Syndicate Project Interview (Insomnia55 Exclusive)


Today’s article features an Exclusive Syndicate Project interview from Insomnia 55

So yes:

We went down to I55  last year and I can tell you now we had a blast!

Whilst there we teamed up with a few of our friends, Razor and Syndicate to bring you an exclusive insight into the life of a Gaming Youtuber.

Interested to hear what he had to say?

We tried something a bit different this time round:

Getting the camera out and mics turned on we decided to not only produce this article but also bring you the below video from our Youtube channel:

So let’s drill down into who Tom really is:

Tom Cassell: Youtuber since 18 years of age

Tom started his Youtube channel on the 3rd of September 2010 (originally with Halo and MW2 videos mind you)

Interestingly his major claim to fame came when he started to release Call of Duty Zombie videos alongside with his popular “The Minecraft Project” series.

Since then his channel has skyrocketed making him into the respected UK Gaming figure he is today with literally millions of fans worldwide.

And Today?

He’s agreed to take part of this Syndicate Project interview exploring a Gaming Youtubers life.

Tom Syndicate at 18 years of age - ~Syndicate Project Interview

Tom’s move from daily content to Live Streaming

If you’re a fan of Tom or have been watching the Youtube space quite closely, then you may have noticed that the balance of Livestream vs Daily content has tipped significantly in the favor of streaming.

In what seems a hot topic for many YouTubers is this modern age is whether or not to make the switch to entirely livestreaming or to try and combine the both.

It’s extremely rare to find a popular YouTube channel that does not do at least one form of Livestreaming.


It seems that Tom’s decided that he wants to switch things up a little more (amongst his hectic lifestyle) and use the twitch platform to further his gaming career.

tom in a helicopter - Syndicate Project interview

Is this a bad thing?

Well it’s hard to say…

The one thing we seem to know for sure though is the impact of these decisions can have a large impact on the Fan community.


During our Syndicate Project interview when we posed a question regarding Tom’s move to Livestreaming and then later move back to daily videos.

It was interesting to receive this response:

It’s my channel at the end of the day. I managed to have a really good success in moving over to twitch.

And that’s no word of a lie.

In the relatively short space of a year (In which he’s been taking twitch on a serious level) he managed to grow his channel to over 2.3 Million followers.

Back to Youtube

I wanted to know if Tom felt this move had a negative impact. “Negative impact, maybe, but I did it because I wanted to do it. And if I ever feel like doing it again , I will do”.

Does this mean that Youtube is lacking in an ever expanding video space?

Obviously this all begs the question, if the move to Twitch was so easy for Tom, whats stopping many others from doing the same thing?

I was hoping youtube were going to come out there with something. So I went over to twitch.

Youtube obviously spotted this problem early on which is why after the failed acquisition of Twitch, they tried a different tactic.

Youtube Gaming screen intro - Syndicate Project interview

Youtube gaming.

Tom has already stated to us that he’ll “use it a little bit” but doesn’t know fully as “Twitch is like my homeboy.”

It’s hard to tell at this point how well YouTube Gaming will go down however like many other Youtubers, Tom is willing to give it a go.

Tom’s Tips, difficulties and changes since starting.

Naturally when talking to Tom we wanted to know what contributed to so much of his success.

And he had one very clear message.


According to Tom it’s more important than ever to keep consistency whilst operating within a YouTube space.

People know like a television show. Every week at this time. Every week at this time.

Without this clear cut and set schedule that his viewers have come to know he wouldnt of been able to grow quite as quickly as he did.

“My viewers, they know I upload a video every single day at 6pm (apart from the days I don’t upload.)”

And it’s true.

Ask any major video uploader and they’ll tell you the exact same thing. If you want to grow and expand your channel the easiest way to do this is from have a regular time that your fans know.

Tom and his sister alice smiling - Syndicate Project interview

Difficulties with Youtube?

Of course becoming the UK Youtube gaming sensation that tom is does not come without its difficulties.

One of Tom’s first and most underlying problem when starting out was the lack of support from his family.

My dad told me this is stupid, and to stop doing it, he didn’t understand it, didn’t really trust it.

In what can almost seem the impossible to some people, and despite the discrepancies with his dad, he persevered through what can be a very difficult situation to some people.

“Other than that, internet problems and YouTube never working. Otherwise it’s been pretty smooth sailing.”

In most circumstances, these are the main causes for concerns when starting small. Along with hardware and time of course.


If there is one thing to take away from these difficulties it is that we learn from them and find ways to keep going.

tom at a party - Syndicate Project interview

Did Youtube change Tom?

Tom started Youtube from 18 years of age. This of course means that plenty of other things have had a chance to influence his development as a person.

In Tom’s own voice, “I’ve developed as a person growing up throughout your life.”

Of course Youtube Changes you, and in more ways than one:

After working with so many young children from his audience Tom has had to adapt the way he interacts with certain demographics.

It’s made me more social and capable of handling all sorts of situations.

Of course ordinary, everyday people don’t get pestered by writers such as ourselfs for a Syndicate Project interview nor do they get recognised when out and about.

And some point there becomes a tradeoff of privacy that you can never quite reclaim.

Syndicates most important tip to new channels

Building a new channel is by no means an easy task.

The Youtube space out there is not what it used to be, its become:

  • Highly saturated
  • Fiercely competitive
  • Chance orientated

However with Tom’s main tip you might be able to fight through this.

boat race

The tip?

Original and new consistent content.

“Everyone else can put a webcam on, play a game and talk random sh*t. They need to be fun edited videos, bring something new to the table.”

Of course it can be extremely difficult to create new and interesting content amongst a sea of so much other content.


If you take Tom’s tip and apply it to your existing content you may find new ways to approach your audience.

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