New Year’s Resolutions for Gamers


We have stuffed ourselves like the Turkeys we roast and we have no more presents to unwrap. That can only mean that the new year is upon us and we are called upon to return to our usual lives.

As we mourn the loss of the festive season, this time of year introduces opportunities to improve who we are as human beings.

While we dread the thought of returning to monday mornings, we at DoubleUpGaming have devised some New Year’s Resolutions to spice up your lives. Well, your gaming lives that is.

That’s right!

We want our generation of gamers to become the best gamers they can be to take the gaming industry to new heights.


These Resolutions for Gamers should help:

1. Try a game you never would have bought before


This is for the stubborn ones of us who have found their genre or make of game and are sticking to it (FYI, this includes me.)

The Gaming Industry has created a sea of entertaining games ranging from the weird and wonderful to the worst of wars.

And to many player’s surprise, they are ALL in our reach! Life is way too short to be ignoring some of the industry’s greatest successes.

The Prejudice behind certain genres can be due to the design on the cover or the reviews online. Don’t judge a game by its design or its review!

You never know what you might find – I was forced into play Destiny and, judging by the cover, I thought it was definitely not for me. Now I can’t stop playing it!

2. Complete a game only in multiplayer


There are certain gems available today that hold the beautiful opportunity to share the campaign with a second player.

These games can create the best of memories so why not create experiences with someone else?

Complete the main story with a best friend or significant other to “enjoy some quality time”.

This can also be a fantastic solution for long distance relationships.

As long as you both use the same platform, you can connect online to complete campaigns together – a great option for people who don’t have the opportunity to connect in person.

It will also test your ability to communicate effectively to complete tasks and advance in the game thus, improving life skills.

3. Try some retro consoles.


Our consoles never used to be so slim or so portable yet, our founding fathers used to love them just the same, if not more.

The creation of our favourite hobby saw some inspirational consoles including the Atari 2600 and the classic NES, both gaining popularity in the 1980s.

It was these, and more, consoles that inspired the birth of the greats including our well-loved PS4 and Xbox One.

So why not experience the fun our previous generation had and appreciate the length in which gaming has developed.

Wanting to try this New Year’s Resolution myself, I received an NES for Christmas and it’s crazy to see how far Mario has come!

4. Find some Gaming Events and Cosplay.


This resolution is purely for those who want to experience the world and “live to the max.”

It may give you some wonderful memories, you may be able to make some life-long friends. You might not achieve much at all; your costume might be terrible but so what?

I can guarantee you  that you can meet a number of experts in the industry; game developers, designers etc. You can try out some new, awesome games that thousands of overs won’t be able to try for months and discover the future of gaming.

Conventions will prove to you just how many people obsess over the same games as you! You can witness all your favourite characters come to life with some awesome cosplay.

A mini resolution you could add on to this is:

4a. Meet your favourite Gaming Youtuber

There are multiple meetups all over the country so why miss out on missing your idol?

5. Complete a game all the way through


Many games are crowned for their superb online play but this, however, can mean that many campaigns are never touched.

Also, with so many awesome games being released, we by a game and quickly move on to another without returning to the original.

Now, we’re saying enough is enough.

Our resolution for you is to play the game all the way through and to complete the campaign.

Then you can thoroughly enjoy the story as well as not worrying about not having any games to play in the future. Don’t know what to do? Complete the Campaign on that game you haven’t touched since 2011.

6. Stop Pre-ordering games.


Unknown to me, players purchase games before the game is even released for the benefit of some physical and/ or in game items that might be included.

Players also believe they feel the need to “reserve” a copy when the game is released as it’ll be in high demand.

They purchase the game before they know anything about it; before any trusting reviews are available.

To me, this doesn’t make any sense.

First of all, any in game add ons don’t hold much value in the game itself – whether they help you get much further is still to be debated.

Secondly, its 2017. Games are available online and it’s not as if there is a limited amount of downloads thus, the stock is infinite! There is no need to reserve a copy.

7. Stop Judging Console players if you’re a PC kinda guy (and vice versa)


No one deserves your prejudice, at the end of the day we are all gamers doing what we love.

I understand that PCs and consoles each have their own benefits making them more ideal for other players however, there is no need to create a feud between the two.

At the end of the day, we find ourselves loving similar games to everyone else – the only difference being between the platform.

Being such a large and somewhat powerful community, we should find the need to stick together; this being something that can only make our gaming neighbourhood stronger.

I love you PC gamers just the way you are <3

8. Remember to have fun


Some of us have forgotten the main reason we fell in love with our gaming hobby: because of all the fascinating stories we have the power to unfold, the characters we have the pleasure to meet and the unreal worlds we have been allowed to explore.

Games are becoming increasingly competitive and while this creates fast paced, heated scenarios, it can also become more frustrating than enjoying.

Our obsession never grew from games that made our blood boil!

Plus, you’ll find yourself enjoying games less and less and that’s no good.

So if you find yourself in the position of throwing your controller across the room, maybe find some games to calm that bulging vein on your forehead and relax.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t play frustrating games ever, you should find some other, more relaxing options.

These Resolutions for Gamers should fuel your passion for Gaming throughout 2017!

If you have anymore ideas as to how one could make themselves the best gamer ever, leave them in the comments below.

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