Nightmare Cooperative – a relaxing challenge


Your village has run of funds, so it is up to you to join the Nightmare Cooperative and do your part. You start your adventure with two people in your party, as you progress members might die or you might pick up some more on the way. You start off by working your way through the crypts killing a variety of simple patrolling monsters. Once you have made your way through the crypts you progress to the ice cave below, then to the tech world and beyond.


You start with two random members in your team –  all these members move at the same time following the same up, down, left, and right movements. As you progress through the levels you come across other characters that are in the dungeons, these can be recruited into your team to increase the numbers in your team. Each character has a different ability, from freezing the enemies to summoning skeletons, using up a potion for each cast, all members use their abilities at the same time as with movement. On each level you have to maneuverer your team past varies traps and monsters, collecting funds and artefacts as you gotech1-1024x577

. Once you feel you have done all you can in terms of collecting funds you move on through the stairs in the top right of the map. The combat system works by moving to the enemy and moving into the same space as them which causes the character to attack but it ends your turn letting them attack next turn. In the first few levels all the monsters have two health points which means they need to be hit twice to kill them. To make it more difficult moving towards a monster gives it an attack before you can land a hit adding to the challenge.

If all of your team dies then you are dead and have to start again from the beginning, most permadeath systems can get annoying after a time but as this game is fairly chilled and quick you can return to where you were before in a couple of minutes.

 Meet the team

There are loads of characters that you can recruit to your team including:

Warrior – The warrior is your typical hard hitting hard headed champion, charging into battle and dominating in melee combat. Their special ability is that they hit for two damage unlike the usual one damage.

Archer – The archer is a basic ranged character, taking out enemies from a distance. Shooting straight and true – their ability deals one damage to an enemy in the same row or column within view.

Mage – The mage is wise, casting spells at the enemies to dispatch them quickly. Their ability consists of a similar effect as the archer but instead of straight do the line it fires diagonally.

There are many more characters ranging from ninjas to diggers giving you an arsenal of abilities to equip yourself with to fight your way through the levels.


What lurks in the darkness

The threats that face you in and beyond the crypts are varied with each one as dangerous as the last. You have simple elemental floor traps, acid deals a single damage when you step onto it and lava burns your character to death instantly killing them. Then you have your floor spikes that can be deactivated by hitting the switch plate somewhere in the room. The main threat is the monsters – there are many monsters some which vary from crypts to ice caves and beyond. As there are so many only two simple ones are outlined here:

Patrol Monster – this little spikey critter follows a predetermined path patrolling around that path, attacking only those who come close.

Golden Guard – standing guard until they spot a member of your team, once they have a target they stay in pursuit until they kill or are killed.


A refreshing challenge – Would recommend.

This game is a good to play as a relaxed game, spending small amounts of time to try and beat your current record level. It is defiantly not the kind of game you can play for hours and hours on end but an hour at a time makes it enjoyable. The challenges it presents differs each time you play as the levels are randomised keeping you on your feet and as you try new tactics to try and collect as much gold as you can.

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