Poopadoop Clicker: A spin on your usual clicker game

Poopadoop (5)

Today we’re looking at an interesting Indie game.

Forgive me, in this article there’s going to be a lot of poop references

I’m gonna be honest with you here:

When I first loaded up the Poopadoop I thought it looked crap (no pun intended ). I distinctly remember. “great its gonna be another one of those damn clicker games.

However, that’s when things started to change…

Poopadoop turns out to be addictive. Very addictive.

Not soon after a few clicks and a purchase of a rather cute looking bunny I found myself ferociously battling away.

It wasn’t long until I had built my poop defences up with a poop shooting toilet cannon, poop repelling fan and a poop coil to fend away the Poopadoop army.

(I’ve never used the word poop so much in a single sentence.)

Poopadoop was created by developer Caffeine Dreams who first started out in flash development. The initial premise was to take a simple idea (like a clicker game) and make it into something that was still fun but laughably silly. When playing the game it lived up to its name and left me giggling at the intense number of “poop puns”.


Despite this I found the game was lacking in some areas:

I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed to see some quite interesting animations (such as the toilet cannon) and then see lackluster ones in comparison. Instead of seeing the poop on the side of the screen simply wipe in, why not have the poop build up in sequence?

This part turned out to be quite frustrating:

Now it may be just down to me being a terrible player, but as soon as that bloody Poopasaurus came in sh#t hit the fan.

Let me paint the scene for you:

Imagine the perfect defense setup. Imagine the metaphorical hours spent on this.

Now imagine a Poopasaurus barging into the scene and taking all your hard work away from you…

Yes. In one swift move I was starting from scratch with only a gift of poop left. I honestly felt like I could cry as I watched my life dismantle piece by piece before me.


My Poopadoopa ending screen / score

Some may see this as a knock on the game. However If it wasn’t for actually having to write the article, I would of got right back to defending my poop thanks to not having to completely restart

There’s one key thing you learn pretty soon on:

If the enemies manage to pass your wall you better pray that you’ll have a big red button to press otherwise your pooped.

A colourful array of interesting enemies

Believe me when I say there is a MASSIVE list of enemies you could come up against (Some I didn’t even get to meet).

But here’s the kicker.

Each one of these enemies has a unique purpose. From your Poopadoops to Poopasaurus’s they all have their own special abilities within a recurring theme. I’d like to give you a clear idea of just how many there are, so here’s a list of them:

  • Poopadoop
  • Roman Poopadoops
  • Sir Poopadoops
  • Napoleon Poopadoop
  • The Great War Poopadoops
  • Poopatroops
  • Poopasaurus

Waves of enemies that have broken down my wall defences

But it doesn’t end there because there are also special bosses!

  • Joan of Arc
  • The Trojan Horse
  • Deborah Sampson
  • The Ghost of Franz Ferdinand
  • Mad Jack

Notice the theme here?

Thats right, they’re all taken from a place in history.

Yes. A “poop clicker” game features prominent people within military history and is fairly accurate with their attributes too.

I was just as surprised as you are now, but I found it oddly comforting to know that the developer has gone to this extent to make the game different and unique from so many others.

Where the game lacks in some area’s it rebuilds in others

I want to play this game more often, but at the moment there’s simply not enough defences or upgrades for them.

Here’s what I mean by this:

I love to upgrade, you love to upgrade, everyone loves to upgrade! It’s just a general fact of life.

Now you can actually “level up” your defences. It works well enough and will give you enough scope if you know what you’re doing.


A game like this needs the ability for users to upgrade their own weapons when and more importantly how they like. If I have 1000 poop I want to to upgrade my choice of fan and actually see the new stats of this fan update in real time.

Poopadoop (4)

Let’s say I see a massive influx of poopatroopers heading in from the left side, this is then the perfect opportunity to upgrade that particular fan and see a possible a new model of fan replace the old one.

This all goes to say that despite these small things it’s definitely a game of great silly fun.

Who knows maybe in additional updates we’ll see multipliers, the ability to choose your row’s and consistent animations across the board .

The game doesn’t feel complete enough yet but has a lot of potential to be the next big clicker game.

I could spend countless hours attempting to protect virtual poop and you would too if given the chance. Its a game that’s meant to be silly, that’s meant to cause some laughs, and that’s what puts this game in a category of its own.

Poopadoop (1)

I’d personally encourage you to give this game ago from the Google Play Store (and ios once the game has been rebuilt for it)

Oh and let me leave you with one quick thought:

We’ll be adding more monsters/….  I’m thinking tanks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and will give Poopadoop Clicker a go in the near future!

Let me know in the comments below if you agree with me on the game and make sure to share this with your friends if you’d think they’ll enjoy it.


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