New Announcements from Nintendo 2018

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Nintendo have recently made a number of announcements to blow their fans minds:

Detective Pikachu is finally being released globally! While the game was available to Japan almost 2 years ago, the rest of the world will finally be able to experience the crime-solving, coffee-addict Pikachu.

We were all hyped by this news before we then learnt on 17th January about Labo.

Today we will explore:

  • What is Labo and Detective Pikachu?
  • When are they available?
  • Will they be any good?

What’s new from Nintendo?

Detective Pikachu: The Latest Pokemon Game

Detective Pikachu opens up a fresh way to explore the Pokemon world.

While we are used to following a protagonist around a map and completing gym battles, Detective Pikachu sees us solve a mysterious crime with a unique Pikachu.

Our crime solver can not only talk to us, but also has a brilliant sense of humour.

We follow the story of Tim and Detective Pikachu. You solve a number of mysteries around Rhyme City in order to uncover the biggest mystery of all: the disappearance of Tim’s dad.

Once you have gained enough evidence, Pikachu will let you know when you have discovered something crucial to the investigation and will advance deeper into the case.

It is always exciting to here of an alternate story in the Pokemon universe and these games have always proved popular.

The first games to come to mind are Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. 

These games started by asking you a series of personal questions. Your answers would allow the game to assign you to a pokemon that you connect with on a spiritual level and this would then be your avatar throughout the game.

You play as a human that has mysteriously been transformed into a Pokemon.


As a Pokemon, you could explore the cute Pokemon village and interact with creatures that could never talk in any other game!

You would team up with a partner and explore dark, dangerous dungeons while being challenged by rough, wild Pokemon and trying to save a person in distress.

There had never been a game that let you explore from the Pokemon’s point of view quite like this.

The installments of this game started on Game Boy Advance SP and have since the made their way onto DS and 3DS. I’m still a big fan of these games.

Another alternate Pokemon Series to be released was Pokemon Ranger.


While Pokemon still acted as your campaign, it was your job to keep Pokemon and residents safe – you were like the Pokemon Police but cooler.

You had a unique way of befriending Pokemon to help you with your stylus – these games made excellent use of the touch screen on DS.

While all these games have offered a different perspective on the Pokemon Universe, none of the games see humans and Pokemon interacting like Detective Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu will be available 23 March and we are very excited! Not only will we have a new Pokemon adventure to explore but there will also be some awesome Amiibo figures to collect.

Labo: Build Your Own Accessories

Nintendo has also created a new, interactive way to experience gaming.

Labo let’s you sculpt, build and decorate a number of accessories that can transform your Nintendo Switch into items including a piano, a motorbike, and a house!

A program for the Switch is what teaches you how to build it and then introduces various games that work with the accessories.

Not only does it expand all the uses of the current console by adapting the ways you can interact with the screen and controllers, it also taps into the creative side of its fans explaining how rubber bands and bits of cardboard can be transformed into anything!

The innovation behind Nintendo Labo reminds me of the popularity of the Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard was the perfect solution for entry level VR for anyone wanting to experience the technology.

Most people these days have a smartphone and the headset itself was cheap, about £15, so Google Cardboard could be used by millions of people around the world!

This headset is one of the most popular ways to experience VR. In February 2017, 10 Million Google Cardboards had been shipped worldwide and there had been 160 Million Cardboard app downloads!



Does this predict the success of Labo? No.

Labo is not an introduction to entry level video gaming and it certainly isn’t as cheap.

Users of Labo will have to own the Nintendo Switch as well as buy the additional Labo set starting at $70.

As well as this, some users may find the construction of the pieces challenging and would rather be able to buy these things pre made.


Being able to construct complex machines out of basic materials will certainly attract many users to give it a go – I know I’ll be one of the first to try.


Saying no one will like building the sets in this game is like saying no one will like Lego and we certainly know that that isn’t true.

And Nintendo Labo offers a completely unique experience that has never been tried in the video gaming industry to this extent – building the game before you can use it!

Therefore, for this reason, we predict that Labo will be popular by its release and is worth a try for nintendo switch owners.

Labo will be available 27 April in the UK.


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