior PR Executive at Team17 Digital. She is one of Tramadol Online Germany 2013, a collection of the brightest minds and rising stars in games, retail, publishing, events, marketing PR and journalism.

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NeonXSZ(pronounced Neon Excesses) is a strange title to find nowadays. More than a decade ago, however – it would have come off as a Descent sequel or spin-off. Exactly 2 decades ago, the first Descent game was developed by Parallax Software released by Interplay Entertainment in Europe in 1994. It was the first of it’s kind – a unique first person shooter with 6 degrees of freedom control (6DoF). Doubtless, Descent had set a benchmark for games of its genre and style, and to date, not many had successfully emulated its success.

Brutal And Demanding

Where traditional FPS games requires the player to only operate on two axes; horizontal and vertical strafing, Descent and NeonXSZ demands the player to take control of an additional axis. Doubtless, the controls are difficult to learn, and even harder to master. NeonXSZ is not meant to be an easy game, and my first few moments of venturing into the battlespace was more frustrating than I’d care to admit. I often found myself upside-down, bumping into walls and friendly ships, and occasionally thoroughly lost.

Make It Yours
The depth of customization offered is dizzying to say the least. Not only are players allowed to customise their weapons, gadgets, loadout and ships, but also what the game looks like. There are multiple graphical styles that can be switched at ease without restarting the game, or going back to the main menu. It is incredibly helpful for players that suffer from any variants of colour vision deficiency.

There is a lot of learning to be done in this game. A lot of exploration of the game mechanics is required to fully grasp an understanding, making me wish for a Wiki page to be available. The game encourages the player to develop his own play style; whether it is to create a hulking battleship with turrets that spawn smaller battle drones or a small, fast spaceship that electrocutes enemies upon impact.

Tramadol Online Shipped To Florida

The Open World

You start off as a lowly ship with tier 1 technology, scouring the virtual world and beating down your enemies to salvage their parts, you slowly rise in your ranks. Your enemies also drop various items of loot that enable you to upgrade a myriad of components on your ship. Though the docking stations are slightly indiscernible from each other, you’d find your way once you get used to it.

If you don’t feel like hunting down enemies in the open world, then there are Challenge Arenas available where you can pit your skills against these mini-dungeons. Although the events are said to be scripted, they seem to differ from one to another, and is often very rewarding upon completion.

The game touts a mind-bending 100+ hours of single player content. While it might seem to be an exaggeration, it offers replayability that would doubtlessly invite its players to challenge the game again with different play styles and higher difficulty levels.

As the NeonXSZ attempts to capture the magic of Descent, as well as adapting various aspects of Quake, it is only right that we revisit its predecessor.

The Sequel That Never Came

Descent had garnered a strong cult following due to its special features, consequently releasing multiple expansion packages for its titles and directly spawning two sequels, namely Descent II and Descent 3. Unfortunately, the franchise’s popularity diminishes during the recent years along with the death of its Parallax Software. Parallax Software was split into in two (Non Prescription Tramadol Online and Cheapest Tramadol) in 1996, where Outrage Entertainment continued to produce Descent 3. It was acquired by THQ in 2002 and worked on Red Faction II before closing in 2004. Plans for Descent 4 were cancelled by Interplay Entertainment, and the dreams for another sequel slowly drifted away.

Tramadol Online Italia

Revisiting, Reinventing

NeonXSZ isn’t alone in the journey to reinvigorate the 6DoF genre. Some examples of recently released games which allow independent control of all three movement axes and all three rotational axes, include Tramadol Pills Online and Tramadol 200Mg Online.

Though relatively well-made, both of these games suffer from a scarce playerbase for multiplayer. Its single player statistics are not faring well either, perhaps suggesting that the 6DoF genre is not for the current generation of players. Some would even claim that blinded nostalgia is all that’s left of the 6DoF genre.

Similar statements were made towards Telltale’s games when it first released. The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us are stellar examples of reimagined genres that brought point-and-click adventures back from the dead. While similar in certain aspects, the current generation of Point-and-Click games introduces an array of complex interactions between characters and various game entities – features that weren’t possible with aged technology.

The blood of Descent and Quake flows in the veins of NeonXSZ, but in its current form, it isunable to enamour anyone. From the webpage, we learn that the game’s solo developer, Paul F, “is utterly determined to not only make the game a success but to create the best 6DoF twitch shooter available.

Tramadol Online Pets

An Unfortunate Truth

Albeit pulsing with potential, NeonXSZ requires further polishing in several aspects to keep up with current tastes.

While NeonXSZ have brought minor surprises, it is not enough to warrant success. It’s complex customization functions and narrative progress are obscured so that players have to delve deep into the game to learn it. While veterans of the 6DoF genre are likely to be able to master the game, it is likely that newcomers would be disenchanted due to sheer frustration.
NeonXSZ is expected to arrive on Steam in Fall 2014. It is currently available as Online Rx Tramadol.

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Your village has run of funds, so it is up to you to join the Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping and do your part. You start your adventure with two people in your party, as you progress members might die or you might pick up some more on the way. You start off by working your way through the crypts killing a variety of simple patrolling monsters. Once you have made your way through the crypts you progress to the ice cave below, then to the tech world and beyond.


You start with two random members in your team –  all these members move at the same time following the same up, down, left, and right movements. As you progress through the levels you come across other characters that are in the dungeons, these can be recruited into your team to increase the numbers in your team. Each character has a different ability, from freezing the enemies to summoning skeletons, using up a potion for each cast, all members use their abilities at the same time as with movement. On each level you have to maneuverer your team past varies traps and monsters, collecting funds and artefacts as you gotech1-1024x577

. Once you feel you have done all you can in terms of collecting funds you move on through the stairs in the top right of the map. The combat system works by moving to the enemy and moving into the same space as them which causes the character to attack but it ends your turn letting them attack next turn. In the first few levels all the monsters have two health points which means they need to be hit twice to kill them. To make it more difficult moving towards a monster gives it an attack before you can land a hit adding to the challenge.

If all of your team dies then you are dead and have to start again from the beginning, most permadeath systems can get annoying after a time but as this game is fairly chilled and quick you can return to where you were before in a couple of minutes.

 Meet the team

There are loads of characters that you can recruit to your team including:

Warrior – The warrior is your typical hard hitting hard headed champion, charging into battle and dominating in melee combat. Their special ability is that they hit for two damage unlike the usual one damage.

Archer – The archer is a basic ranged character, taking out enemies from a distance. Shooting straight and true – their ability deals one damage to an enemy in the same row or column within view.

Mage – The mage is wise, casting spells at the enemies to dispatch them quickly. Their ability consists of a similar effect as the archer but instead of straight do the line it fires diagonally.

There are many more characters ranging from ninjas to diggers giving you an arsenal of abilities to equip yourself with to fight your way through the levels.

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What lurks in the darkness

The threats that face you in and beyond the crypts are varied with each one as dangerous as the last. You have simple elemental floor traps, acid deals a single damage when you step onto it and lava burns your character to death instantly killing them. Then you have your floor spikes that can be deactivated by hitting the switch plate somewhere in the room. The main threat is the monsters – there are many monsters some which vary from crypts to ice caves and beyond. As there are so many only two simple ones are outlined here:

Patrol Monster – this little spikey critter follows a predetermined path patrolling around that path, attacking only those who come close.

Golden Guard – standing guard until they spot a member of your team, once they have a target they stay in pursuit until they kill or are killed.

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A refreshing challenge – Would recommend.

This game is a good to play as a relaxed game, spending small amounts of time to try and beat your current record level. It is defiantly not the kind of game you can play for hours and hours on end but an hour at a time makes it enjoyable. The challenges it presents differs each time you play as the levels are randomised keeping you on your feet and as you try new tactics to try and collect as much gold as you can.