Overcooked: The Ultimate Party Game


2016 has come and gone and yet again, the masterminds behind the “Worms” franchise have graced us with a game so brilliant, we have to mention it!

Team 17 published a game that will truly succeed in entertaining us for hours this Christmas Holiday:


Created for testing our fragile minds to the limit, Overcooked is all about teamwork to pass the inventive levels.

You can choose from a number of budding chefs to represent as you enter kitchens you never thought would have existed.

Designed in mind to make sure cooking is as hard and frustrating as possible, you and up to three others have to complete orders to earn as much money as you can before the time runs out.

Your goal is to train your culinary skills in the wackiest of locations to finally defeat the boss level and save the Onion Kingdom.


You may be thinking to yourself: how on Earth could a game like this possibly be difficult??

Well my friend, you are purely underestimating the power of the game designers at Ghost Town Games.

The levels are designed so that players don’t have access to exactly everything they need so other chefs will have to complete other jobs in the game.

For instance, one has the ingredients and the other is next to the chopping boards so one chef will have to pass the other chef the food. Basically, communication is key t0 completing the game.

With this in mind, there is a single player function where you control two chefs one at a time but you can tell while playing it that’s not what the game was created for.

Multiplayer in this game is extremely entertaining.

This is the function that truly makes the game and that’s why everyone loves it:

While there’ll doubtless be at least one person determined to appoint themselves de facto head chef, Overcooked is, simply put, a hilarious game to experience with a bunch of friends.

– Eurogamer

The more you continue through this game completing the levels, the more intense its gets!

The floor starts moving, the orders are harder to complete, enjoyment intensifies.

But there are so many aspects of this game that make it so unique; we need to go into a bit more detail to understand why this game is such a great party game for everyone to play.

The controls.

This game has been designed with the varieties of players enjoying this game in mind.

Understanding the potential of the amusement achieved with Overcooked, they have created controls that anyone can understand.

When one person is using one controller, there are only three buttons you have to worry about; Three.

Use the left joystick to move your person, X (or A) to pick up items and put them down, and “Square” (or B) to chop up. That’s it!

The observant ones among us would have realised I said “When one person is using one controller”. That’s because there is also the option for two people to share one controller!

Having such simple controls with the use of only a few buttons per player, why not utilise the rest of the controller and share it!

It also allows more people to play in one go if someone doesn’t own enough controllers.

However, playing this way is a lot harder if you’re sharing a controller with someone who’s not particularly good at sharing.

I tried this mode with a member of the older generation who felt they needed a hold of the whole controller to understand what was happening on the one side that they were using; annoying yet fun at the same time.


Team Building

Communication is a must for excelling in this game and I mean it.

If you don’t like the people you are playing with then co-operative play is not the mode for you.

But that’s also why it’s a great party game:

People tend to show up at parties where they like their fellow attendees thus are guaranteed to like the people they play with.

If you’re playing with some people you’ve just met, this is a fantastic way to get to know them. I would consider this the perfect team building exercise.

When we played Overcooked, our strategy would be to start the level, get to know the kitchen and any obstructions and then designate tasks in the kitchen. Of course, in this process, there was always a friend that would consider themselves head chef.


if you don’t like the sound of team work, don’t fret! There is also an awesome competitive multiplayer mode that tests to see who can complete the most orders before the time runs out.


The sheer stupidness of the game.

I mean this as a compliment.

The process to completing the game required steps you would NEVER see in a normal kitchen.

What am I referring to?

I’m referring to the store cupboards that would keep disappearing so, in a rush, I would take as many vegetables as I could and throw them on the floor before they abandoned me.

Let me reiterate: I would store my vegetables on the floor.

In fact, if I ran out of table space, I would continue to store cut and uncut vegetables on the floor.

I’m also referring to the kitchens in which you cook in. Some would be in volcanoes, others would be in multiple moving trucks.
They would be set in incredibly challenging situations with multiple hazards getting in your way.

Each kitchen would break so many health and safety regulations in the real world, it’s unbelievable!


Last but not least:

The characters

Each has a quirky sense about them and some of them are certainly not creatures you’d find in a day to day cooking game!

From Raccoons in Wheelchairs to a box-head man, you never know which character you will unlock next.

You get attached to one in particular to the point you know you’ll fail each level unless you have your favourite character (Mine’s the angry looking cat, just saying).


What makes this game the most ultimate, super-amazing party game ever?!

If I was ever at a party and forced to play a game, what would it usually be? Something like Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just want to sit down and hold a controller in my hand, I don’t want to be physically active. Yet, I still want to be social while I do this. You definitely couldn’t do that with Just Dance.

Another game? One thing a mate would bring to a party would always be Mario Kart.

What makes Overcooked better than Mario Kart? We’ve all played Mario Kart before; we’ve been playing it since we were kids!

I’ve never been offered a party game before that revolves around cooking in ridiculous conditions but I love how Ghost Town Games realised that and now, they have given us the chance.

Overcooked has offered us a way out of the trends of mainstream games such as Mario, Rock Band and so on.

But what makes me like Overcooked so much?

This game is designed to make you happy, not for you to play when you’re happy. 

For me, I think it’s because this game has no reference to parties or celebrations or happiness. You don’t have to play it at a party, but it certainly makes a great impact on the evening!


Overcooked has one complaint…

Many fans have been saddened by the fact that it doesn’t have online multiplayer.

When initially pondering whether online play is necessary, I kept thinking to myself: “Do we really need it? This game is so much fun when playing it with people in the same room!”.

Which is true. People love this game creates immense fun when with friends at a party, round their house etc.


Adding online functions would only be another great thing to add to the game; it would just be another reason to buy it.

I’m not thinking about the hardcore gamers that like to challenge strangers but for the long distance friends who want to find ways to play games together but can’t physically get into the same room.

Overcooked holds the perfect opportunity to reconnect distant friends and family; the developers have created something that can let people forget the miles between them.

The creatives behind this mastermind are apparently considering an online function but this however, hasn’t been confirmed (please please please make online multiplayer).

Have you played this game before?

Tell us your experiences with Overcooked in the comments below.

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