Steam summer sale 2013 kicks off!

dont starve

Yes! This summer kicks off to a flying start after steam launches their summer sale 2013 with some amazing deals…

Now is your perfect chance to grab some great deals from the steam summer sale for all your gaming needs. with sales of up to 75% steam are practically giving you the games for free, plus buying discounted games now earns you an all-new collectible in the form of Trading Cards!

Some of the great deals include:

don't starve -Steam summer sale

Giving discounts to the games you love!

A great added benefit of this amazing steam summer sale gives you Community’s Choice Voting Sales, which discounts your favorite games every 8 hours! This is where steam puts three games on offer and asks the community which one they would like a discount on the most  However it doesn’t stop their… Steam are also launching over hundred Daily Deals all the way up until July 22, which gives you the chance to save big on some great titles.

If you are currently a steam user you can add the games you love to your wish list and you will get a notification when the game comes on sale just like that. Be aware though – due to the summer sale the steams store is getting swamped with too many users rushing to grab the great deals, so make sure you are quick and get in there first before the deals end.

Let us know if you will be buying any of these games and what you personally would like to see on sale, what is your favorite game? what is the best deal you have seen on a game? And what would you like to see next from steam?

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