Steam summer sale dates leaked

gabe steam sumer sale

Its that time again… where we just can’t help but grab as many games as we can before our wallets go bare and the children go starving:

Yes of course we are on about the steam summer sale! After a leaked image was posted on NeoGaf the news has been flooding in at an alarming rate that the steam summer sale may be arriving to raid our money on the 19th June 2014

steam summer sale leaked

Brace yourselves: 19th June 2014

Although this information is from a leaked source, the information should be pretty reliable as these sales usually start around this time – last year in fact the sale started on the 11th of July… This news could of course be a bit premature but hey we are all looking forward to it right? right?

I sit here slowly clasping on to my money, hoping that steam will not come and take it away from me

Brand new steam community badges?! Oh it must be a coincidence…

We have also seen some new mysterious steam badges in the community market which only goes to show that Valve is preparing for the summer sale.

_1402520024 (1)

Can we believe it?

As with any leaked information it is not 100% reliable or accurate. We may expect some changes to the final leaked information but hopefully it is reliable enough to actually happen on the 19th – 30th June. The only true way to find out is to wait and see…

What next for the Summer sale?

Now is a great time to prepare your wish list, for the games you want most – because even if you’re not a hard core pc player, some of these offers are going to make you spend! You can also let us know about what games you may intend to buy or how you aim to not throw your money at the screen.

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