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Sisters Pre-Alpha First Look

Sisters is an indie horror title in pre-alpha from Pedro Rocha.

Although still in early development Sisters has lots of good features already. For example the exploration is very good: every time I went around a corner I had no idea what to expect. It is a mixture of all the good things in horror games that I have played before. Even though it hasn’t been implemented yet the story seems to have quite a bit of depth to it and is actually relatively interesting.

The story begins…

The playable character is only known as “The Father” and he learned in depth how to do exorcisms a long time ago because he felt compelled to. He has devoted his life to cleansing the area as he feels he cannot rest until it is done.


Isolated, with nothing but a field and a flashlight

When you first start the game you are in a field with only a flashlight. You have to explore the map and see what you can find. The first time I played through nothing happened and then I had another go. As I opened a door it slowly opened and creaked and then out of nowhere a scream and a body. The game definitely has the jump factor but as far as I could see it does still lack an ending, probably to be expected in pre-alpha but as I was enjoying the game so much it would have been nice to find a definite end to it.

The story continues

It is lacking an ending as far as I can see. However, it still leaves you on a cliffhanger wondering what more could happen. As far as I understand the ending is supposed to be an exorcism and you as the player need to explore the map and find all the necessary items to complete the exorcism. The game will also end if one of the girls catches up with you.


I think that the general direction that the game is heading in is a good one. It has many features that will make up a great game. Obviously being in pre-alpha the game is missing a lot of its future features but I am sure that with time they will be added. Playing through the game I noticed that a lot of the textures are very good despite some lacking in immersion but most of them are very good.

This game is currently free in pre-alpha. Download now and tell us what you think!

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Top 5 Best Survival Horror Games 2014

After spending several hours crawling around a now desolate and ruined city, I realise something: there is no possible way to win.

Survival games are interesting because they really shouldn’t be fun; there is (usually) no overall aim or specific win state. Your goals are self-determined and losing is a nightmare as a result. “It took me 2 hours to get this M4 with a whole 5 bullets in!” I gleefully tell my friends as in the distance a gunshot is heard and a flash is seen and my well earned loot is lost forever.

Such is the life of a survival horror fan: another lesson learned, another moment lost. Yet, this genre has kept my coming back time and time again for better and for worse. And so here is a list of my personal favorite experiences in the harsh reality of simulated apocalypse.

5. Infestation: Survivor Stories (formerly WarZ)


Hold on a second! Before you click that close button, allow me to explain: I:SS is the game that most people love to hate. It once stood for everything you could possibly do wrong in a survival horror game: lies about what was in the final product? Check. Stolen or traced assets? Check. A huge focus on microtransactions in a pay to play title? Double check. So why is it on this list? Well, I invite you to give it a second chance: it’s not actually all that bad any-more. Lead game designer Sergey Titov has stepped down- to much applause- and his replacement team has done a fantastic job of getting the title back on its brain-loving reanimated feet.

New maps, removed deathmatch and better economy

They’ve built an all new map, phased out the deathmatch aspect, lowered prices, made zombies drop more cash, made all items previously purchasable with only GC (the game’s premium paid for currency) purchasable with in-game dollars and heaps more. It still isn’t perfect, but it’s getting to a state where it is actually playable and a heck of a lot of fun. It often goes on sale now for around £2.49 on Steam, so if you haven’t already ignore the steam reviews and pick this up when it’s cheap. The dev team is currently in the process of writing a remake of the game, lovingly titled “Infestation: New Beginnings”, which should be entering closed alpha shortly. All owners of Infestation: Survivor Stories will be given a free copy of this at launch, so watch this space!

4. EVE: Online

While not technically a horror game, EVE is one of a very select few games that unintentionally has the atmosphere of being extremely frightening. Even from the early stages in the game when you’re still trying to wrap your head around the concept of a completely player ran market, all of the elements of suspense are there.

EVE is one of a very select few games that unintentionally has the atmosphere of being extremely frightening.

You’re told from the start that if you make a wrong move at any point that could result in your entire EVE career rolling back to day one. It’s something that this title prides itself on, and fairly so; the result of your actions is based completely on skill. Sure, the bulk of combat revolves around the random number generator but there’s more to it than first meets the eye. I have 3 years of experience with this game and let me tell you: never underestimate even the most primitive of ships. I’ve seen the ship that you get from the tutorial missions cause major issues for the side of a battle and the cheapest of parts pushed together to create a killer build.

A game that relies on split decisions…

Once you’ve experienced that sort of destruction and realise that the entire game relies on split second decisions, you’ll classify it as survival horror. Letting your guard down at any moment or looking away from the screen for a few seconds because “That’s only a Navitas!” (one of the cheaper spacecraft) can result in your death. Combine this constant fear with the ridiculously huge open sandbox universe and EVE: Online quickly becomes a must play for lovers of the survival genre.

3. Rust

Rust is the latest big project from Garry’s Mod developers Facepunch. It’s a cross between DayZ and Minecraft at its core, but looking beyond those comparisons it becomes something else entirely. When entering Rust for the very first time you’re placed randomly in the middle of a huge world filled with radiated villages and facilities, ravenous and starving bears and wolves and, of course, naked player characters and are armed with nothing but a rock to defend yourself. Nightfall will come quickly and when it does if you lack a shelter then you may as well find a way to kill yourself and try again the next morning.

Gathering, hunting and building

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to start getting structures together, but then you’re faced with the issue of finding food to avoid dying anyway. This is one of the few survival games that gets the survival element just right: you have to decide whether this day is going to be about gathering, hunting or building. You’ll need to either find or craft weapons which fortunately is a fairly easy task. You generally spawn fairly close to structures and within those structures it’s easy to find guns and ammo provided you pay close attention to your RAD (radiation) levels. This is good as it seems that very few developers remember the golden rule of first person shooters from the 90s: over-powered is fun. While the guns are fairly balanced they aren’t extremely few and far between and so finding one is a fairly quick and fun process.

Then, of course, when you have one you can go and raid other people’s bases which is where this game truly shines; the terror of being inside your house to hear the sounds of gun fire and people screaming at you down the microphone is next to none in the gaming industry. Being on the other side, however, is hilarious. And that’s a good way to describe Rust: terror and hilarity at every moment.

2. DayZ

I know what you’re thinking; number 2!? NUMBER TWO!?!? Yes, DayZ does seem like the most obvious game to earn that number 1 spot on this list. After all, it practically invented the gritty, realistic zombie survival genre and did it almost perfectly.

The game is fantastic. It has an atmosphere of constantly being watched that no other game can rival. Helped by the ArmA II (and now the ArmA III) engine, it has realistic movement and gun control that, again, no other game can rival, but its ultimate downfall is just how potent that feeling of being watched is. My experience with DayZ was not one of a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the walking dead but instead one of entering a town or village only to be greeted by a swift shot to the head. It’s exciting at first but gets old fast. I want to be hunted down by zombies and be forced to work together with someone who otherwise would be after my gear rather than enter a large town with 8 or 9 zombies covering the entire area only to be shot before I know there’s even a person there.

It practically invented the gritty, realistic zombie survival genre and did it almost perfectly

Unfortunately, it isn’t an issue that can be fixed in any way that would make people happy: the game is now divided between PVE players and PVP players, the latter treating the game as if it’s an arena death match and the former wishing the constant threat of bandits away completely. Ideally, guns would be extremely scarce but then that poses the threat of quick boredom. Ideally, zombies would be a real threat but then the PVP players wouldn’t be happy. It’s a catch 22, really, and is why I don’t feel DayZ should be given the number 1 spot. It’s a fantastic game that invented a genre but that genre is an extremely awkward one that is near impossible to crack and, at present, DayZ just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s is currently in technical alpha and so has plenty of time to improve the formula. Every element of a perfect zombie survival game is there and I’m personally looking forward to the game’s completion in 2 or 3 years time.

1. Minecraft

I have a love-hate relationship with Minecraft. Unfortunately the community has now devolved into a majority of the players being 6 – 12 years old and so I see through rose-coloured glasses when thinking about this game. I played it almost 5 years ago just as InDev moved into InfDev and it was more or less my obsession for the following couple of years and was, at the time, a fairly obscure title played by a few people from NeoGAF, Reddit and /v/. It was- and still is- a hell of a lot of fun and extremely scary at times. The spawn system has since changed but “back in the day” mob spawns were heavily unpredictable. If you were out mining at night, for example, and turned away from a passage way you’d carved out you could never be sure that a creeper or zombie hadn’t spawned right behind you.

A constant fear in such a family friendly game

This constant fear is still present in the game, perhaps not to the same extent, but that’s why it’s on this list. Minecraft was a game changer and much like DayZ invented a genre. It has the perfect elements of survival mixed with panic, even before hunger was introduced. Night fall can be terrifying if you’re returning from a recently discovered cave as the sun begins to set and even when you’re nice and cozy in your house you’re still at risk of catching the eye of an Ender Man unintentionally.

This is why it is number 1 on this list and is the same reason that EVE: Online is here too: it isn’t scripted. I could’ve easily listed off games like SCP: Containment Breach or Slender but I don’t deem those as true survival horror games as they provide scripted jump scares rather than player-infused fluid and dynamic events completely of their own accord. Minecraft has a true scary atmosphere when it wants to and a calm and peaceful one when it doesn’t. It all depends on the way that you, personally, play the game.

What’s your favorite survival horror game? Do you agree with this list? Let us know!

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DoubleUpGaming’s Week of Horror

This Halloween DoubleUpGaming is proud to present our Week of Horror…

Starting Monday, 27th October, (today) we’ll be publishing daily articles taking a look at the highs and lows of horror in gaming. Amongst these articles we are featuring some great indie games, a special giveaway, Fright Night livestream and much, much more.

Week of Horror Giveaway!

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week of horror LIVE-01-01

This is definitely going to be our best livestream yet, so we would really like to see you there as we play through challenges such as the DUG Apple bob challenge, Trick or treat challenge and even a speed pumpkin carving challenge! Some of the games we will be playing range from some spooky themed Minecraft adventure maps, horror indie games and some games great to play with friends.

If you would like to jump into the madness, the stream will be on Friday the 31st October from 8pm to 4am . All details and up to date information can be found on our Facebook event page

A Whole week of horror related articles

Our week of horror would, of course, not be complete without our range of purely horror related articles. Our writers will be exploring the top 100 horror games ever made, some of the best Minecraft horror maps to play, great indie horror games due to be released or already out and even our definitive list of the best horror survival games.

Prepare for a gore infested week of spooky delights, created in the pits of hell to feed your burning need for horror this Halloween.

Feel free to let us know what you will be doing this #DUGWeekOfHorror, enter our giveaway or even watch along for our night of terrors in the Fright Night Livestream.

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Week Of Horror: Alien Isolation and DLC Giveaway

As part of DoubleUpGaming‘s Week of Horror we are launching an exclusive giveaway to fans of DoubleUpGaming

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The Winner of the giveaway will be announced during our  8 hour Fright Night livestream that will be on air from 8pm to  4am in the morning on halloween night. This announcement will take place somewhere between the beginning and middle of the livestream and will clearly be heard via, what else, but the sound of an obnoxiously loud cow.


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 What have others been saying?


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A Night in The Forest – Survival / horror game

Endnight Games’ The Forest is the new indie game phenomenon that has been taking the steam community by storm

Based on an island full of unforgiving blood thirsty cannibals who thoroughly enjoy taking mangled limbs and making them into the bloodiest effigy you’ve ever seen, The Forest is a survival – horror game that gives you something a bit different in your gaming life

What’s the story behind the forest?

Although the game doesn’t have much of a story, the idea behind it is that you are on a plane (a rather empty one at that) to somewhere unknown with your son who is peacefully sleeping on your arm until the plane hits some turbulence which jolts you both back to reality. The plane points it’s nose directly towards the ground as the cockpit is torn out and you hit the tree canopy at an alarming rate only to plummet to the floor of the forest. You wake up and see your son with a large bare – chested figure looming over him.This is the first cannibal you’ll encounter and the least scary as he doesn’t attack you- instead he picks up your unconscious son and takes him away. Although you never talk to your son the game does it’s best to form a bond between the two of you which by the looks of things, seems to be working in most cases.


The community’s reaction to the child is generally “Put my son down!”. This however did not work for me, I kind of just said to myself “Get off of me you freak” when he attempted to rest his head on me. When you see your first effigy that is…..heavy in a sense. You see a child’s shoe dangling from it’s lace and of course your first reaction is “That is probably my son’s shoe”. If you bonded with your silent doll – looking child this might get to you and either spark a feeling of horror or anger towards the cannibals, tempting you to go on a cannibal killing spree… (I wouldn’t recommend this).

Keep those cannibals out with a good old drafty log cabin

The game starts you out with a hunting shelter made up of a few sticks, rocks and logs. The only thing it’s actually good for is sleeping and saving.Then you can upgrade to a log cabin which take an obscene amount of logs to build. (around 82 logs to be precise ), although it does keep cannibals away meaning you can sleep in peace at night. If you care enough you can use the custom building which at the moment isn’t very elaborate (but please note we have only looked at an alpha review copy). As of now it only has walls and windows, but most probably is going to be expanded for the full game release on steam,


Survival,traps and cooking!

The Forest handles survival very well – always keeping you on your toes at the moments you least expect it.  The first time I came across a group of cannibals I nearly soiled my pants, not only do they hit hard, they  have ridiculous amounts of health and look like complete psychos! Be aware: they will also take great pleasure in devouring your face.

Currently there are only two traps ; The “Deadfall Trap” and the “Happy Birthday Trap”. Both kill instantly and require small amounts of sticks, logs and rocks. Currently it may not be the best of ideas to build these as who know, there could be a cannibal creeping up behind you right now…

Lastly with cooking You can’t eat raw meat as of now but you can put it on a campfire and cook it. If a  piece of lizard takes your fancy or maybe a bit of rabbit and fish,  just take a little stroll through the forest (careful not to bump into any human eating lovers) and you will be bound to find one of these edible creatures.


A second chance to death

Upon your first “death” you get a second chance. Rather than dying and it ending the game you are taken to a cannibal cave where you are given stats on the amount of fellow passengers you’ve found….only this time they’re dangling from the ceiling by their feet with blood running from their head; dripping onto the cold cave floor. This in itself brings on a feeling of fear not to mention that there is a table in the corner with a half dismembered body with an axe jammed into it’s hip surrounded by candles embedded in human skulls dimly lighting the surrounding bloodstains and loose limbs.

Luckily it is not all bad: you can collect quite a few useful items in here such as the rusty axe which can be found embedded in a body on the chopping table. If you were to wonder over past the small indoor lake you can find a flare gun along with some ammunition – The flare gun is great for lighting cannibals on fire, but we’ll get into that later.


Burn baby burn! Killing a cannibal with a flare gun…

As well as crafting traps you could just hit the cannibals with anything from: a rock, a bomb, or even the first axe you are given (the rock quite frankly is not ideal). The plane axe is formidable but when it comes to a melee weapon the rusty axe is probably your best bet as it swings in a much larger arc. If you are in desperate need tp for disbanding a group of cannibals molotov cocktails are great, as all you can take great pleasure in watching them burn for a few seconds before finishing them off when they’re on the ground (by making them disbanding them into a pile of limbs and body parts). The bombs do exactly as you’d imagine, you throw them, they go boom, cannibals die. They are very powerful but as of now they need to be crafted with electronic circuits which are very hard to find however the flare gun is a very different story. Being  the best when it comes to ranged weapons. It takes very little skill or accuracy to use, does high amounts of damage and can light multiple enemies on fire with a single shot to the body. All in all the best combination would be a rusty axe and a flare gun.


The first cannibal kill, the first time you see your trap brutally murder an inhabitant and the rest of the brutal and sadistic joy this game brings on.

All in all it is a fantastic game with a lot of bugs. Ridiculous amounts of the stuff, bugs left. right and centre, and as much as it hinders the alpha experience, the game delivers where it is supposed to. It is meant to be a survival – horror sandbox game; it is certainly open world with gritty survival and local inhabitants that do indeed have an atmosphere of horror lingering when they decide to scratch your eyes out with their overgrown nails and then run away as they scurry up a tree waiting for easy prey. It has given me hours of fun for nothing more than 15$ on steam.

The game has massive amounts of potential as well, but as of now it is feature complete enough to be worth 15 dollars. Overcoming some optimization issues (which are being worked on) the game should have a lot of customization when it comes to the graphics and rendering of the game. The animations are smooth, the AI is challenging, and you get extreme satisfaction when you watch your first tree topple.

Let us know what you thought of the game, or why not check out some of our other reviews of some really great indie games