How multiplayer games are set to change in 10 years time


The ability to play games with other people has been around for quite a while and as time has passed newer multiplayer modes and experiences have been developed to fulfil the need of gamers.

The multiplayer landscape has changed immensely over the  last few years and it will continue to do so thanks to the fact that developers always want to innovate and bring new experiences to the table and more enjoyment for gamers.

Seamless Integration across all games

One of the major things that still is in its early days right now but which will surely be very important in the future, is the seamless integration of multiplayer in a singleplayer experience. Watch Dogs did this recently – basically that means that you can play a game in singleplayer and others can join your session whenever they want and play with you.  This type of multiplayer game is very entertaining and it is certainly something that will be explored by game developers in the years to come.

Additionally, most, if not all online-only multiplayer games will become free to play. The transition already started a few years ago and it has continued because people are tired of paying money for games and monthly subscriptions. Instead the emphasis will be on fun. The monetization will most probably still remain on cosmetics, but because games which are pay to win are not that appealing to gamers, games will move to free play.


Streamlined interface & A cooperative experience

As more and more casual gamers enter the multiplayer game world, the developers will go with a much more streamlined interface and game mechanics. Some gamers think that multiplayer games are being complicated but that will change in the future.

The cooperative experience will most likely get a makeover as well. The focus will be placed on how the gamers collaborate with each other, which will mean that teamwork will play a much more important role. Currently there are many games in which cooperative means that you just play with your friends on the same map but do not communicate and work with them.


Moreover, gaming competitions for multiplayer games will expand a lot more. Many games will be integrated into such competitions with more and more people being attracted to them. This means that more games will integrate streaming and social capabilities for example.


Unification of servers & Cross-genre games

Another change that’s expected from some users is the ability to unify servers and be able to play all your characters on any server you want. For now, your character is bound to a single server and that’s not that good for many gamers. Hopefully this will be a major change within the next ten years.

Hopefully we will also see many cross-genre games as developers experiment and bring new experiences into the mix. A new generation of consoles will definitely be marketed where gamers will have even more graphical fidelity, larger game worlds and so on.

It can be a little hard to pinpoint the exact changes that will be made in the multiplayer games within the next 10 years, but it’s safe to say that they will be much more streamlined, easier to play, and better focused on the gamer’s experience – most game developers know that it is only when you listen to your audience that you will achieve success.

These are only a few things that are expected to be added to multiplayer games, but we are excited to see what the future will bring in this regard.


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