Syndicate Project determined to meet and greet all fans


Insomnia52 is now under way and as you may know by now The Syndicate Project is attending – but what you may not know is that Tom spent over 3 and a half hours meeting and greeting as many fans as he could.

The event features a meet and greet session where many fans get to meet their idols in the flesh and have a photograph or signing. for most youtubers they stuck to their allocated time and made it out safely to the VIP area, but not Tom.


Over 200 people got the chance to meet

Due to the sheer amount of people who wanted to meet their idol staff at insomnia52 had to limit the session to just 200 people to prevent the time slot running over schedule. However unlike most syndicate wanted to find out the person he was meeting, show them who he really was and give them a moment to remember.


It took over 3 hours to see all fans

Running a span of over 3 hours Tom slowly got through to the last person giving them the same amount of attention as anyone else (all be it a bit quicker). Although the razor bus lock in had to be rescheduled for 7pm I got a chance to catch up with him on the bus where he still trooped on meeting the lucky winners that got the chance to play games with him.


With so many people it can be hard to get to places

But things have not been so easy for the UK’s number one subscribed YouTuber. Event staff had to pull him out of many activities to get him to places on time (which is much harder than it seems due to the sheer number of people who want to have an autograph or a talk) At one point security asked Syndicate to hold on tightly as a total of 6 security guards surrounded him and took him to his destination.


With another 3 days on the clock Tom is set to meet with another lot of fans today and will still be roaming around the event

Let us know if you have had a chance to meet the guy in person or maybe tell us what you think of him. Regular updates from #Insomnia52 will be kept on our social media and website throughout the weekend

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