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One word.


How could a game with dinosaurs not be awesome?

Ok. So now that I’ve got your attention let’s get down to the details:

Putting this straight out in the open, at the time of writing this, the game is not terribly well optimised. However that can be expected from a early access game right?

In Spite of this, and some really dodgy frame rate drops, you can still tell the developers are doing all they can to improve the playing experience every single day.

(As seen with one of their most recent updates that gave me a +10 fps boost)

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Is the survival games market too saturated?

It’s no lie:

Recently we’ve seen a huge influx of games within the Survival games genre.

This makes it important more than ever for a game like this to offer something unique to the player that’s different from the thousands of others out there.

In this instance the unique factor is of course dinosaurs

I have now learnt the difference between a pareiasaurs & a brontosaurus, why you shouldn’t pick a fight with three dilo’s at the same time and that T-rex’s little hands are pretty darn funny.

This allowed me to feel immersed in a reality where dinosaurs are alive and well, really pointing to the fact that it would be silly for a dino-fanatic to not at least give this game a go.

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But there is more to just dinosaurs.

I’ve played many a survival games, most recently ranging from Dayz Standalone, Rust and even the Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy.

None of them even came remotely close to the feature enriched game I now found myself playing.

As I’ve said before if we look beyond the fact that a R9 270x was barely getting 30fps on low settings, then you’ll be pretty surprised of how thought out this game is.


It definitely doesn’t end here.

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A Map bigger than I could explore

As soon as I see a new survival game hit the market, my immediate reaction is to give it a try, and this philosophy didn’t change here either.

(And I am glad about that too)

Creating a game with so many immersive features, decent graphics  and a MASSIVE map is a pretty tall order.


Tramadol Online Overnight Visa have done an amazing job at executing all of this whilst still in early access.

I would even go as far to say  that I believe this game has already reached further limits than Dayz and Rust combined.

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Yeah but What makes this game soooo much better?

Good question.

As I keep mentioning, Ark survival is feature rich.

But what exactly does this mean?

Let’s put this into perspective: At my measly Level 15 I hadn’t even unlocked ⅙ of the content available to me which includes items such as:

  • Tool Forge
  • Metal tools
  • Irrigation pipes
  • Metal spikes
  • Stone arrows

I had only explored a fraction of the MASSIVE map and had only been able to explore above ground let alone the intricate cave system that weaves through the entire map…

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Building & crafting mechanics to be proud of

As with any modern survival game, it’s essential to provide a solid and intuitive building & crafting system to allow for maximum enjoyment.

With the simple “snap and place”, building a own dream house will be an extremely easy and satisfying process.

But you need to watch out for this:

Yes the mechanics are great, but if you’re newly spawned into the world I can guarantee you it will be near impossible for you to build any kind of structurally sound base.

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The thatch houses are very easy to break into, meaning all of your valuable gear will be at risk. Furthermore, until you’ve ranked up considerably you won’t even be able to unlock wooden walls let alone a wooden door.

If you play this game you need to invest serious time into it to get to a stage where it’s actually safe to log off a server.

At least you’ll be able to do crazy character customisation…

Forget dinosaurs, forget craftables, this was the thing that surprised me the most:

As is made obvious from my in game screenshot below, my character is literally a slab of meat.

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That’s all thanks to the CRAZY character customisation available in game. If your dream has always been to play as a shrunken dwarf with an overgrown head then go for it!

Why discriminate against the way someone looks when you can be anything you want?

(I guess this makes it okay to skip leg day now?)

Is it a game for you?: Putting things into perspective

Ark survival is a few updates away from being the very best it can be:

As of now it needs some TLC to match itself to the unique player base that comes with it. I’d like to see how things turn out to be after a few months have past because that’s when it will unlock its full potential.

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Of course there’s always a few things I’d like added to the game such as:

  • Mating of animals
  • Dual wielding (torch and tools in same hand)
  • Stone houses
  • Tutorial support for new players

(some of these are actually planned to be introduced)

If it wasn’t for the wonderful server I joined and support from colleagues who have tried the game at home I would of been totally lost. Besides who has time to read the wiki?

(Okay, I did read the wiki but that’s not the point)

Ark survival will have to focus more on the experience it gives to the newer players as this is one of the small hurdles that’s holding it back.

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With that said:

If you enjoy survival-esc games I recommend you give this game a go once the optimisation has been given the all clear.

As always a survival game is much better when played with friends, so make sure you have someone willing to buy the game with you.

Oh and a very very good pc…

…for the time being.

Do you already own Ark: survival Evolved?

What do you think of this survival game?

I’ve enjoyed playing the game but what I want to know is your opinion on the genre so let me know in the comments section below. As always thanks for reading and feel free to share this article with a friend.