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Most of us have heard of “paper” styled games such as Little Big Planet, so is it any wonder why some devs are finding new and interesting ways to implement this idea?


That’s exactly what UK based devs, “This Way Up Games” are doing with their game: Paper Lander

Today I’ve decided to do something slightly different, after all DoubleUpGaming is the place that brings you a unique and interesting insight on gaming.

In this article:

  • Not only will you get a first look at Paper Lander you’ll find this featured article accompanied with a podcast interview;
  • An exclusive and in depth look into the the mechanics of this game; and
  • A unique case study on mobile games

(If you like this style of article, then make sure to let me know with a tweet.  Below is the live podcast created at Develop:Brighton, 15th July) 

From prototype to lift off

I approached Nikos Chagialas (Developer from Tramadol Online Echeck) not knowing what to expect about his game. 

Watching the many frustratingly attempt to land their rocket within the designated area I was intrigued.

Hence I walked forward and threw myself head first into the game

Rather peculiarly I picked up the controller for this mobile based game and suddenly found that things were not as easy as they first seemed.

Nikos was telling me how each level was built to progressively challenge the user as they progressed through each level (admittedly mentioning that not all the mechanics were in place yet to make the game a true challenge).



Working my way through the maze of obstacles was by no means an easy task.

What’s Paper Lander even about?

Good question.

You see, it’s my job to save the galaxy from a terrible storm – I as the player, need to collect “Proto-Stars” that have conveniently been scattered throughout the universe in order to power the Great Anti-Storm Ion Cannon.

(Serious stuff)

It’s one of these games that can be seriously addictive if you want to master the game and collect every single protostar. Oh and also there’s lasers too!


This is all well in concept but I wanted to go beyond just the storyline…

Artstyle, influences and the people behind Paper Lander

You may of relised that a major influence in graphical art style was from Little Big Planet, but is it really fair to compare every single paper looking game to the PlayStation title?

Of course not but even the developers have referred to their game as “the grandson of Lunar Lander born in Little Big Planet”.

I had the idea of making a physics based rocket game; initially it started as a sci-fi thing which had influences from Little Big Planet

Delving deeper…

It was interesting to find that the initial prototype of this game started as a sci-fi rocket physics based game which was then later brought to life by the now 3 man team of Nikos, Gabriel and Ciaran.

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I was informed that the ongoing development of the game has been on and off throughout the year.

Despite this I saw a game before me with plenty of potential and it seems I wasn’t the only one:

Paper lander was the winner of the Pocket Gamer’s first Big Indie Mixer

As one not to pass up an opportunity to visit one of these Big Indie Mixers I can tell you these events have a wonderful atmosphere complete with developers looking for funding and a panel of distinguished guest judges.

Paper Lander found themselves part of the first of these events and were lucky enough to win the prize pot delegated for the winner.

A year on from their success and they’re still going strong developing out their core mechanics for an expected early 2016 release.

Big Indie Pitch banner taken at the #DevelopConf

Of course, creating a paper based game does have its problems and limitations

It’s Mobile game, there are always limitations on the amount of memory you can use.

With a game as art heavy as this its no wonder why Paper Lander has faced difficulties in the memory department.

In this modern market of mobile games people expect something fast and quick to download, smooth and slick to run, all whilst maintaining high quality and great looking graphics.

In a space where most app stores impose a specific size limit on games made publicly available, it’s an overlooked problem that most devs fail to realize until it comes to publish.


It does beg the question…

Is a game like this suited more for devices such as consoles or PCs?

After all I was using a controller to play this game.

When 35% of the games industry revenue in the US from 2014 was made up of mobile games, it’s certainly no surprise to see developers making the move to mobile first.

After seeing the success of Bethesda’s multi million pound maker Fallout Shelter it won’t be long until this market see’s a whole new wave of developers switching to mobile.

A game like this does bode well for multiple platforms as different types of gamers will see the unique benefit to playing this game on their chosen platform.


After speaking to Nikos it seems there are already plans in place to eventually bring Paper lander to the PS Vita and further from there.

However for now it seems the mobile release will be a benchmark for both interest and expansion.

Are you a fan of Paper Styled games such as Paper Lander?

  • Let me know your thoughts on the game and the genre in general
  • Maybe you too would like to see this game make its way onto multiple platforms?

Regardless the Developer, This Way Up Games would like to receive a quick tweet of your thoughts:

Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy

If this game peeked your interest then you may like to see some of the other things I got up to whilst at the Cheapest Tramadol Uk.

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Develop Brighton brought many like minded developers together over the course of just a few days.

With so many great Indie games to look out for, one in particular caught my eye – a first-person psychological narrative thriller based on real events and stories.

The Town of Light

Speaking with Italian Developers LKA.it, I decided to take an in-depth look into the narrative driven experience of a 16 year old girl suffering from Schizophrenia.

Mental health is something that is so rarely touched on from both game developers and the mass media. Maybe this is down to the stigma the general public has against mental illness or maybe this is because of how sensitive and close this is to our reality.

Tramadol Online Mexico

Luca Dalcò, creative director for The Town of light, told me how the project was in fact first inspired through “personal interest and experiences with friends / family in the past”

We have a lot of respect for mental health practitioners there has been lots of steps forward in mental health compared to the past.

LKA first started with just two people but later grew to a full scale 12 man team with a large focus on the research and and background on the real life events in which this game is based on.

This is their story:

It’s not a about horror, it’s about the truth.

The unique selling point of The Town of Light is the fact that it’s based on real research with social relevance of something that is not being talked about a lot in media.

It’s a truly beautifully designed game that explores a sensitive issue that affects more people than think.

As Luca described it to me, “It’s time for games to grow, become more mature and cover something that is socially relevant. Games like this are just not explored that often”

It’s no lie, a game like this hits hard. The main protagonist guides you through her eyes meaning you’ll quite literally be living her story and fears that she can never forget. As you can imagine moving on from a past of torment and suffering is by no means an easy feet.

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Shocking statistics from Tramadol Illegal Order Online have shown that at any one time as many as 51 million people worldwide suffer from schizophrenia.

The developers assured me that this issue is by no means toned down as they believe it is important to use the medium to show the reality of those who suffer from schizophrenia.

Toning it down wouldn’t do the issues at hand justice, These things need to remembered and need to be talked about.

It’s the art style and game mechanics which draws you into their world.

Along with the strong and meaningful message the game actually features some stunning graphics…

Jumping straight into gameplay I noticed the smallest details from the patterns the birds flew to the artistic graffiti that littered the halls of the asylum.

Combined with the emotional piano backed music it gave a strong sense of immersion and even more so with the game’s full support for VR.

Although the meaning and story was enough to keep me playing, a narrative game like this needs to attract the right kind of player.

Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex

This is not a game for people who want something quick to play and add to their list of completed games.


This is for the genuine players that enjoy exploring games in a 3D dynamic. Someone who has the time to understand and develop an understanding for the character and wants to go away knowing they have seen life from a different perspective.

Perhaps the developers may be able to find a balance between the different player styles with future updates and games down the line?

Bringing together two levels of narrative

Order Tramadol From China
Real photo which inspired the art

Luca really wanted to drill into me the sub levels of narrative that are going on in a game like this.

The first being:

The mental health institution storyline, conveying the message that; “we don’t want to forget what’s happen so we can avoid this from happening again in the future”

And the second being:

To explore and show players “the psychiatric discomfort that people do experience.”

Because this is something that is so near to us. Unless we stop and think about it we don’t realize

Forget Jump scares, the reality of this game is much more terrifying.

Something that struck me quite hard was when Luca told me: “In our game what you see actually exists. It’s not an excuse to fight zombies or monsters, one of the main elements of the game is the real location and story.”

Purchasing Tramadol

As a DoubleUpGaming only exclusive the developers also gave us a sneak peek into the research of the terrifying truth and ordeals this girl went through.

Entering the main protagonists life was much worse than any jump scare as of course you leave the game knowing that there’s a girl somewhere out there who went through the fundamentals of this game as their life.

What are the developers expecting from this game?

The Town of Light is quite literally the history of a broken life that has been affected by mental illness.

There’s a real sense that this game is being released to give players real knowledge of what has happened in the past through a game environment.

“We hope that the players have a strong empathy with the main character and to then provide a point of view about the suffering that people feel with a mental illness.”

Buying Tramadol From India

Town of Light aims to be released for late 2015 on a PC platform with added support for the oculus rift. Currently there are ongoing conversations to have the game released on next gen consoles however nothing is confirmed.

Do you feel that such sensitive topics should be touched on with video games?

Feel Free to let me know with a comment down below or even send us a tweet with your view on the Town of Light.
If you enjoyed this feature then you may like to check out my other piece on Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard

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One word.


How could a game with dinosaurs not be awesome?

Ok. So now that I’ve got your attention let’s get down to the details:

Putting this straight out in the open, at the time of writing this, the game is not terribly well optimised. However that can be expected from a early access game right?

In Spite of this, and some really dodgy frame rate drops, you can still tell the developers are doing all they can to improve the playing experience every single day.

(As seen with one of their most recent updates that gave me a +10 fps boost)

Tramadol Eu Online

Is the survival games market too saturated?

It’s no lie:

Recently we’ve seen a huge influx of games within the Survival games genre.

This makes it important more than ever for a game like this to offer something unique to the player that’s different from the thousands of others out there.

In this instance the unique factor is of course dinosaurs

I have now learnt the difference between a pareiasaurs & a brontosaurus, why you shouldn’t pick a fight with three dilo’s at the same time and that T-rex’s little hands are pretty darn funny.

This allowed me to feel immersed in a reality where dinosaurs are alive and well, really pointing to the fact that it would be silly for a dino-fanatic to not at least give this game a go.

Tramadol 50 Mg Online Uk

But there is more to just dinosaurs.

I’ve played many a survival games, most recently ranging from Dayz Standalone, Rust and even the Tramadol Ordering.

None of them even came remotely close to the feature enriched game I now found myself playing.

As I’ve said before if we look beyond the fact that a R9 270x was barely getting 30fps on low settings, then you’ll be pretty surprised of how thought out this game is.


It definitely doesn’t end here.

Cheapest Tramadol Overnight

A Map bigger than I could explore

As soon as I see a new survival game hit the market, my immediate reaction is to give it a try, and this philosophy didn’t change here either.

(And I am glad about that too)

Creating a game with so many immersive features, decent graphics  and a MASSIVE map is a pretty tall order.


Buying Tramadol From Mexico have done an amazing job at executing all of this whilst still in early access.

I would even go as far to say  that I believe this game has already reached further limits than Dayz and Rust combined.

Tramadol Online Cod 180

Yeah but What makes this game soooo much better?

Good question.

As I keep mentioning, Ark survival is feature rich.

But what exactly does this mean?

Let’s put this into perspective: At my measly Level 15 I hadn’t even unlocked ⅙ of the content available to me which includes items such as:

  • Tool Forge
  • Metal tools
  • Irrigation pipes
  • Metal spikes
  • Stone arrows

I had only explored a fraction of the MASSIVE map and had only been able to explore above ground let alone the intricate cave system that weaves through the entire map…

Tramadol Buy Cod

Building & crafting mechanics to be proud of

As with any modern survival game, it’s essential to provide a solid and intuitive building & crafting system to allow for maximum enjoyment.

With the simple “snap and place”, building a own dream house will be an extremely easy and satisfying process.

But you need to watch out for this:

Yes the mechanics are great, but if you’re newly spawned into the world I can guarantee you it will be near impossible for you to build any kind of structurally sound base.

Buying Tramadol In Canada

The thatch houses are very easy to break into, meaning all of your valuable gear will be at risk. Furthermore, until you’ve ranked up considerably you won’t even be able to unlock wooden walls let alone a wooden door.

If you play this game you need to invest serious time into it to get to a stage where it’s actually safe to log off a server.

At least you’ll be able to do crazy character customisation…

Forget dinosaurs, forget craftables, this was the thing that surprised me the most:

As is made obvious from my in game screenshot below, my character is literally a slab of meat.

Jual Tramadol Online

That’s all thanks to the CRAZY character customisation available in game. If your dream has always been to play as a shrunken dwarf with an overgrown head then go for it!

Why discriminate against the way someone looks when you can be anything you want?

(I guess this makes it okay to skip leg day now?)

Is it a game for you?: Putting things into perspective

Ark survival is a few updates away from being the very best it can be:

As of now it needs some TLC to match itself to the unique player base that comes with it. I’d like to see how things turn out to be after a few months have past because that’s when it will unlock its full potential.

Tramadol Order Overnight

Of course there’s always a few things I’d like added to the game such as:

  • Mating of animals
  • Dual wielding (torch and tools in same hand)
  • Stone houses
  • Tutorial support for new players

(some of these are actually planned to be introduced)

If it wasn’t for the wonderful server I joined and support from colleagues who have tried the game at home I would of been totally lost. Besides who has time to read the wiki?

(Okay, I did read the wiki but that’s not the point)

Ark survival will have to focus more on the experience it gives to the newer players as this is one of the small hurdles that’s holding it back.

Buying Tramadol In Australia

With that said:

If you enjoy survival-esc games I recommend you give this game a go once the optimisation has been given the all clear.

As always a survival game is much better when played with friends, so make sure you have someone willing to buy the game with you.

Oh and a very very good pc…

…for the time being.

Do you already own Ark: survival Evolved?

What do you think of this survival game?

I’ve enjoyed playing the game but what I want to know is your opinion on the genre so let me know in the comments section below. As always thanks for reading and feel free to share this article with a friend.

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Tramadol Rx Purchase

What does it mean to you if I say these words:

Indie Game?

Well I’ll tell you what it means to me, because to me it’s more than just an Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk

When someone plants the idea for a game, it’s exactly just that.

An idea.

However, it’s the struggle, experience, and dedication that turns the idea into a living testament of achievement and this is what makes indie games so special.

Indie Developers don’t have tons of cash behind them, and often it can be extremely hard for newcomers to get started in game development

This is exactly what the Games Hub is changing

Nestled away amidst the large campus of the University of Essex, within the modern and sleek designed units of the Knowledge gateway, lies the Colchester Games’s Hub.

Order Tramadol Online Cod 180

Ran by none other than Steven Huckle fromTramadol Online Prices in partnership with the Generic Tramadol Online, the Games Hub depicts Indie development in a new light.

This inconspicuous building welcomes some of Essex’s most determined creatives to the game development scene. I was so intrigued by this, that I decided to take a trip down there and see what all the fuss was about.

Game development, game development everywhere!

When I first stepped through the door I was greeted with the presence of people from all backgrounds beavering away behind computer screens, working hard on their latest game ideas.

Order Tramadol Online Legally

First off the mark wasCheapest Place To Order Tramadol Online, working hard on their new mobile game, “Fallen”. I was enthusiastically welcomed by Fraser and Scott (minus Aiden who unfortunately wasn’t there on this day) who are also “Graduates” of last years program.

Tramadol To Buy Online Uk

They were one of two teams that made it through the course and stuck together (with a few bumps down the road) and have now been presented with the opportunity to have their office base free of charge within the Hub for six months.

But that’s not the best part:

While speaking to Teaboy games they made one thing clear throughout the conversation,

The whole time we’ve had this incredible safety net underneath us of peers and people to help us out

The Games Hub is helping to set up Indie Game Studios with clear guidance and with the freedom that doesn’t tie them down.

Can You Order Tramadol Online
Teaboy games with Scott, Aiden & fraser (Left to right)

Every Wednesday the Games hub also benefits from one of the many expert talks that bring in people from all over the UK.

From Birkett Long Solicitors giving advice on setting up your own company, to creators of “Overruled” from Dlala Studios talking about the ins and outs of running an Indie studio, there’s plenty of knowledge to be handed around.

In fact:

Without this advice Tea boy would of had a very different game to how it is now.

“Having the experts come in and talk to us and give us their advice, has completely changed our development process and made the game so much better than it was before”

Tramadol Purchase Online Legally

As is the case with novice or veterans  to game development, having an outside voice can help change the sometimes bias view we have about our own games.

It is clear that the Games Hub was offering more than just a place to learn about games.

An opportunity far from what a university course can offer

Unlike a university course, where you’d be handed assignments, brought to lectures and expected to pay exuberant fees, the Games Hub offers a fresh approach.

Firstly it’s completely free.

Oh did I not mention that before?

Tramadol Online

Yes, the opportunity and experiences the teams garnish from the Games Hub does not cost a single penny.

Of course they may need to shell out some money for marketing or promotion, but by this point it’s hopeful that funding has been gained from investors to continue their endeavour.

But that’s not the most important fact:

A Degree taught me loads of technical skills but I knew nothing about the business side

A Uni course may teach the advancements needed to create a game, but what about actually surviving out there in the real world?

Unlike a virtual haven the real world is a harsh reality where many developers fail to reach their full potential.

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight


Here they are learning a combination of both business and game development to maximise their chances of survival.

It’s hard not to sound unbiased in my opinion of the Games Hub (and no, I didn’t get bribed with cookies) but then again its hard not to see why this wouldn’t be the perfect thing for just about anyone that wants to create their own indie studio or game.

Sometimes its not about what we learn but rather, who we meet

One thing is for certain:

There’s defiantly an emphasis on the “team atmosphere”. Of course this isn’t for everyone, but it does open up some pretty interesting pathways.

Enkei studios, newbies to the Game Hub, all stumbled upon the hub through a number of different ways, from Facebook, email and even word of mouth.


They all started from different corners of Essex.

Buying Tramadol Online Forum
Part of Enkei studios, Thomas, Stacy & Warren (Left to right)

Thomas, Stacy and Waren from Enkei studios (with a further 3 in their group)  have found the team work ethos has allowed them to excel in their particular key area’s of development

Ordering Tramadol From Petmeds

If it wasn’t apparent beforehand, this team environment is key to the success of the games produced here at the hub.

It should be noted, however, that working in a team can cause problems in terms of commitments, willingness and compatibility.

One of the most important pieces of advice I garnered from “Teaboy” and Thomas from “Enkei” (who decided to start this year afresh with a new team) was to make sure you start your game with the right kind of people.

That begs the question:

What is the right kind of person for the Game Hub?

People are not going to be constantly on your back to get things done.

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online With Mastercard

Therefore people on this course need to have the willingness to learn about games and business development. With a self motivated drive and ambition to do well, team members can learn how to get things done and ultimately reach their end goal.

Our End goal is to make a game that we can then support our self’s with and keep on making games.

If we expect great games, we must support the new generation of game developers

It’s inspiring to learn that opportunities are growing for like minded creatives and that there are structures like this popping up all over the UK (and not just in London).

If my overly positive attitude is anything to go by, then we can expect some great things from the new Indie dev’s coming out of our very own creative town of Colchester.

This is by no means an ad or favour for the group down at the Knowledge Gateway. It is my own genuine belief that if you are interested in creating games and want to set up your own business, or you own a business based upon indi games then get in touch with the Games Hub at [email protected]

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod

Great strides continue to happen at the Games Hub, but what’s your opinion on what they’re doing here?

Tramadol Buy Online Cheap

Please do let me know in the comments below or via Tramadol Sales Cheap, I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

For people interested: Tea boy’s game, “Fallen” (A Tetris meets pinball kind of game) will be available on IOS later this year.

Tramadol Prescription Online Tramadol For Sale Cheap Tramadol 50 Mg Buy

Order Tramadol American Express

Today we’re looking at an interesting Indie game.

Forgive me, in this article there’s going to be a lot of poop references

I’m gonna be honest with you here:

When I first loaded up the Poopadoop I thought it looked crap (no pun intended ). I distinctly remember. “great its gonna be another one of those damn clicker games.

However, that’s when things started to change…

Poopadoop turns out to be addictive. Very addictive.

Not soon after a few clicks and a purchase of a rather cute looking bunny I found myself ferociously battling away.

It wasn’t long until I had built my poop defences up with a poop shooting toilet cannon, poop repelling fan and a poop coil to fend away the Poopadoop army.

(I’ve never used the word poop so much in a single sentence.)

Poopadoop was created by developer Order Tramadol Online Australia who first started out in flash development. The initial premise was to take a simple idea (like a clicker game) and make it into something that was still fun but laughably silly. When playing the game it lived up to its name and left me giggling at the intense number of “poop puns”.

Buy Prescription Tramadol Without

Despite this I found the game was lacking in some areas:

I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed to see some quite interesting animations (such as the toilet cannon) and then see lackluster ones in comparison. Instead of seeing the poop on the side of the screen simply wipe in, why not have the poop build up in sequence?

This part turned out to be quite frustrating:

Now it may be just down to me being a terrible player, but as soon as that bloody Poopasaurus came in sh#t hit the fan.

Let me paint the scene for you:

Imagine the perfect defense setup. Imagine the metaphorical hours spent on this.

Now imagine a Poopasaurus barging into the scene and taking all your hard work away from you…

Yes. In one swift move I was starting from scratch with only a gift of poop left. I honestly felt like I could cry as I watched my life dismantle piece by piece before me.

Tramadol Cheapest Online
My Poopadoopa ending screen / score

Some may see this as a knock on the game. However If it wasn’t for actually having to write the article, I would of got right back to defending my poop thanks to not having to completely restart

There’s one key thing you learn pretty soon on:

If the enemies manage to pass your wall you better pray that you’ll have a big red button to press otherwise your pooped.

A colourful array of interesting enemies

Believe me when I say there is a MASSIVE list of enemies you could come up against (Some I didn’t even get to meet).

But here’s the kicker.

Each one of these enemies has a unique purpose. From your Poopadoops to Poopasaurus’s they all have their own special abilities within a recurring theme. I’d like to give you a clear idea of just how many there are, so here’s a list of them:

  • Poopadoop
  • Roman Poopadoops
  • Sir Poopadoops
  • Napoleon Poopadoop
  • The Great War Poopadoops
  • Poopatroops
  • Poopasaurus
Tramadol Uk Buy
Waves of enemies that have broken down my wall defences

But it doesn’t end there because there are also special bosses!

  • Joan of Arc
  • The Trojan Horse
  • Deborah Sampson
  • The Ghost of Franz Ferdinand
  • Mad Jack

Notice the theme here?

Thats right, they’re all taken from a place in history.

Yes. A “poop clicker” game features prominent people within military history and is fairly accurate with their attributes too.

I was just as surprised as you are now, but I found it oddly comforting to know that the developer has gone to this extent to make the game different and unique from so many others.

Where the game lacks in some area’s it rebuilds in others

I want to play this game more often, but at the moment there’s simply not enough defences or upgrades for them.

Here’s what I mean by this:

I love to upgrade, you love to upgrade, everyone loves to upgrade! It’s just a general fact of life.

Now you can actually “level up” your defences. It works well enough and will give you enough scope if you know what you’re doing.


A game like this needs the ability for users to upgrade their own weapons when and more importantly how they like. If I have 1000 poop I want to to upgrade my choice of fan and actually see the new stats of this fan update in real time.

Poopadoop (4)

Let’s say I see a massive influx of poopatroopers heading in from the left side, this is then the perfect opportunity to upgrade that particular fan and see a possible a new model of fan replace the old one.

This all goes to say that despite these small things it’s definitely a game of great silly fun.

Who knows maybe in additional updates we’ll see multipliers, the ability to choose your row’s and consistent animations across the board .

The game doesn’t feel complete enough yet but has a lot of potential to be the next big clicker game.

I could spend countless hours attempting to protect virtual poop and you would too if given the chance. Its a game that’s meant to be silly, that’s meant to cause some laughs, and that’s what puts this game in a category of its own.

Tramadol Pet Meds Online

I’d personally encourage you to give this game ago from the Order Tramadol Paypal (and ios once the game has been rebuilt for it)

Oh and let me leave you with one quick thought:

We’ll be adding more monsters/….  I’m thinking tanks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and will give Poopadoop Clicker a go in the near future!

Let me know in the comments below if you agree with me on the game and make sure to share this with your friends if you’d think they’ll enjoy it.


Tramadol Prescription Online Tramadol For Sale Cheap Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Tramadol For Dogs Order Online

Tramadol Fedex Visa

From Developers David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago of Order Tramadol For Dogs Online comes Dimension Drive.

In this article:

  • We take a look at the new kickstarter for Dimension Drive
  • The heartbreaking moments that nearly ended their dream
  • And why you should possibly help back this Tramadol Buy Overnight

A brand new take on Shoot’em ups

This fast paced action shoot’em up brings a fresh look on the genre with a rich science fiction story behind it. Players will find themselves immersed in the comic book style graphics, impressive game mechanics and the ingenuity put into it.

Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery

Throughout the game you’ll see the world through the eyes of the main character “Jackelyne Tywood” (aka Jack) as you battle through space in:

A legendary ship capable of teleporting across space and dimensions.

As can be seen in the trailer below the full release of the game will support a total of 4 Game modes:

  • Arcade
  • Modern
  • Pacifism
  • 1 credit clear

Together this “dual” shoot em up style will give you a lot of enjoyment (along with alot more to think about).


A dream nearly destroyed

The news of Dimension Drives kickstarter comes after 2AwesomeStudio’s previous attempted was crushed by the actions of a troll who Tramadol Pay With Mastercard. Despite the heartbreaking effects on the team they still decided to persevere and start up a new campaign.

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Thanks to this, players can now look forward to a vertical shoot’em up complete with teleportation (check them out and their fancy teleportation). The game also meets a variety of playing styles that vary from Shooting, Puzzle and Defence Strategy.

Interestingly Dimension drives unique selling point is ability for players to multitask with essentially two games on one screen. This means you’ll need to learn how to fly single handedly through space with two aircrafts side by side.

An Indie game made by Space Engineers

With a development team previously in the field of space engineering (yeah you read that right, space engineers!) the game has turned from a hobby into a fully functioning game. If you didn’t think that was cool enough you’ll also be treated a completely new view on the previously fading genre.

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How can you help back Dimension Drive?

Combined into one epic masterpiece (that already has a demo for you to try out) this kickstarter has already superseded its goal of €30,000. However it doesn’t have to stop here.

By backing Dimension drive on Kickstarter you’ll find yourself with “backer exclusive” items whilst knowing that you’re helping them reach their stretch goals. But then again who doesn’t want this game to have a multiplayer co-op?

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If your looking to change up your playing style and want to give something new a try then Dimension drive is the perfect game for you.

If you want to help fund their cause then you can check out Non Prescription Tramadol Online and pledge before time runs out.

Make sure to share this article with your friends, and leave us a comment with your view on the game!

We’ll make sure to update you on the progress on their kickstarter as time approaches closer to its end date.

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The word “Concursion” doesn’t exist. It’s probably a combination of the word “Concur” – meaning to agree with, and “sion” a noun suffix commonly found in Latin. Attaching the “sion” suffix to a word usually points to the act, result or state of something being done, i.e consumption, cancellation, etc.

Interestingly, the secondary uses for the word “Concur” refers to an act of cooperation; to work together as one, or to coincide; occurring at the same time.

Mixing and Mashing

As the game description of itself aptly divulges, Concursion attempts to assimilate multiple classic genres into one game. A cross-pollination of past popular genres is no stranger to this era of video gaming, While some of these attempts are received with mixed criticism, those that attain a level of fluidity between two or more genres after mix and mashing their features are critically acclaimed and fondly remembered.

Nowadays, it is common to find action adventure themed RPGs to be mixed with plenty of puzzles and racing segments. Valve’s hit title – a first person shooter puzzler – Portal is an example of this methodology. THQ’s Darksiders’ franchise are also known for their gut-wrenching puzzles, building up a certain form of agony and frustration in the player at certain moments that is later unleashed upon the hordes of the enemy. However Concursion offers something different…

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A Strange New World

Order Cheap Tramadol Online takes a step up from incorporating 2 or 3 titles, and gobbles a lot more. It boasts 5 unique styles of play, and promises a reinvention of the past popular classics.

Unsurprisingly, the game sports a Mario-esque platformer, the leading character dons a red horned helmet with his main offensive ability to jump on the head of his opponents. Part of the game draws inspiration from the Shinobi vein, as well – where the protagonist, morphing into another character, is able to double jump, run off walls and shave down enemies like an agile assassin.

A Game which offer the player a variety of retro and challenging play styles

There’s also a section in this game where your left and right controls are disabled, and the character changes into a space suit. By controlling your thrusters to manoeuvre vertically to dodge oncoming projectiles the protagonists morphs into a spaceship – this is where a direct relation to the classic Shootem’ Up (Shmup) genre is drawn. Some Pac-Man stylised portions are also found in the game, and the Street-Fighter styled fights are also seen in boss fights making it a truly unique and challenging game.

Not All Rainbows and Sunshine

There are many reasons as to why indie developers opt for pixel art. Some of the more vocal ones in the player feedbacks point to these graphic styles bearing a certain kind of charm. It looks stylish while keeping things simple. In some cases, like in Legend of Dungeon, these retro-stylised graphics are brought to a new height with the support and understanding of radiosity and various lighting effects. This game was well received by many and its implementation of lighting to create an alluring neon-like glow in its environment is commendable.

In the case of Concursion, its presentation is its weakest link,  and occasionally, a design flaw when it comes to collision detection. The hit boxes for the protagonist character and the enemies are a tad annoying, and the lack of tightness in control when demanding otherwise pixel-perfect jumps are major sources of frustration. Its graphical presentation and a lacklustre array of character animation only undermines the overall potential of the game.

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An Interesting Cadence

These multiple genres bleed into each other in no orderly fashion, and can be quite overwhelming at times. It surprises the player with how well the strange combination between so many genres could possibly work in one game. Going into a different area of the screen you stray into another section, swapping to another character. Your enemies are susceptible to such changes too.

Its chaotic game play is accompanied by a good sound track; unexpectedly so. The music comes from the same award-winning composer who did the music for Hugh Laurie’s TV drama – House, giving the player good content and audio in the process

The ambitious first title from indie developer Puuba is doubtlessly a homage to the classics, although the graphics are not to my liking it is certainly an interesting game to play and the allure of different play styles and retro memories are enough to keep the game entertaining for extended periods of time particularly amongst friends and family.

If you have played Concursion let me know if you agree? If not it is currently available as a Order Tramadol Canada. Its soundtrack is also for sale, both with and without the game itself, for $4.99.