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Most addictive games of all time!

There are many games that gamers around the world play to death. (quite literally in some cases)

In this article I explore:

  • What these games are?
  • Why they are here?
  • How addictive are they?

Here are a few that I think are the MOST addictive games.

Dota 2.


Let’s kick things off with the game that has the largest concurrent user base on steam. Valve’s very own Dota 2.

So why is it here? Why is it SO addictive?

Well it is here because at the time of writing it has a peak of 768,351 concurrent users, that’s a whole lot of people playing one game! It also has a thriving esports following with the top 4 prize pools being for Dota 2.

Some reasons it’s addictive:

  • It is FREE!!!!
  • It is competitive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Another hit from Valve here is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This wonderful game (in my opinion) takes the second spot on the popularity list for steam games with a peak of 580,061 concurrent users.

CS:GO is the fourth game in the series and is by far the most popular. Again, it has a massive presence on the esports scene which helps because you compare yourself to the pros.

The competitive nature again pushes us towards that elusive Global Elite rank that we can see but not reach. Also the skins are addictive in their own right, having a better knife than someone gives you a feeling of superiority. And that is good.


World of Warcraft.


Here we have a classic PC game and the front runner in MMO titles: World of Warcraft.

Being an MMO WoW offers hundreds of quests and different things to do throughout your time playing. This causes players all over the world to play for hours on end trying to discover everything the immersive world has to offer.

A bonus for WoW would be that it has parts of the game that are free to play this makes the game easier to start and get addicted to.

It is such a large game now that the company that owns it, Blizzard Entertainment, even have their own event: Blizzcon

And of course we all remember the viral Leeroy Jenkins video right?


Team Fortress 2.


As stated in our Best Free to Play Games article Team Fortress needs no introduction.

Even though it is many years old now it still has thousands of users playing.

This is probably due to it being free to play and just generally a stress free gaming experience. As you don’t have to worry about a rank or winning it becomes a easy game to lose yourself in.




Going back to a classic retro game for this one.

Tetris has been out now for a huge 31 years! In this time it has had countless remakes and many people have tried to accomplish the infamous grand master difficulty with many not achieving this.

This game has spanned generations and now with app versions has allowed us to be addicted on the go!


The Sims.


This has to be one of the most fundamental PC gaming series ever.

I would be shocked if you haven’t played one of the games in this series.

Even though in recent years it hasn’t been as popular as it used to be The Sims is still addictive due to the fact you can live an alternate life.

You can be a writer, office worker and even be a thief! The possibilities are endless with this game and that is why it is addictive.

You can live a life quickly and however you want.


Call of Duty.

CoD MW2 15-Nov09-28

Ever since the fourth entry to this series, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, COD has been projected into the centre of staple console games.

Every yearly iteration of this game has hundreds of thousands of players online and in the single player (yes even COD: Ghosts).

With nine games each offering an exciting story line and multiplayer I can see why these games are so addictive.


Civilisation V.


As the only 4X game on this list Civilisation V is also holding the place of most 4X games.

I have spent hours and hours perfecting my skill against the AI only to have all that effort slapped in my face by my friend Isaac.

The core game itself doesn’t lend to being addictive however with all the expansions available the game opens up to many possible tactics to try, then to perfect, then to fail to employ against your better friend. Damn you Isaac.

Also, the hilarity of crushing your friends pikemen with Giant Death Robots never gets old.


Starcraft 2.


Starcraft has the perfect blend of science fiction and old school real time strategy thrills leading to it being incredibly addictive.

Don’t believe me? Well in 2005 a South-Korean man DIED after playing the game for a whole 50 hours straight.

So yeah, it is pretty damn addictive.


Fallout 4.


Seen as Fallout 4 made its debut earlier this year and destroyed attention for any other releases that were even around the same day *cough* Rise of the Tomb Raider *cough*

I know many of the DoubleUpGaming team members have already been playing it for hours on end.

This spot however is for all Fallout games as they have set the bar for a genre and have held many players in its tight grasp for hours and hours.




Quite obviously Minecraft had to come to this list at some point so why not save the best til last?

Minecraft has proved to be so addictive that there is now an event dedicated to the game: Minecon. There have also been countless games that have tried to replicate Minecraft’s success however none have even come close.

Also rumor has it that Minecraft’s concurrent user list rivals Dota 2 and even surpasses it. Although seen as it isn’t on Steam this data is harder to come across.


All in all a list of good games that are incredibly addicting.

Do you agree with our list? Have any games that you feel were left out? Tell us in the comments!