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 Minecraft is the must have game for any new, current or even future gamer – however we all have those moments where we have no money to spend and need an alternative way to get things for nothing.

Some of the methods our team have selected below are both legal and illegal (we do not recommend taking the illegal route or take any responsibility if you do use an illegal method of playing Minecraft) so please be aware of what you are doing.

Free, Legal ways of getting minecraft

Believe it or not there are many ways to obtain minecraft without having to spend any money at all. In this article we explore the legitimate ways of getting hold of your very own copy

Share a minecraft friends account

If you have a friend that would be kind enough to lend you their account , then why not give it a go?  This is a great way to easily play the latest version of minecraft without having any worries at all. Many people use this method regularly as it is purely the simplest way to go about playing Minecraft. The best thing about it is you do not have any gameplay features restricted. You will still be able to play all your single player worlds saved to your pc and also be able to play any minecraft server out there.

Download minecraft for free - multiplayer

However this does not come with some restrictions. As you will be playing on your friend’s account you will not be able to use it when your friend wishes to play on an online minecraft server – if you were to try this your friend would be automatically removed from the server they are currently playing. You also need to bear in mind that you will be acting on behalf of your friend so anything you do online will reflect on your friend’s online account. Lastly as it is not your own account you should not  customise it to how you would want it without explicitly asking your friend for permission to do so.

Enter a Legitimate Competition

Although your chances may be slim, there is always the possibility of winning a free minecraft account through entering a legitimate competition. Winning one of these accounts will give you full control over the username, account, customization and multiplayer making it truly your own account. As mentioned above this is not always a guaranteed way to get a minecraft account. Depending on how many people decide to enter the competition your chances could be slim or very high.


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 Play the free version of minecraft, Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is fantastic for players that want to experience minecraft for the first time without having to spend a single penny or even having to ask anyone for help. With minecraft classic you can play it directly from the browser (providing you have the java plug-in). This eliminates the need to download it to your pc, and whats even better is it has  built-in multiplayer on the classic servers.

Download minecraft for free - Minecraft ClassicAs with any other of the solutions, there are some draw back to this method which is pretty obvious. This version of minecraft is 0.30_03 having been created in 2009 – it still has the core features of minecraft however you will not be getting a true experience of the game.

Play the Minecraft Demo

To get the most up to date version of minecraft for free you can play using the demo – this will allow you to play the game in a single player world for 5 in-game days. This relates to around 1 hour and 40 minutes in real life and will result in the world being locked from future play unless you either reset it or buy the game in full.

Download minecraft for free - demo

The minecraft demo will give you a true to life feel to the game however you will never be allowed to play using multiplayer; you will always keep the same world seed, and won’t be able to change game modes.

Download via a Torrent

Not the best suggestion, but you could Torrent a cracked account or launcher via websites such as” kickass” or “the piratebay”  but please note: although you will get the game for nothing this method is illegal in most countries and you could face legal action. We do not condone this method – however it is listed here because it is one of the many methods to get hold of an account fr free.

Lastly we can not forget the one and only easy way to play minecraft…

Despite how long it may take, as long as you have the will to play minecraft, you can actually save up the money to pay for it. Ask your parents, wash the car or do what ever it takes to get the money.

Download minecraft for free  - buy it

With this method you will be directly supporting the developers and you will also feel better afterwards.

What method will you use to get hold of your own copy of minecraft for free? Let us know in the comments below

We hope you find these methods an easy and efficient way to play minecraft. The game is always expanding and providing players with new and exciting opportunities. How will you play your copy of the game and what are you most looking forward to testing out?

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