Save the Comet: Space Arcade for your Android  


I had the chance to dive into this strangely addictive game that offered me everything a good arcade game should, while keeping the goal as simple and interesting as a more complex game might do. Let’s hop on a journey through the void…


The Game UI has a very simple design: a spacy background, three main buttons (shop, achievements and play), information, stats and rankings in the corners and a share button in the bottom that flips around and shows you where you can share your scores and achievements. The game supports connections to Google Play Games and you can also enable it to post to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The game is available in Turkish, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

I would like to point out one more gimmick – if you look at the logo of the game, it sort of looks like the caption of a comic book or a film, which gives the game a very nice overall touch.

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After a quick tutorial, you are ready to make your first move. The goal of the game is as simple as the design – you travel through various levels of space and all you need to do is keep the comet safe and collect stardust, which you get by pulling a planet or an asteroid near you. The trick is to press on a planet and pull it slightly towards the comet so it can collect stardust. Some planets contain more stardust than the others, but the silver asteroids we see on the picture can be used to spin around the comet to gain more stardust.

You simply have to pull one planet to another close enough to your comet and let it keep on its journey. In order to gain more points, you need to land combos, which you achieve by pulling the planets or asteroids fast enough.

Additionally, some asteroids or planets have moons. Those moons will be absorbed by the comet and will get you more points. Meteorites, however, will destroy your comet and you will lose the game in no time. A fun fact is also that you can destroy planets and asteroids, as well as meteorites by letting them collide into each other, which is a nice option if you just want to make a mess in outer space. With the right amount of points collected, you travel to many other levels of the game with lots of other enemy planets and extra-terrestrial bodies  to avoid. The closer the planets go by your comet, the more bonus points you’ll get.

One of many levels in the game is the Crimson Realm: a hostile area with lot of meteorites, explosive volcanic planets and large asteroid showers. This level is designed to be much harder than in the beginning and has a brilliant design! Besides, it will require every skill you have to survive this environment.


As I mentioned earlier, this game is made of all components an arcade game needs. It just takes a few seconds for you to dive into adventure. However, things can turn out pretty bad for you – if you don’t pay attention your comet is going to go down in a blast! You only have one chance to shine, so choose your path wisely and watch out for your comet. As exciting as this game may be, it’s as frustrating as any other arcade, indie game that you can play anytime you want to waste some time. The fact that the game ends after your comet gets destroyed, as well as you have to start all over again makes it sometimes difficult to keep your patience, especially if you’ve travelled through lots of different levels. However, there are many chances to extend and sustain you on the vast journey – with the points you collect in game you are able to buy many things in the shop, like the Ouroboros perk, with which your comet gets reborn and you can continue your journey.

Besides the power-ups you can buy in the shop, you can also customize the game components. For example, you can get an alien skin for your comet or make the planets look different. However, many power ups are too expensive to earn them in the game but you can buy it with the in-game billing option;  if you don’t mind giving up a small amount of money you can purchase many things that will make the game look prettier and more enjoyable.

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Moga Mecha has made a very interesting game with a very futuristic design that has put every component together as an arcade game should have.The game is perfectly made not only for high end phones but also for phones with perhaps a lower resolution. It worked perfectly on my mid-range phone without any sudden lags or large impacts on the phone’s RAM or CPU capacity. As such, it is a perfect game to play on any occasion, whether you are travelling, waiting for a bus or just sitting at home and want to have a great time. Also a positive accept  is that the ads in the game are not playing you a video of  HayDay®, for example, which I find quite annoying. Onesmall suggestion to the developers may be that they should change the option that lets my softkeys light up all the time while I play which does suck a lot of my battery power in a rather short time.

After playing this game for nearly 10 days in a row; it has given me lots of fun, an exciting journey through space, as well as a lot of “no” shouts every time I lost a game.

However, there were certain things I don’t like. At first, it is very hard to extend the game to further levels because at some point, the game becomes very difficult and you will need a lot of concentration to get through a level. The frustration that comes with the loss of every attempt is not as great as it was with Flappy Bird® for example, but hey, what would an arcade game be without the head shaking you make each time you lose?

Overall, Save the Comet is a great arcade game with definitely a bright future not only in the Turkish Google Play Store charts. I would recommend this game to every arcade lover that likes retrospective design and music combined with great physics and   addictive gameplay. Besides little things that may be not made by the newest development standards, I think this game can keep up with any other arcade action out there in the Google Play Store. I can only hope that Moga Mecha will continue to surprise us with a lot of great games in the future.

If you would like to download the game, you can head over to the google play store here. We would also like to know your thoughts on the game and whether you may give it a download ( feel free to leave a comment) 

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