PS4 Pro Vs Xbox 1S: What’s it all about


A series of gaming announcements have been made this week but the news most talked about is the PS4 Pro and Xbox 1S.

But no has ever seemed to convey how these new consoles would actually benefit me. This will probably be because no one really knows anything about it.

So I’m guessing a number of people also have a lot of questions.

To help you lovely people out, I thought I’d do a bit of research into what makes these consoles so great (or not so great).

In this article, you will discover:

  • What these console have to offer
  • How they differ from their predecessors
  • Which one will be better

To kick us off:

PS4 Pro


Off the bat, this console only differs visually from the original PS4 thanks to an extra strip on the front; obviously not what I’d be paying the extra money for.

The new console brings a whole new variety of specs with it. Your bog standard HD graphics will be a thing of the past once the PS4 Pro is released as it will feature Ultra HD!

Given that your TV is compatible, you can play games and stream shows in the most realistic definition available as your console supports 4K HDR. This is thanks to the graphics processor being twice as fast the original PS4.

Along with better graphics, you can also enjoy higher frame rates (even in those intense high speed games) as well as running games faster meaning your gaming experience will be smoother and a whole lot more realistic.

A list of games has already been released that is said to support the new function including Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dues Ex: Mankind Edition.


This new console is said to be created for the release of PSVR, the virtual reality headset designed to be used with the latest playstation console.

The previous PS4 could not compete with frame rates needed for an enjoyable VR experience – the lack of frame rates could lead to problems such as motion sickness.


this new console should defeat this problem all together.

The pS4 Pro is expected to cost about £50 more than the original and will be released on the 10th November.

There is an update expected for all PS4 owners that will let their consoles support HDR meaning more accurate colour grading but this does not mean that there console will be able to catch up with the PS4 Pro.

If you’re not planning on updating your console,

Do not fear!

Sony are still intending to make games compatible for both the PS4 Pro and the PS4.

Time to see our other competitor:

Xbox 1S


The noticeable thing about the new Xbox is its size.

The Xbox 1S is 40% smaller than the Xbox 1 so for those of you trying to save on room space, this maybe an ideal option.

Not only that, it comes with a funky stand to make storing it even easier.

Now for the cool bit.

The controller has had a face lift to optimize play:

  • Bluetooth so it can connect to your windows 10 PC or phone
  • Sleeker design and added grip on the back
  • Get upto twice the wireless range as the previous controller.


Not only has the controller been optimized, features on the console have as well.

The Xbox 1S will also support 4k and HDR and will even feature a 4K Blu-Ray Player! Snazzy! Stream, watch, and play in Ultra HD.

Enjoy the latest releases of games as well as your Xbox 360 favourites.

They have even made the on button an actual button so that it isn’t too easy to turn off (we know how frustrating that can be).

Now for my favourite bit:

The console is equipped with an internal power supply. 

Im impressed to see that Microsoft have not only looked to match the specs of its competitor but is actually looking for ways to make gaming that little bit easier, setting up and playing your favourite games no longer has to be a task.

The Xbox 1S is out now and can be as much as £100 cheaper than the PS4 Pro. I don’t want to influence you in which console is better but it can be quite hard to hide it sometimes.

Which one is better?

We must remember, this decision is coming from the information that I have discovered regarding the two consoles and it’s funny to say I’m quite disappointed with my decision.

Since the beginning of time – well, as long as I can remember – I have always been a playstation fan.

But I have to say that the Xbox 1S is looking a lot better than the PS4 Pro.

While both consoles have seriously improved gameplay with the addition of 4K and HDR, Xbox have taken it a step further and improved functionality all together.

They have considered everything that was wrong with the Xbox 1 and looked to make the Xbox 1S the most advanced console yet.

And somehow, this console is still cheaper.

Sony have made it seem that the latest playstation is only so the PSVR can actually compete with other leading VR headsets.

It’s also peculiar that Sony didn’t include a 4K Blu-Ray Player on the PS4 Pro given that they were the first ones to introduce a Blu-Ray Player to a console with the PS3.

I know which console I’ll be buying next. How about you? Let me know in the comments below on which console takes your fancy.

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