Plague Inc. Evolved – Under The Microscope (Review)

Alot of great fun that will keep you playing for hours

So,what is Plague Inc. Evolved?

Plague Inc. Evolved is so much more than a port of a 2 year old mobile game.The RTS (of sorts)
is based off of real life statistics.The principle of the game is to start a plague in a single country and evolve it with DNA points you gain from infecting helpless citizens.The player can then go into the DNA screen where you can evolve it’s symptoms,abilities and forms of transmission with the DNA points you gain.The first screen you would probably be using is the transmission screen.You can make certain things subject to infection.You have the choice to make dust,insects,rats,birds,water and blood to blood contact cause infection.Each form of transmission helps in certain areas,for instance,if I were trying to infect West Africa I would make insects and blood to blood contact spread my plague because west africa is a hot country with low wealth.Blood to blood is effective in poor countries,and insects are effective in hot climates.

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What are the main features of the game?

You need to spread your plague……FAST.If you don’t spread it fast enough it’ll be found when there is very little of it,researched and eradicated.If you spread it rapidly it is best to do so under the radar.If it is too noticeable the world will focus all their research on the cure,which trust me,is not good.Too spread it quickly and quietly you should invest in drug resistance which isn’t very noticeable.There are 3 useful screens.The “Cure Screen” , the “World Screen” , and the “DNA Screen”. The “Cure Screen” is used to monitor the cure and the world’s focus on it.The “World Screen” shows the countries infected,the percentage of the world that is healthy,and the amount of deceased humans.It is key for strategizing.Countries like greenland can be hard to infect due to how remote and cold it is.Well to help this you can use the DNA screen.There are four tabs in it.Overview,Transmission,Symptoms and Abilities.In abilities you can evolve drug resistance ,Cold Resistance,Heat resistance and other things.The “Symptoms” screen lets you evolve the well…..symptoms.You can evolve some non-lethal ones that make it more infective or lead down the “tree” of sorts to unlock more severe ones that can cause distractions from work making the cure go slower or evolve some that are even lethal, the most severe of which is “Total Organ Failure”.Yeah,take that in.If you have enough DNA points you can click your fingers and kill the world.

Anything else I should know about the game?

The game is currently in Early Access Alpha.It costs about 13,99 Euros and/or 11,99 Great British pounds

My Score : 8/10
Metacritic : 8.1/10
Gamespot : 8.5/10

The Breakdown

(WIldcard) Infectivity

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