Quirkiest Christmas Video Games of 2016


With less than a week til Christmas, we have found some of the Quirkiest Christmas styled games to get you into the festive spirit!

Some are popular Christmas Updates for our much loved Steam games; others are mini games, completely free, that you can play while reading this article.

No matter your playing style, these are all just a bit of fun to give you the opportunity to let your hair down and spread a little Christmas cheer. Without further ado, here are our favourite Christmas Video Games of 2016.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage


As you probably guessed from the game, this is not exactly the most festive game in the world but it still has the name “Santa” in it right?  

Set in the Luscious North Pole hemisphere deep inside Santa’s jolly Workshop you may find something you are just not expecting.

I’m afraid Santa seems to be fed with the generation today, always asking for selfie sticks, iPhones and money instead of the presents from 20 years ago and he has taken his rage out on the elves.

Your job in Viscera Cleanup Detail, is to mop the blood of all the elves that crossed Santa’s path during his fit of anger. To ensure the workshop is ready and functional again. I wouldn’t go as far as saying “It is disturbing content” but it is still pretty gruesome.

Like I said, it’s not exactly the most festive game, but it’s still a bit of fun for the meticulous type!

Christmas Lemmings


Next for our Christmas Video Games is Christmas Lemmings.

Based on the franchise of Lemmings whose first installment was released in 1991, your task is to direct a tribe of vulnerable Lemmings to safety by assigning tasks to each Lemming to overcome obstacles.

If you’re not fast enough, the group will succumb to nasty deaths (but not in as much grizzly detail as Viscera Cleanup Detail.)

Each creature has their own adorable Santa’s outfit and all the levels are drizzled with snow, subtly reminding you of the Christmas Season. Many Christmas-themed games had been released in the early nighties but there are many that you can play online.

The Escapists Santa’s Sweatshop


We know what you’re thinking.

“Sweatshop? We came here fun Christmas games?!”

Bare with us.

Santa’s Sweatshop is a DLC for the original game: The Escapists. In this interesting indie original, you play as a prisoner ;you live a daily routine in your prison cell and have one task: to escape.

Of course, with a Christmas DLC, it’s gonna a bit more Christmas-y than that!

This time, you play as an elf enduring the tough regime laid out by Santa Claus. You are desperate to have the old Christmas back so do everything in your power to escape Santa’s Authority:

Fellow Elves, – I’m SICK of this place! Awful pay, no holidays, and a horrible boss! Since Santa’s banned all holiday celebrations, I’m going to get revenge by decorating the tree in his room with some festive cheer! Then… I’m outta here! Signed, (Player)

As this is a DLC, you will need the original game to be able to play it!

Chicken Invaders


Many playing this game will realise its inspiration is taken from the ultimate retro game:

Space Invaders.

In this surprising twist of a retro classic, chickens are the new rising-power that’s dominating space and it’s your job to take them down.

Using your spaceship, you must shoot each fleet of chickens down while avoiding the explosive eggs coming your way!

With the Christmas edition, each evil chicken sports a fancy Christmas outfit for you to destroy along with festive Christmas background music to keep you nodding away.

Super Snow Fight


Disappointed by the lack of snow this Christmas? Hoping for a good old snowball fight with your friends? Or are you like us and just can’t be bothered to go outside in the cold?

This game proposes a new way to enjoy a fun filled multiplayer snowball fight without any real snow. However, you should know that this is a snowball fight with a twist.

Each snowball fight you partake in can have “almost deadly” consequences.

That’s right, not only do you throw generic snowballs, they developers have also thrown grenades dynamite into the mix.

Secret Santa


Finally, a game with a little less death.

Secret Santa is perfect for creating some festive joy with it’s lack of killing and captivating  plot which will keep you not wanting to miss a single moment.

You play as  Father Christmas with a single mission to deliver all presents without being caught. Do this and you’ll be treated to some milk and cookies (yay)

Get caught thought and there’s a chance you might be shot. (Ok we lied there may be just a tiny chance of dying involved.)

Also make sure you avoid all the bear traps waiting to catch you.

Okay, due to your actions, you might kill Santa but otherwise it’s a great Christmas game!

Infinite Air


To anyone reading this article that knows me, I want this.

It’s not necessarily directly related to Christmas however, there’s a whole lot of snow to explore so deserves to be on my Christmas Video Games List. (And Snow = Christmas right?)

Play as world famous snowboarders in “the most authentic snowboarding game to date” and ride through the best powder accessible by man.

Perform tricks and flips to thousands and experience the life of a world champion.

So while you might not be able to meet Santa or see his elves, you can still embrace yourself in the winter spirit.

Unlike other games on this list, Infinite Air is available on Steam as well as Xbox 1 and PS4.

Winter Bells


Contradicting other games on this list, this game doesn’t have an in depth background story and plot to follow.

Instead you play as an adorable bunny set in a glorious winterland whose task is to jump as high as it can using winterbells.

With very basic controls and simple (but cute) animations it’s a great game for passing the time while waiting for the big day.

In fact, you can play it right here

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star


This game series is from another dimension it’s that crazy!

You are a human and you date pigeons; this game is a pigeon dating sim. I don’t know how people come up with ideas for things like this but for some reason, they do.

Anyway, if you want to experience what dating a pigeon is like, reevaluate your life.

Just kidding.

Steam users recommend that you play the first installment in the series: Hatoful Boyfriend. This is so that you can understand the characters and the plot in the Christmas edition.

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with your hunky pigeon boyfriend *wink*.

With the Christmas spirit uniting gamers across the world, we hope that you’ll experience a bit of fun even if it’s just a few of these game suggestions.

We’ve suggested our picks for the best Christmas Video Games, so what would be yours?

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