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Rebel Galaxy – What’s With This Space Obsession?

Rebel Galaxy is a new Indie open world space trucking game.

Released in October of last year Rebel Galaxy is the most recent game to come out of the “space hype” that I think is going round at the moment.

What do I mean by this hype?

Well in the older days of gaming (and the early days of star wars) there were many games devoted to exploring or fighting amongst the stars, however, recently this passion has dwindled.

The only massive game franchises that are vaguely space themed now are Mass Effect and Halo. But they’re just shooters set in space and not a true space game in my opinion.

Due almost entirely to the reawakening (get the pun?) of the star wars franchise many new space based games have cropped up.

So where does Rebel Galaxy fit into this?

As I said earlier Rebel Galaxy is an ambitious open world (technically open galaxy) game.

You can pursue many routes in your time including:

  • Trading
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Pirate-ing (is that a thing?)

I will talk about some of these ‘jobs’ if you want to call them that later.

Any of these take your fancy?

If not:

I guess you can just take the simple route and do the main campaign missions, although I do wish you the best of luck with that because it would be almost CERTAIN suicide.

For example:

Rebel Galaxy relies on the player taking on side quests to further improve their ship and their combat effectiveness, or their ability to run away I guess.

So what are the main campaigns / side quests?

Main Campaign

Whilst I myself have not yet completed the campaign  (Although the taste I’ve had so far is good), it can become a bit repetitive at times.

A considerable amount of the missions involve going to one place, fighting people, and coming back (in one piece).


To be honest this is a game that can do that very well as each encounter still feels very different in very subtle ways.

The amount of different ships means that no two skirmishes are the same and this, along with random encounters on the way to your destination, makes for some very enjoyable game play.

The Side Quests

There are an incredible amount of side quests and each one has different rewards which cause different interactions with factions.

Whilst the factions are, in my opinion, underdeveloped the missions you have to do are still quite fun.

Don’t worry though:

As you progress through the game each quest earns you more money whilst becoming increasingly difficult.

Side Quests

Of course the more money you earns obviously relates to nicer stuff for you!


This leads me into the ship customisation, which there is A LOT of. (so make sure to pay attention)

Weapons, Defence and Components

Weapons, Defence and Components

Now, there’s a whole load of different weapon and defence types that basically show you what sort of level you are at. Without using an explicit levelling system.

Each different weapon you buy and equip will effect your play style for example; when playing with Tachyon Cannons you’re likely going to be getting up close and personal with your enemies to blast them away.

You’ll have to learn how each new weapon works and when is the best time to use them.

There’s also different shield types which also change how you play.

Do you buy the shield that can take a lot of damage but recharges slowly, or do you go for the low damage resistance with fast recharge time?

All these choices matter when deciding on customising your ship.

Moar Ships Whaaat?

The Mastadon

So, the picture above is my current ship betsy, don’t mock it.

It is a beautiful little ship and I’m in love with it.

This is only the second ship in the game that you can use and is the same class as the starting ship.

In total there are eight different classes of ship ranging from Corvette to Dreadnaught.

Whilst each ship has different attributes each class is slightly similar.

Below is the Manticore which is the highest class of ship you can get at the start of the game but it is by no means the highest class in the whole game.



The combat in Rebel Galaxy shares a lot with the naval combat in Assassins Creed: Black Flag, but far more fun as it is in space.

You have your usual broadsides to blitz people with and you get a multitude of other weapons that can either be AI or manually controlled.

It’s very satisfying to blast your enemies away with your broadsides and see them disappear in a massive explosion.


But Josh what if I don’t want to fight people?

Well then you can trade of course!

Comodities market

So above is the Commodities Market that is essential to understand if you want to make any money whatsoever.

The graph on the right shows the history of the price of the product and the age old saying of “buy low, sell high” comes into play.

You can of course make the market your own though!

Every action has a consequence

If you intercept a trade convoy on its way to a station you can influence the prices of many products so that you can earn more money!

Bars and NPCs

I have to admit that the voice acting of the NPCs is amazing in this game, except the alien languages which are just noises.

For the remainder of English speaking voice actors their work is great so hats off to them!

Each conversation with a key NPC has many dialogue routes that will affect the outcome and possible story routes, it could also earn you more money which is always nice!

You also get to interact with NPCs at bars like this handsome fellow


These barkeeps can give you some amazing insight to what is happening in your star system.


This information is not always the best as during the 10 minutes it takes to cross the solar system the bounty for example could have already disappeared.

The MASSIVE Map at your fingertips

So as I just said it can take about 10 minutes to cross one solar system and each game has 14 solar systems with jump gates linking them.

This is a picture of the starting system I had on my play through and then the whole galaxy so you can get a feel for what the area is like.

System map

Galaxy map

So Yeah…

There’s A LOT of places to explore.

Each galaxy and system is procedurally generated so no two games are the same.

To get round this massive map Rebel Galaxy has a warping mechanic to zip around the solar system.

And it is a truly beautiful thing to behold.

Another Warp

In Summary

If you like space you will love this game. It’s well acted and the mechanics are on point.

Click here to see Rebel Galaxy on steam for only £14.99!

If you’re still not sure check out the trailer below!

By Josh Lucking

I have always had a passion for gaming and sharing ideas about them with people. While studying at college I started to see my strengths in management so why not combine this with my passion for gaming? Splash a bit of writing in there and that brings me to DoubleUpGaming where I can work with an awesome group of people to do what I love!

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