New UI changes to Battlefield 4

Battlefields UI sucks… Its not as bad as some games we have seen but it can certainly be improved!

The casual noob that has never laid eyes on a Battlefield game would find it difficult to even comprehend what they are looking at. In light of this Battlefield developers Dice have decided enough is enough and it is time to release a HUD clutter fix.

The above video shows how you can completely customise you HUD experience by adding a range of new settings. Icon visibility, Info zoom and visual recoil are just some of things you can now change to make your experience alot better

You may be thinking that in fact the current state of the battlefield UI is fine

Yes it may be fine, but  have you ever accidently misunderstood an enemy for friendly? Have you ever been in a tight situation and found it difficult to look beyond the icons that glare you in the eye from every direction?

I hate how the screen fills with really prominent colours of m-coms or flags and stuff it’s really off putting.

Well these are just some of the problems the new Battlefield HUD clutter fix will improve upon. In a life or death gaming situation these simple elements could be the make or break of whether you survive or not.  By giving the flexibility of being able to make it just right and how you like it, players will see that their skill and enjoyability will increase.


Will these changes go over to Hardline?

Thats the beauty of it! Any changes made to Battlefield 4, or Hardline for that matter, will be directly interchangeable. This means we no longer have to wait for pointless crossovers that sometimes take months in advance to implement – we can now see instant changes throughout both games, keeping all the players happy.

As many of you may know. Hardline is built on the same engine as Battlefield 4 and features the same amazing graphics that we all love. If you’re a fan of these changes you will be more than happy to know that along side these changes you can also expect the net code update too.

Let us know your thoughts of the updates, are they really needed?

I want to hear what you have to say on the matter.  Is it enough that these new features are only just being implemented nearly a year after its initial release? Do you think that these changes will increase your gameplay experience?

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