Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games so far

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The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over 3 months so it’s about time we discovered some new games.

We’ve exhausted our Mario Kart and Zelda cartridges, we need some fresh meat to help us escape reality.

Fortunately, Nintendo recently held their spotlight session at E3 and revealed all the great projects they have been working on. Today, we will discover some of those games, and more, that we absolutely can not wait to play!

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Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games so far

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The only way I can describe this, ladies and gentlemen, is as a childhood dream come true.

When I was younger, I had a variety of Raving Rabbid games that featured on my PS2 as well as my Wii and to see my favourite moronic rabbits teaming up with the legendary team that make up the Mario world fills my heart with joy.

The reveal trailer has shown just how manic this game is set out to be as well as the amount of time and effort that has gone into transforming this game from a wild concept to a potential success.

You must set out on an unusual quest to defeat enemies with never seen before weapons to restore the Mushroom Kingdom back to its usual ways.

Each Rabbid looks adorable in his/ her Mario themed costume, this is a game we can not wait to try out.

The good news is we only have to wait til late August this year to play!

Super Mario Odyssey

So this may not come as new news to the majority but Nintendo, earlier this year, announced a Sandbox style game for the infamous plumber.

Super Mario Odyssey is set to release on Nintendo Switch in “Holiday 2017” and there are a number of features to get excited for.

For starters, Mario’s cap has a whole new purpose to the game.

He has the ability to throw the cap onto another being in order to control it. Want to be a dinosaur? Well all you have to do in this game is find a dinosaur and throw Mario’s cap onto it, done!

Another great feature is the amount of worlds you can explore.

From bustling cities to underwater worlds, there are a number of places to explore that have never before been featured in a Mario game.


Does anyone remember playing Boxing on Wii Sports? Remember how there was pretty much no technique to that game; all you particularly did was throw your fists out.

Well ARMS is pretty much that. Except, there are a few differences.

Firstly, the characters all have their own quirky, personal style that sits closer to the design of Anime figure than our beloved Miis.

Also, this game does require a little more skill. ARMS compels you to actively dodge your opponent’s punches through tactical maneuvers.

Your player isn’t just throwing and receiving punches, they are jumping into the air, sliding to the side and throwing skilled punches in order to surprise their sparring partner.

Finally, each player isn’t equipped with your bog-standard boxing gloves. These are a little different.

Adapted to include springs, your boxing gloves are designed to attack your opponent from a further distance. This gives you the opportunity to change the paths of your punches as well as more creative ways to dodge your opponent.

ARMS is available now!

Pokemon RPG

Above is the moment that Tsunekazu Ishihara announced to the world that a Pokemon RPG will be released on Nintendo Switch!

Unfortunately we have a fair while to wait for the game to be released and there aren’t any sneak peeks ready for us to marvel at, however, this has not toned down our excitement!

With the release of the new console, is what about time that a Pokemon RPG was revealed. Only time will tell if the new game will live up to be as great as other legendary Pokemon games…

For now, we can look forward to Pokken Tournament DX:

Pokken Tournament DX

The developers behind Pokken Tournament DX had the bizarre idea to combine games like Tekken and street fighter with Pokemon. The outcome, however, looks incredible!

You play as the Pokemon and you button smash your controller to attack and cause your opponent to faint (I’m sure there is a bit more technique to the controls then that). No longer are you playing from the commanding side and telling your pokemon what to do, instead you are the Pokemon completing the moves.

The graphics and details look insane in the trailer, moves look so sharp and explosive while the Pokemon have never featured with such a precise design. This game will open up a whole new way to explore the world of Pokemon.

I mean, just look at this Empoleon! They have never looked so lifelike.


And with excellent multiplayer modes, Pokken Tournament DX will serve as an excellent argument solver. You can even team up with your friends in 3v3 matches as well as online play.

This game is set to release in September 2017 so not long to wait until we can experience serious Pokemon fighting!


The next game on our Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games list is the lovable green dinosaur thing, Yoshi.

Yoshi is set to make his debut on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

He has always lived as an adorable favourite among fanatics so many will be excited to see him venture to a new console!

While the advert certainly gives vibes of a game similar to Tearaway: Unfolded – a Media Molecule creation designed in a papercraft world with papercraft occupants – I’m sure this game will find unique ways to test the audience.

With fun multiplayer co op modes and new ways to explore 2D platformers, we are excited for this one to be released!


With a fun-loving nature similar to Yoshi, Kirby is set to also continue his journey in 2018.

By recruiting a number of enemies within, fellow players can join you in co op play (or if you’re lacking friends then you can use CPU). Kirby must defeat a number of enemies in order to restore peace. Okay, so you can tell from that that we don’t actually know a whole lot about the game itself.

However, there is still a lot to look forward to.

The trailer shows our pink protagonist with an appetite bigger than ever and a number of cool powers to use.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a fast paced, third person shooting game where players are required to “ink” as much of the map as possible. If you ink more than the opposing team, you win!

You can test your opponents by tactfully traveling in squid form before transferring back to continue splattering the course.

There are a whole new arsenal of weapons to chose from to aid you on your way including one giant Splat Roller, similar to a paint roller, and a Splat Charger that acts like a sniper.

The weapons are introducing a politically correct way for younger children to play shooting games.

While this game is only enjoyed in third person mode, it would have been interesting to explore the game in a first person mode – to discover the similarities and differences between Splatoon 2 and other 18+ FPS games such as Call of Duty.

There are also stylish fashion brands for you to personalise your inkling with the trendiest clothes.

Some were worried as to whether there was a single play option or if it was all multiplayer. There will be a campaign included where you have to use your inking abilities to overcome obstacles, enemies and difficult boss levels.

This game will also feature local and online multiplayer – there are plenty of ways to experience the hectic, competitive fun of Splatoon 2.

You can buy this game from the end of July 2017. Ink at the ready, folks!

Rocket League

A slightly different entry for the Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games is Rocket League.

Every gamer must have heard of Rocket League before!

One of our favourite, hectic car football games is arriving on Nintendo Switch. Well, I don’t know how many other car football games I can think of to be honest.

For those that don’t know, Rocket League is a game that lets you control a small car and, as a team, you have to hit a ball with your car into the back of the opponents net – kind of like football but with a car instead of your foot.

Rocket League will be available on Switch in late 2017!


FIFA certainly doesn’t strike me as a game that would typically be played on a Nintendo console however, fans are happy to hear that FIFA 18 will also be developed for Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 18 has employed the use of footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo’s skills in order to make the players movements look as realistic as possible. Other features will be similar to previous FIFA games.

Some benefits are certainly visible for having the well loved football game on the Switch. For example, local multiplayer would be simple to organise and play.

Rather than having to use other home entertainment systems to enjoy the game, players can enjoy FIFA outside of the house with friends thanks to the Joy Con controllers and portable screen.

Having the game feature on this console also opens up the Switch to a wider variety of a games. Rather than sticking to the cute and cuddly like Yoshi and Kirby, other genres are being seen.

That’s it for our list of Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games so far!

Have any games you’re looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!


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